Giggling it up at Giggleberry Fair

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Field Trip Fridays – Giggleberry Fair, Peddler’s Village

My boys and I recently were invited to participate in a Blogger’s event at Peddler’s Village. I am not sure what excited us more the opportunity to view the beautiful grounds of Peddler’s Village or the chance to climb mountains, play, and giggle together at Giggleberry Fair. Before I go on to tell you about our visit, let me not forget to thank the wonderful businesses at Peddler Village that treated us to a day full of fun and food and to Mama’s Little Helper for making the day happen. Thank you so much. It was such a great day for memory making that we will be splitting our report into 2 posts. Peddler’s Village offers so much I don’t think you can really fit it all into one day either without missing out on something.

When you first drive into the parking lots your children won’t be able to ignore the Grand Carousel calling to them through the large class windows. If they weren’t giddy already, they will be now.

Once we checked in, the 1922 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Grand Carousel was our first stop. What a selection of animals to choose from? My boys had to decide if they wanted to ride a horse, giraffe, goat, rooster, rabbit, lion, spotted hog or sit on a bench. One decided to sit, the others chose horses for their first trip of the day. Once buckled in, the ride began. It was a little fast for me, but my 3 boys 5, 4, and 2 loved it. My youngest took delight in the scenery as we went round and round. He kept calling out, “tiger, tiger”. I like that it was not one of those quick rides were you go around 2 or 3 times and then you are done. This trip on the Grand Carousel lasted for several minutes.

From the Grand Carousel we headed to Giggleberry Mountain, a 3-story, 6-level indoor obstacle course for children and adults. This was one of the highlights I was looking forward to. How cool to be able to go in and explore the course with the boys. Where else can you do that? I will have to say I was a little disappointed that there were not more moms in there with me. ;)

Giggleberry Mountain may have you bursting with giggles but don’t be fooled it is not for the faint of heart. Completing the course with the boys was a bit challenging. But I am glad I did it and I am happy to share the details with you.

When you first enter the curtains to the course you are reminded of a Chuck E. Cheese ballpit course. This is that course but with a BAM! It  is unlike anything I have ever seen. Again, it has 6-levels. The ground area has a few berry launchers and several berry vacuums.  I couldn’t help but smile as my boys worked together to vacuum up the berries (balls). But I also had to beware of flying berries because while they are soft to pick up they sting when they hit you. :(

From there we went into the course. Moms, here’s where you have to know your child and their confidence level. If they get anxious at the site of a Chuck E. Cheese ballpit course, then you and your child will need to do the course together. The course can be intimidating for a child. It is a challenging maze of netting, ropes, obstacles, slides, bridges and more. Together we had fun. Alone, my 4 year-old would have gotten lost and been scared. And as a mom viewing from down below, I think I would have had a hard time keeping track of him or hearing him call out to me. (I did not see any staff within the course area. It is rather large so I might have missed them.) My 5 year-old had a blast and kept wanting to race ahead. Unfortunately, I had to slow him down as my 2 year-old and I tried to keep up. Climbing ropes, crawling through holes, and navigating across the netting was a little tricky with a toddler in tow. We had to take our time. I wouldn’t recommend going in with a toddler. Although I had no doubts the netting would support our weight, I still was concerned that at anytime his foot might slip through a hole. Without shoes on, I found the rope walls a little slippery and tough to climb. The holes between levels can sneak up on you if you aren’t paying attention. So moms and dads, enjoy Giggleberry Mountain, but unless your child is older, explore it together. It will be a special treat for your child to do it with mom and dad and they don’t have to know you are doing it for their safety, not just the fun.

From there we went on to explore the G-rated Game Room. Rated G by the Coin-Operated Video Game Parental Advisory System because the non-violent games are suitable for all ages. Most games took between 1 – 2 tokens and award various tickets that can be later turned in for prizes. The game room has a bit of something for everyone. There are the old-fashioned skeeball and basketball machines that most of us parents grew up with. There are also games that let you knock down ducks, catch bugs, ride motercycles, and more. When you start to get a little tired you can try your luck on machines that give you a chance to win large amounts of tickets if you press the button in time. We were given 10 tokens for each child (30 in all) and that seemed to be enough to give each child plenty of game time.

After working up an appetite, we were ready for lunch. We headed to the restrooms in the back for potty breaks where we stumbled upon Giggles Discovers. It’s a special area for the younger kids. We almost missed it. Instead we saved it for after lunch. Giggleberry Fair does have the Painted Pony Cafe with pizza, hot dogs, and more. But today we were the special guests of  Sweet Lorraine’s Cafe. We had a delicious lunch there but we’ll discuss that more in next Friday’s post.

Back to Giggles Discovers. There are 5 interactive, educational, and tons of fun areas for the 5 and under crowd. My boys loved this area.

  • Comfyland Experience – It’s a maze-like play area with activities that are developmentally-appropriate for their age. There is a Cognitive Corner, Senses Corner, and a Music Corner. My boys each took a visit in there, but it was the other exhibits that really got their attention.
  • The Giggles Fire Station # 1. Unlike anything we’ve seen at any children’s museum. Yes, there were fire uniforms to wear and a wooden fire truck to explore. But here my boys also got to ring the fire bell and slide down the fireman’s pole. Very cool!
  • My oldest was drawn into the Waterway area. For a good 20 – 30 minutes he was absorbed by fountains, dams, pipes, waterwheels, and sprinklers. The only reason why he didn’t explore it more was because it was time to leave.
  • My kids had so much fun at the Waterway and Fire Station, that they never made it to play on the Puppet Stage or Lightspace Play area. The Lightspace Play is a wall-mounted entertainment system. It reminds me of a huge light display that you might see in a dance club. The lights blink in a variety of colors when children interact with it.

But alas, it was time to go and head back to South Jersey. :(We made one more ride on the Grand Carousel before saying our goodbyes and heading home.

Giggleberry Fair offers an Activity Value Package that includes admission to all it’s areas including Giggleberry Mountain and unlimited rides on the Carousel. Adults are $12.99. Children are $14.99. Children under 2 are free with a paying adult. It is a very good value for the kids. You could easily spend a day here without being bored. I would like to see a more discounted price for the adults, because Giggleberry Fair for the most part is for children. Although when compared with other family-themed attractions the prices are very competitive.

It was a wonderful day for all of us. We can not thank Giggleberry Fair and Peddler’s Village enough for treating us and Mama’s Little Helper for inviting us. We were not paid to be there but we did receive free admission and a complimentary lunch. Our thoughts and opinions here are our own and come from our experiences here.

With school right around the corner, it was nice to be able to squeeze in this special day. Next week, we’ll report on the rest of our time at Peddler’s Village.

Now it’s your turn for some giggles and fun. Peddler’s Village and Giggleberry Fair have shared with us 2 passes to explore Giggleberry Mountain, visit Giggles Discovers, ride on the carousel, and play in the game room with ten tokens. We are taking their passes and combining it with a few other treats from our Blogger Day for a fabulous Giggleberry Fair/Peddler’s Village gift pack.

We have lots of ways for you to enter. Here’s how you can win:

  • Leave us a comment answering these questions about Giggleberry Fair. What would you do first? Who would you take? Will you go in the Giggleberry Mountain course? Why or Why not?
  • Leave us another comment telling us which Peddler’s Village shop you would visit first.
  • Leave us another comment and tell us what makes your kids giggle?
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter including the link.
  • Like Giggleberry Fair’s Facebook page and leave them a comment about the Professor of Play.
  • Like Peddler’s Village’s Facebook Page and leave them a comment about the Professor of Play.
  • Follow Professor of Play, Jennifer Auer, Elizabeth_N, and or amagicmommy on Twitter.

Each bullet you complete earns you one entry. Each person you start following on Twitter earns you additional entries. You can earn a maximum of ten entries between now and September 10, 2010. All winners are chosen at random by The winner will be announced on September 13, 2010. The winner has 24 hours to respond before another winner is selected.

3 thoughts on “Giggling it up at Giggleberry Fair

  1. Jeanine L says:

    My kids giggle the most at silly faces and when they smoosh their noses against the glass on our sliding door.

  2. Jeanine L says:

    The store I would visit first would be Sweet Lorraines or if it was totally up to me, the Coach outlet!

  3. Jeanine L says:

    My kids would definitely do the carousel first since they absolutely love carousels! I would take my two kids with me, and my husband if he could get off of work (which doesn’t happen often!). I would probably try the Mountain Course since we are adventurous!

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