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Have a cowboy fan in the house?  The Halloween Kid by Rhode Montijo is a fun look at a little boy dressed as a cowboy who sets out to save Halloween. He is brave, fearless as he and his stick pony make sure no mummies, witches or wayward vampires take all the fun out of the special day. He lassos them and runs them out of town. Then the children are safe to Trick or Treat! However, The Halloween Kid is taken by some goblins that get the jump on him. The town kids rescue The Halloween Kid to make sure Halloween is safe once more.


A delightful story about how one little cowboy can save Halloween!


The book was mesmerizing for my four year old twin boys. They both loved that The Halloween Kid is not afraid of any monsters that stand in his way. This book would be age appropriate for ages 3 to 8 (older kids might lose interest). The boys found the story funny and it demonstrated overcoming fear of monsters. This went over especially well with my one boy who has been a little frightened by all the talk of ghosts and ghouls. The Halloween Kid is not afraid, nor are the children who conquer their fear to rescue him.


My Halloween Kid!

What I really love about this book is the way it moved one of my sons. He promptly jumped out of bed at the close of the book. He refused to tell me what he was doing. I find him ten minutes later in the kitchen. See the resemblance? Yep, that’s my own version of the Halloween Kid. Something tells me this book sort of made an impression? Indeed!


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