Grover Cleveland Park – Essex County Parks & Playgrounds

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Grover Cleveland Park – Essex County Parks & Playgrounds

Grover Cleveland Playground Entrance

The entrance to the Grover Cleveland Playground.


3 Reasons My Family Loves Grover Cleveland Park (Essex County)


Grover Cleveland Pond

Children enjoy feeding fish or ducks at this pond. Some children enjoy fishing here.


  • The Pond. It is small enough that you can walk around with small children but large enough for children to go fishing. My children like to feed the fish and ducks. This is a peaceful space that everyone enjoys. In the fall it is the location for a children’s Halloween Parade. It is a mandatory stop for my children.


Big Kid Playground at Grover Cleveland

Children love all the options available at this playground for the big kids.


  • The Playground. Rather, the playgrounds.
    • The large children playground (see above) has many slides and climbing options including modified rock walls and freestanding metal structures. Both playgrounds have significant shade thanks to the abundant trees that surround it. This is the go to park on a hot sunny day because the trees offer a break from the sun.
    • There is the small children’s playground (see below) which contains six swings and one adaptive swing. It has a balancing beam that toddlers can walk. It has several small slides, a bridge, three rockers (two horses and one motorcycle), and plenty of seating for parents.


Small Playground at Grover Cleveland

The playground for young children at Grover Cleveland is great during the heat of the summer as the trees provide great shade.


Grover Cleveland Park Bathroom

The bathroom is located right next to the playground which makes it very convenient for families.

  • The Little Touches. From the metal gate to the cutest park bathroom I have ever visited, Grover Cleveland has nice little touches. There is a running track.  There are bocce and tennis courts. One feature I have yet to enjoy is an independent tree tour. There are plenty of spots where a pamphlet can be picked up that explains the various trees located in the park.  On specific trees, there will be a sign with a visual image of the leaf associated with the tree. It offers many little touches that reflect the time and energy of a caring community.


What Grover Cleveland Park offers

  • Large children playground
    • Large jungle gym with 4 slides and rock walls
    • 6 swings
    • 2 tube swings
    • 1 metal climbing structure
    • Park benches surrounding playground
  • Small children playground
    • Large jungle gym with bridge and slides
    • 6 swings
    • 1 swing to accommodate handicapped
    • 2 horse rockers, 1 motorcycle rocker
    • Park benches surrounding area
  • Accessible bathrooms
  • Pond
  • Independent tree tour
  • Bocce Courts
  • Tennis Courts
Playtime at Grover Cleveland

Two playgrounds, a pond, running track, trees that provide great shade, there is so much available at this park.


The Grover Cleveland Park is located at Brookside Ave. and Runnymede Rd. in Caldwell and Essex Fells in Essex County.


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Jane Phillips says:

    I remember going to the pond in 1960 with my cousin Marcy and catching gold fish. They were big and swam very slow because they were huge. Families were asked to stop flushing gold fish in the toilets,. We all had won them at local fairs and I guess the moms had gotten tired of the goldfish sitting on their kitchen counters.

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