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Celebrate Hanukkah with these New Jersey Hanukkah Events

December is one of the busiest times of the year. While the holidays continue to look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a great time with your family. While Christmas might normally be the star of the show in December, many families are also celebrating Hanukkah! So whether you don’t celebrate Christmas at all or are celebrating both this year, here are a few great ways to celebrate Hanukkah in New Jersey!

This year, Hanukkah will be Sunday, November 28, 2021 through Monday, December 6, 2021.

Celebrate Hanukkah with these New Jersey Hanukkah Events

If you have a NJ Hanukkah event to add to this listing and our calendar of events please our Free Event Submission Form to submit your event listing.

We are currently updating this guide to Hanukkah events in New Jersey for 2021.

New Jersey Car Menorah Parades

Car Menorah Parade in Long Branch

If you’re looking for a great way to help spread joy in your community this Hanukkah, consider signing up for this 2021 Car Menorah Parade in Long Branch! This driving parade is a fun way for you to spread some Hanukkah cheer without actually needing to get out of your car or spend any money!

More Car Menorah Parades in New Jersey

Hanukkah Celebrations in New Jersey

Temple Emanu-El Chanukah Celebration

Come to the temple to celebrate Hanukkah in New Jersey for the first few nights of the 2021 Hanukkah season! There are a few different events and opportunities to worship during Hanukkah with something new and fun for the community to enjoy! These events are free to anyone who wants to come!

Happy Hanukkah pic

Hunterdon County Chanukah Carnival & Concert

Sunday, December 5, 2021, celebrate Chanukah with a carnival and concert complete with a climbing wall, menorah ring toss, dreidel spin off, food and more.

NJ Menorah Lightings and Fire Shows

Grand Menorah Lighting and Fire Show

2021 detail are not yet available. Putting a new spin on the Chanukah theme of illuminating the world, Chabad at the Shore will combine a Fire Juggling Show with an Annual Grand Menorah Lighting in Ventnor. At this free event, participants also will enjoy doughnuts and latkes, as well as music performed by a children’s choir.

Drive In Menorah Lighting with a Fire Show

Plans are underway for a 2021 Drive In Hanukkah event in Closter, New Jersey. A giant LED Menorah lighting, a fire show, food, prizes and more will certainly make for a memorable Hanukkah celebration.

Metuchen Menorah Lighting

2021 information is not yet available. Celebrate Hanukkah with the lighting of the Metuchen Menorah! Listen to musical pieces and the story of Hanukkah followed by the lighting of the Metuchen Menorah. Starting on the 10th, gelt, and dreidels will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at Metuchen shops through the weekend. If you can’t make it to this event in person, it will also be live-streamed on the Metuchen Borough Facebook PageMetuchen Media Youtube Channel, and Channel 15.

Chanukah Outdoor Menorah Lighting

Chabad of the Shore is putting on many different outdoor menorah lighting events in New Jersey for 2021! These will all be held outside to maintain social distancing guidelines so you can still celebrate the Hanukkah season together.

More Menorah Lightings in New Jersey

As these menorah lighting events in New Jersey are updated for 2021, we will link to them below.

Menorah Lightings in New Jersey

Chanukah Drive-In Event

2021 details are not yet available. This Chanukah Drive-In event in Lebanon will feature world famous Shira Soul Band performance, Live Fire Show, Covid friendly Chanukah Craft Bags, Personal Food Bags and grand Menorah Lighting at New Construction Site.

Unique Hanukkah Events in New Jersey

Drive In Chanukah Event with a BMX Bike Show

We’re still collecting all the details, but plans are underway for a 2021 Drive In Hanukkah event in Montclair, New Jersey. Highlights include BMX Stunt Bike Show, Grand Menorah Lighting, Chanukah Swag Bag, with doughnuts, Gelt and prizes, immersive multimedia Chanukah Experience, featuring music videos and digital games and a Dreidel Mascot.

Chanukah On Ice

2021 details are not available. This Hanukkah event in New Jersey is fun for the entire family! Skate to Hannakuh music, and enjoy donuts, latkes, and dreidels for the whole family! Stick around for the lighting of a giant menorah too!

Cherry Hill Hanukkah Festival of Lights 2021

Join the Katz JCC for an outdoor JCC Chanukah Celebration and celebrate the Festival of Lights!

Enjoy music, crafts and giveaways, then take home delicious pizza, sufganiyot and a sugar cookie kit to enjoy together with your family. 

Ideas for Celebrating Hanukah at home

Have some Hanukkah fun and support a New Jersey bakery at the same time. Pickup, curbside one of these cookie decorating kits from a NJ bakery. Then, get your kids involved to see who can design or create the best looking holiday cookie.

Also consider ordering a Hanukkah cookie decorating kit from Sully and Vanilla. Look at the cute paint your own cookies they have for Hanukkah. Choose from a dancing dreidel, menorah, or Hanukkah scene. In our sample, we received a dancing dreidel. These cookies are huge. Each is about 4.5″ wide in diameter. It comes with one large cookie, edible paint palette, and a food safe paintbrush.

Dancing Driedel paint your own hanukkah cookie Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Kit from Sully and Vanilla
Dancing Driedel Paint Your Own Hanukkah cookie from Sully and Vanilla

You can also order a complete Hanukkah Cookie Decorating Kit from Sully and Vanilla at their website. They do ship their cookies. Each set comes with 8 cookies (2 dreidel, 2 menorah, 2 Jewish star and 2 gifts) icing and sprinkles to decorate.

Enjoy a special Hanukkah dessert

Order some sweet treats to have on one or every night you celebrate Hanukkah. Sully and Vanilla not only has the Hanukkah Cookie Decorating kits but they also have these cute and yummy . Each set includes one dozen vanilla cake pops dipped in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles and gelt.

Hanukkah Gelt Pops from Sully & Vanilla
Hanukkah Gelt Pops from Sully & Vanilla

Expand your collection of Jewish children’s books

Sign up for PJ Library. PJ Library sends free, award-winning books that celebrate Jewish values and culture to families with children from birth through 12 years old. Learn more at their website. Every month, PJ Library sends more than 650,000 free Jewish books to families around the world.

Build a Chanukkah House from Cookies

YES! You can build a gingerbread cookie Hanukkah house. We like this Chanukah Cookie House Decorating Kit we received from Manischewitz. Each of their DIY kits includes everything you need to build your own festive cookie house and a subscription card for PJ Library.

Chanukkah house cookie decorating kit.

Just because we are living in a bizarre season of life, this holiday season doesn’t mean you have to forego some of your favorite Hanukkah traditions! If you’re looking for good family fun this holiday season, any of these would be a fun way to celebrate Hanukkah in New Jersey with your family.

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