How Scary is Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s?

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This year brought something new to Sahara Sam’s. On Friday, September 28, 2018, this South Jersey waterpark added to their Halloween activities by introducing Halloween Horror a terror-at-night Halloween attraction. While we couldn’t get their opening weekend, we knew we had to get their quickly. What kind of resource would we be for you if we didn’t check out the newest Halloween attraction in South Jersey? 

Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams

Some Halloween shenanigans at Halloween Horrors.


Columbus Day weekend was the perfect weekend for us to go. We visited Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s last night and within moments of getting home I needed to put my ideas and thoughts together. As you ask yourself, How scary is Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s? use our experience, details, and pictures to help you decide if it’s appropriate for your kids.


About Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s

Halloween Horror is the newest Halloween attraction at Sahara Sam’s featuring three terrifying scares zones, claustrophobia exhibit, outdoor themed bar and more. The Terror-by-Night event will run every weekend, Friday through Sunday, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. through October 28.

Animated pumpkin skeleton at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams

NonScary activities Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s

From 5 – 7 pm during Halloween Horror days at Sahara Sam’s kids can enjoy these activities.

  • Pick and paint a pumpkin – When guests check in, kids will get a ticket for a pumpkin. Kids can pick a pumpkin from the selection available along the haystacks. There were paints, stickers, feathers, pipe cleaners, and more available to decorate the pumpkins with.
Pumpkin painting at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam's

How will your kids decorate their pumpkin?

  • Dance to today’s music in the open space
  • Food and drinks will be available for sale.


How Scary is Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam's_


Three Zones of Scaryness at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s

At 7:30 pm, after the sun has set the Beach Club area transforms into a scarier atmosphere. Whether or not your child will be scared really depends on what level of scare they are used to. Has your child seen scary images? Have they been to a haunted house? What scares your child? These are questions you need to think about when determining how scary Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s will be. For my children who have been to a few Halloween attractions in the past Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s was pretty mild.

Halloween Horror offers three scare zones: Midway Mayhem, Zombie Zone and Boom Town. I’ll describe each zone with details about what we saw and provide a picture to help you judge how scary Halloween Horror may be.

Midway Mayhem

Halloween Horror’s Midway Mayhem is situated in the front of the Beach Club to the right, near where the indoor and outdoor Sahara Sam’s waterpark connect. The Halloween theme here is the Big Top Circus and the scary characters are circus clowns. Guests are greeted by a sinister scary clown. During our visit she paced back and forth smiling at guests as they waited their turn to get in. She was friendly though and happy to pose for pictures when asked. When guests enter they pass a large clown doll before entering into a room with another structure with 3 large clown dolls and a small swing with a clown doll. Then, around a corner is a small passageway to the exit. Laser lights are projected from overhead and the walls are decorated with the words Ha Ha spraypainted in neon colors.

Scary clowns at Sahara Sams Halloween Horror

These scary clowns are dolls on display in the Midway Mayhem.


It takes about 2-3 minutes to get through Midway Mayhem. The clown characters are dressed in traditional clown costumes with facemakeup or masks. One clown we saw had a white mask with a special effect that made blood drip from his eyes. The clowns walk through the Midway Mayhem and may approach guests but they are not allowed to touch guests.

Zombie Zone

The second scary zone of Halloween Horror is located in the back right corner of Sahara Sam’s Beach Club. It’s after the cabanas and bar and to the right of the back concession stand.

Skeletons at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams

The Zombie Zone starts with a decontamination zone. This is one area that might make a younger child or someone with claustrophobia nervous. Guests walk through this one space one at a time. It’s a short passageway with what feels like inflatable walls pressing up against you on both sides. The walls are black and it is dark. You can tell from the outside it’s not a long passageway. But when you are inside you can’t see the outside. I proceeded carefully with my arms in front of me fully expecting that at any moment something was going to jump out at me. Nothing did. I would recommend parents with small children walk through the decontamination zone with their children close to their body.

Zombie DeContamination Zone at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams

Enter the Zombie DeContamination Zone at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams.


Once through the Zombie Decontamination Zone there is another waiting area before you enter the Bomb Zone/Zombie Zone. The Zombie Zone is inside a tent. The outside of the tent is decorated with missing persons posters that appear to be splattered with blood. Guests enter the Zombie Zone one family at a time or small group at a time.

Zombie Zone at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams

The Halloween Horror Zombie Zone is all under a big tent. It’s mostly an open area with different Halloween decorations. The first area has a prison on the right side with a zombie on the inside trying to get out. Then, there was a skeleton skull coming out of a barrel. There were construction boxes and platforms, wire gating, and webbing in different areas. There were 2 other zombie characters we saw in this area walking around only slightly approaching us. Zombie Zone tooks us about 1 minute to get through the decontamination zone, then 5-10 minutes of waiting, and another 3-5 minutes under the zombie tent.

Boom Town

Boom Town is located to the left of the wave pool in the cabana area. The Boom Town path goes down the walkway near the wave pool and then loops around to the cabana area. There is a barrier between the cabanas and the wave pool that creates  a setting of two passageways. A guide with face makeup walked us down the first passageway before letting us complete the path on our own. The first passageway was open and area. You can see the wave pool and other areas. When the path turns into the cabana area the walls are black. Strobe lights flash and laser lights cross the air. There is webbing and a large spider hanging overhead. Boom Town was the loudest of all the scary zones at Halloween Horror. While in Boom Town we were approached by 2-3 characters who would yell random things at us. Boon Town took 2-3 minutes to complete.

Boon Town at Sahara Sams Halloween Horror is one of three scary zones.

Boon Town at Sahara Sams Halloween Horror is one of three scary zones.

My mom thoughts about the scariness of Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s

I honestly expected Halloween Horror to be scarier. I only took my 12 year old son and 13 year old son because I wasn’t sure if my 10 year old son would be able to handle it. I wasn’t sure I could handle it. I was fine and my 10 year old would have been too. I think Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s would be the perfect New Jersey haunted house for a child who is ready to try their first haunted house or who likes beginner level haunted houses. While some characters had blood painted onto their face none were especially gory or gruesome. None were menacing. In each Halloween Horror zone each character approached us once. They would either yell a random noise or just look at us before moving on. None of them pursued us. Some moved on so quickly we really didn’t get a long look at them. As a mom I felt like the characters would take their clues from guests. If a child is already spooked enough by the decor the characters may hang back so as not to upset a child more. And if your child loves a character by all means ask for a picture with him/her.

Scary clown at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams


On our visit we didn’t see any

  • Really grotesque characters
  • Werewolfs
  • Vampires
  • Characters with chainsaws.


The areas are quick and easy to move through and only one group enters at a time. If your child doesn’t enjoy one area you’ll be out in a minute or two. Other guests won’t be sharing the time with your family and possibly interfering with your experience.


For those scared of the dark, I would not be worried. The water areas are blocked off with large gates so don’t worry about anyone getting wet or slipping on a wet surface. Some lighting is near the grounds or the top of gates. The food concession stand is lit up as is the bar. Each scare zone was lit up fairly well with lights and smoky fog. The darkest spot was walking through the decontamination zone.


There are strobe lights and green laser lights in every Halloween Horror scare zone. Please keep that in mind if strobe lights and laser lights are of concern to you.


All in all, I feel like the Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s is the right level of scare for the 5-10 year old crowd. It’s enough to provide some scary fun but should not make kids upset or leave them with nightmares. Here are some of my final tips for attending Sahara Sam’s newest Halloween attraction.


Tips for attending Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s

  • The doors between the inside waterpark and outdoor area are closed. You can access the Halloween Horror through the entrance that is used as the exit to the Beach Club. Plan bathroom trips accordingly because the outdoor bathrooms may not be open. They weren’t open during the 5-7 pm part of the night. I am not sure if they were open later. We used the bathrooms inside Sahara Sam’s before the indoor area of Sahara Sam’s closed at 7.
  • Between 7 pm and 7:30 pm there are not any structured activities happening. Guests are welcome to wait at the Beach Club for the Halloween Horror evening activities to start or to leave and comeback. The food concession stand will be open. If you are only coming for Halloween Horror only arrive before 7 pm if your child wants to paint a pumpkin or you plan to eat at Sahara Sam’s.
  • Some of the costumed characters may be waiting outside of the haunted areas exits. If your child is likely to get scared of a character jumping out, go out first.
  • Guests, scared of the dark, can bring or wear glow sticks.
  • Expect some wait time at each Halloween Horror area. Guests are let in either 4 or 5 at a time or one family at a time. This resulted in some waiting time at each area.
  • If you are only doing the haunted activities, plan to spend 30 minutes to an hour at the Halloween Horror. We were there when the Halloween attraction activities started at 7:30 pm and were done just after 8 pm.
Halloween Menu at Halloween Horror at Sahara Sams

The Halloween menu. We ordered the Bat Wings, Mummy Fingers, and Creme-filled Churro. The serving size on the Mummy Fingers and Bat Wings was generous enough that it could be shared by 2-3 kids.


Halloween Horror Admission Prices

  • Free for Season Pass Members who purchased their
  • Included with full day tickets purchased for the same day
  • $13.99 per person if purchased separately

Halloween Horror Hours

  • The Terror-by-Night Halloween Horror event will run every weekend, Friday through Sunday, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. through October 28.
  • Sahara Sam’s will also bring back “Monster Splash” DJ dance and foam party on October 19 and 26 from 4 to 9 pm.


For more details or to buy your tickets to Halloween Horror online visit
Is there anything we left out? What else do you want to know about Halloween Horror at Sahara Sam’s?


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