Haddon Lake Park – Camden County Parks & Playgrounds

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Haddon Lake Park – Camden County Parks & Playgrounds


One of the two play areas

One of the two play areas


3 Reasons my Family Loves Haddon Lake Park


  • There is a little stream that leads into Haddon Lake. You can dip your feet in or splash all through it. Remember to bring your water shoes it’s a great way to cool off on a nice spring or summer day!


  • There are two different play areas, they are close by so you can run from one play area to the next one and back again.


  • There was a special bumpy slide and a slide that had rollers on it, the kids loved it!


Haddon Lake Park


What Haddon Lake Park offers

  • Slides
  • Monkey Bars
  • Kid swings
  • Lake/stream
  • Trash cans
  • grills
  • port-o-potties
  • benches
  • tic-tac-toe
  • shaky bridge
  • wooded area, plenty of shade
  • bump slide
  • slide with rollers
  • Our favorite part is the swings!

    Our favorite part is the swings!



Haddon Lake Park is located at the corner of 13th Ave, South Park Ave & Prospect Ridge Blvd in Haddon Heights in Camden County. 


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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