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First glimpse of the park

First glimpse of the park

Grove St. Playground- Chester, NJ – Morris County Parks & Playgrounds


3 Reasons my Family Loves Grove Street Park, Chester, NJ 


  • There are separate play areas for older and younger children but it is open enough to keep an eye on all of your kids at once! N is only 2 but he thinks he’s much older and sometimes tries to do things he shouldn’t. At this playground, I can see him easily and get to him quickly.


  • There’s a ton of shade! This playground has plenty of places for the children to play in the shade and places for mom to watch that are shaded.


  • This playground has some unique aspects not found in every playground. There’s a really cool rope climbing structure that M, my 5 year old climbed to the top of (a really big accomplishment for my little scaredy cat). It also has two big sandboxes. You can even sit on a digger and move the levers to dig in the sand.


One of the rock climbing walls.

One of the rock climbing walls.


What Grove Street Park offers

  • Play area for younger children which includes: several slides, climbing opportunities, 2 steering wheels, small play picnic table, a periscope, and gears to spin.
  • Play area for older children which includes: several slides, ladders, an interactive solar system picture, green disks at various heights to walk across, climbing apparatus.
  • Rock wall
  • Rope climbing structure
  • Swings for small children
  • Swings for older children
  • See saw
  • Bouncing horses
  • 2 Sandboxes
  • Gazebo area
  • Shaded benches and picnic tables



Rope climber

Rope climber


The Grove Street Park is located at 1 Grove Street in Chester in Morris County.


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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