Green Branch Park – Salem County Parks & Playgrounds

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Green Branch Park – Salem County Parks & Playgrounds




3 Reasons my Family Loves Green Branch Park 


  • My kids and I all love the unique climbing structures and round monkey bars on the 3 play structures that are new and interesting for them to climb and explore. Green Branch Park even has a cool bouncing contraption (see photo below).


  • I also love a park that has a walking track that’s paved and easy to walk or run with my kids in or out of the stroller, plus the fitness trail equipment if I want to challenge myself or add on to a workout.


  • There is plenty of open space for my kids to run and Green Branch Park’s a central location to meet up with friends.




What Green Branch Park offers

  • 1 mile (inner loop) and 1.4 mile extended loop (through the woods) walking tracks.
  • Swings for toddlers and big kids.
  • 3 playground equipment structures with unique climbing areas and slides.
  • Fitness trail equipment including monkey bars, parallel bars, and balance beams.
  • Plenty of playing fields and open space.




The Green Branch Park is located at 299 Upper Neck Rd, Pittsgrove Township, in Salem County, NJ. The park is open from 7:15am – 9:00pm weather dependent. 


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See more Green Branch Park photos in our Facebook Gallery.


In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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