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In full disclosure, this post was sponsored by Groupon. 


It’s Summer Travel Planning Time!



Now maybe for some of you, that’s exciting! For others, you just see DOLLAR SIGNS and start to panic. “It’s HOW MUCH to fly? We’ll just drive.” “The kids will have to sit in the car for 12 hours?” “Do you think our car is going to make that drive?” And then suddenly – you decide to just blow up the inflatable pool and forget that family trip.


Don’t do that!


Here at Jersey Family Fun we always encourage family travel. Some of our best memories are when we pile in the car and get a different perspective from our everyday routines. Those unexpected roadside attractions or the thrill of seeing the US from the air are memories your children won’t forget. Not to mention the history we find at National Parks, or the relaxation at one of our favorite waterpark resorts- Kalahari! With some help from Jersey Family Fun and Groupon Coupons, you can make that long awaited trip happen!


If you haven’t experienced Groupon Coupons yet you’re missing out on some easy savings. I use Expedia in my travel planning and was pleased to see them as part of Groupon! Today as I sit down to plan our summer travel, 49 coupons are available! That’s some money saved for sure. You can choose air travel or car rentals, vacation rentals, cruises or more. Expedia makes it easy to compare travel options, and Groupon Coupons helps you save money while you do it. It’s a perfect combination!


Once you plan that trip, take a look back at Groupon for more coupons – you’ll find those all important headphones at Best Buy, your new beach cover up at Forever 21, road snacks at Walmart, and when you get back you’ll definitely need Shutterfly for that photo album to revisit your memories over and over.


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In full disclosure, this post was sponsored by Groupon. 

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