Green Acres “Field of Dreams”- Warren County Parks and Playgrounds

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Green Acres “Field of Dreams” Playground- Warren County Parks and Playgrounds


Green Acres Field of Dreams


3 Reasons My Family Loves Green Acres “Field of Dreams” Playground


  • It is huge. This entire park is very big. There are several sports fields, a path to walk on, a gazebo with picnic tables, and a huge playground. You could definitely spend an entire day at this park. The playground alone has so many things to do, that kids could spend a few hours playing in that spot.


  • It has playground areas that are safe for young children and areas that are challenging for older children. The playground equipment designed for younger children was great for my 3 year old. It was small enough for him to be able to do everything independently, but it was still big enough to be fun. There were plenty of things to climb up, slide, down and play with. At the playground for older kids there were plenty of things to challenge my 6 year old. There was a row of circle disks to climb across. It was tricky because the circles moved as you stepped on them. At first my 6 year old needed help, but then she figured out how to do it alone. She was so proud of herself.


  • There are shaded play areas. Most of the playground is in the sun, but there is a section of the playground that is shaded. One side of the playground is shaded from trees growing along the side. That means that children can play in the sand box or on the bouncy cars without being in the sun. It’s a great option to have when you are playing on a hot sunny day.


Green Acres "Field of Dreams"


What Green Acres “Field of Dreams” Playground Offers

  • Basketball courts
  • Baseball field
  • Soccer fields
  • Gazebo with picnic tables
  • Playground area for younger children
  • Playground area for older children
  • Infant/toddler swings
  • Regular swings
  • 3 bouncy cars
  • Sandbox
  • Shaky circle disk bridge
  • Bridges
  • Rock wall
  • Circular monkey bars
  • Twisty slide
  • Small slides
  • Big slides
  • Tunnel
  • Poles to climb
  • Steering wheel
  • Spinning circle seats


Green Acres "Field of Dreams"


Green Acres “Field of Dreams” Playground is located on Cemetery Rd. in Independence in Warren County. The playground is open daily from dawn until dusk.


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