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The Great American Baking Show Judge Sherry Yard brought us chocolate

During my most recent trip to Los Angeles, I had an opportunity to interview award-winning pastry chef Sherry Yard, judge for The Great American Baking Show during the 25 Days of Christmas holiday party. She immediately made a ‘sweet’ impression on all of us with a basket of chocolate bars. She had delicious flavors of milk chocolate, white chocolate. Some had a popping candy twist. Others had a rice krispy kind of crunch. All looked tempting. We each got to choose one.


award-winning pastry chef Sherry Yard, judge for The Great American Baking Show

Award-winning pastry chef Sherry Yard, judge for The Great American Baking Show brought us great big chocolate candy bars.


Sherry was joined by Carter Oosterhouse, judge and host on The Great Christmas Light Fight. So as I dived into my chocolate (I couldn’t wait) we all took turns talking to the two hosts about their shows and holiday traditions. You can read about our interview with Carter in this story, 3 Fun Ways to See Christmas Lights.


Award-winning pastry chef Sherry Yard, judge for The Great American Baking Show

Sherry Yard and Carter Oosterhouse were so kind to take time for photos with us.


About The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition

On your marks, get set, bake! It’s a double dose of spice this holiday season when the most festive and friendliest competition on television returns with new host, Emma Bunton (Spice Girls), Anthony “Spice” Adams, veteran judge Paul Hollywood (“The Great British Bake Off”) and new judge, three-time James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Sherry Yard, when Season 4 of The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition premieres with slices of cake, and sweet and savory pastries.


Watch a teaser for The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition


Did you know that sometimes the judges on The Great American Baking Show do a blind taste-testing. That’s where each judge has to taste the food without knowing which baker did the baking. Sherry described her experience with the show as being phenomenal. Seeing how home bakers rise to the level of professional bakers leaves her in a constant state of awe. Sherry says, “Don’t let them fool you — they are home bakers, but they could kick the butt of any professional pastry chef out there. They are serious bakers.


Take a look at what else we learned about Sherry and the show.

More Interesting Facts about Sherry Yard, judge for The Great American Baking Show

  • Sherry’s all-time favorite holiday food to make is Croquembouche, creampuffs dipped in caramel and stuck on a cone.
  • Sherry considers herself an expert when it comes to spinning sugar.

“Croquembouche are cream puffs and they are dipped in caramel. They go all of the way up around a cone. Then I put tunnels in there. It makes a crackle in your mouth. It’s the most spectacular…and then you spin sugar.” Sherry goes on to say about spinning sugar, “I can spin it by hand.  I spin sugar in mounds, and I put it all over the top, and it’s like, the most incredible centerpiece.” You can see an example of Sherry Yard spinning sugar in this video

  • She has duplicated some of the recipes from contestants in her own home. Sherry said one pastry has even become a signature dish in her home.


Great American Baking Show

THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: HOLIDAY EDITION – Back for a fourth season on The ABC Television Network, “The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition,” based on the hit U.K. series “The Great British Bake Off,” returns THURSDAY, DEC. 6 (9:00 – 11:00 p.m. EST). (ABC/Mark Bourdillion)


  • Sherry doesn’t judge by bites. She wants to taste every bite. She shared, “I’m not a biter judge. I’m an eater judge. So if there are two things there, I’m going to eat both of them.  If there’s ten contestants, that means I eat 40 of something.”
  • Sherry’s favorite holiday tradition involves breakfast. Sherry explains “Ooh, breakfast, I love breakfast! I love to make very unique breakfast things, like latke fries. I cook popovers and I put smoked salmon in them. My breakfast is noshing, it’s all about everyone coming over for eating a little something. You know you’ve worked up an appetite, so then after opening up the presents, you go back again and can still nosh. So it isn’t just omelettes or things like that, it’s just all different, fun edibles.
  • Sherry has a true passion for baking. For her, “The beauty of baking is that it’s a science, it’s art, it’s food. It’s amazing! We take butter, sugar, flour and eggs and we turn it into miracles.


Carter Oosterhouse, judge and host on “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”

We interviewed Sherry Yard, judge on The Great American Baking Show during a 25 Days of Christmas holiday party.


The Great American Baking Show airs Thursday at 8|7c on ABC Television Network or streaming or on demand.


To learn more about the ABC series The Great American Baking Show, visit


Disney bloggers share their favorite holiday recipes

All of this talk about baking left us bloggers wanting to get back to our own kitchens to bake. Between interviews we discussed our favorite holiday recipes and thought wouldn’t it be great if we shared them with all of you. With that in mind, I’m introducing you to a few Disney bloggers who joined me on the Mary Poppins Returns press junket and sharing their favorite holiday recipes.


Zippy from Champagne Living

While most people think of latkes and dreidels for Chanukah, we mark the festival of lights in our home with an even MORE traditional treat – DONUTS! Because Chanukah marks the reclaiming of the Temple and the miracle of the oil lasting 8 days to keep the lamp lit, fried foods are the traditional foods, and Sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) are our family’s favorites.. Get the recipe at


Sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) recipe from Champagne Living

Sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) Photo Credit: Champagne Living


Taty from Cool Moms Cool Tips

Pandebonos (Colombian cheese bread) are the highlight of festivities and holidays alike at our home (and back home). There is nothing like a good, just baked, hot Pandebono. These cheese breads are definitely a crowd pleaser! With the holidays upon us, will we be bringing up memories, and also teaching our kids our food culture traditions as we bond in the kitchen! Get the recipe at


Taty from Cool Moms Cool Tips Pandebonos (Colombian cheese bread) recipe

Pandebonos (Colombian cheese bread) Photo CreditTaty Cool Moms Cool Tips


For me my favorite holiday treat isn’t really based on a recipe. In fact, any sugar cookie recipe will do. It’s what I do with my sugar cookies at Christmastime that I love. I decorate them with chocolate. I stock up on those chocolate wafers in red, white, and green. Using special candy-making bottles I’ll squeeze out the melted chocolate onto the cookies. Red and white for stockings and Santa. I’ll use melted green chocolate for Christmas trees and other colors for the ornaments. It’s a tradition I started when I was younger before I even had kids. I would get frustrated that icing would smear and be hard to work with. I discovered that once set melted chocolate would harden. I could make and store as many cookies as I wanted without worrying about the design getting ruined. It was my light bulb moment and I’ve been making my Christmas cookies this way ever since.


Sugar Cookies decorated with Chocolate Jersey Family Fun


What’s your favorite food to bake at the holidays?

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