Halloween Costume Shopping Made Easy with Oriental Trading

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In full disclosure, Oriental Trading Company sponsored this article on Halloween costume shopping by providing my boys with the Halloween costumes they wanted at no charge.


Halloween Costume Shopping Made Easy with Oriental Trading


It’s that time of year, we’re trying to figure out what our kids want to be for Halloween. The kids want to wear a cool Halloween costume. Parents want an easy Halloween costume shopping experience without tears, fights, and long lines.


I mean after all who enjoys regular Halloween costume shopping?


It typically works one of three ways.


Halloween Costume Shopping Scenario 1 ~ Shopping at a traditional department store

You take the kids to a traditional chain or department store. Unfortunately, when you’re there the selection of Halloween costumes is limited. They don’t have what your child wants or if they do it’s the wrong size. The store may have a dressing room but it’s located nowhere near the Halloween costumes.


Halloween Costume Shopping Scenario 2 ~ Shopping at a party supply store

Here, you bring your kids to the party store to pick out a costume. Your kids get mesmerized by the selection of costumes. As you wait in line for one costume choice to get pulled from the back of the store, your child changes his or her mind three or four times. By the time you’re at the front of the line, they may or may not have your costume. It’s packaged up neatly in it’s heavy duty plastic. You have to determine, do you want to take it out for your child to try on. If so, will you stand in the middle of the store to try it on or will you wait AGAIN for your child to have a turn in the makeshift dressing room or bathroom?


Halloween Costume Shopping Scenario 3 ~ Shopping at the Halloween stores

Sure they may have a large selection of costumes but how many of the costumes are geared towards kids? How overpriced are the costumes? Are you willing to stand in long lines for your turn to purchase? Is the store family friendly or will you need to cover your child’s eyes from the scary decor and risque costumes?


None of these Halloween costume scenarios are fun. And any of them could take the joy out of dressing up for Halloween.


Consider an easier solution to Halloween costume shopping.


Seriously, consider Oriental Trading Company for your Halloween costume needs. Yes, Oriental Trading. You’re probably already ordering Halloween classroom party favors and other treats. Why not click over to their selection of Halloween costumes?


Shopping for my boys’ Halloween costumes on Oriental Trading was incredibly easy even with their selection of over 3200 costumes and accessories. The hardest part for my boys was trying to decide which Ninja costume to order. Oriental Trading had 34 Ninja costumes to choose from. But even given that I was done with our Halloween costume shopping for 3 boys in less than 30 minutes. You can’t do that shopping in the stores.


With Halloween costumes broken into general categories like women, men, boy, girl, baby, toddler, teen girl, teen boy, couples, group, and more it’s easy to get started ordering Halloween costumes online. If you already have a costume in mind you can start with their costume categories sorted by popular costumes, favorite characters, or costume themes (like the one we did Ninja.)


Halloween costume shopping


It wasn’t long after that that the costumes arrived. My boys were so eager to try them on. The Oriental Trading Company costumes fit great and my boys loved the level of detail on their costumes. I appreciated the value. Costumes that normally would have cost $30-$50 at a party store were between $19 and $25 with Oriental Trading. How awesome is that? Right now with their Halloween sale, items are up to 65% off. It seems to me the easiest option for Halloween shopping is just getting everything in one place and bonus when that place is ordering from your home.


With their Halloween costumes on, my boys and I wanted to share a little impromptu Halloween costume fashion show with you. Enjoy our video.


Here’s the Oriental Trading Halloween costumes we ordered.

We’ve described the details of these costumes in the video, but you can also learn more about them and order yours with the links below. Each of these Oriental Trading costumes came with everything we needed, besides the pretend weapons. We usually do without the play weapons, considering they aren’t allowed in the school and they tend to become a hassle to carry while trick or treating in New Jersey. Oriental Trading does sell toy weapons separately as an accessory.


Halloween Costume Shopping with Oriental Trading Company



Halloween Costume Shopping with Oriental Trading Company Silver Mirror Ninja

Silver Mirror Ninja



Halloween Costume Shopping with Oriental Trading Company Red Skull warrior ninja

Red Skull Warrior Ninja



Halloween Costume Shopping with Oriental Trading Company Emperor of Evil

Emperor of Evil


My kids are ready for Halloween! What do your kids want to dress up as for Halloween?


Halloween costumes ninja


Get yours ready with Halloween costumes from Oriental Trading!



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