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:D So if you haven’t noticed, I love to talk or in the case of blogging, write. My latest post about Giggleberry Fair was a bit long. Here I offer you the Cliff Notes version and why Giggleberry Fair is a trip worth taking with your family.

My boys and I recently were invited to participate in a Blogger’s event at Peddler’s Village. We were very excited to visit the beautiful Peddler’s Village and to play together at Giggleberry Fair. Our thanks to the wonderful businesses at Peddler Village that treated us to a day full of fun and food and to Mama’s Little Helper for making the day happen.  We’ll report on Peddler’s Village in a future post.

Giggleberry Fair offers so much fun. I will try and summarize the best I can. ;)

The 1922 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Grand Carousel:

  • Awesome selection of animals to ride.
  • Great scenery to view as carousel spins.
  • Longer than most carousel rides.

Giggleberry Mountain

  • 3-story, 6-level indoor obstacle course for children and adults.
  • Best for independent children, ages 5 and older. Younger ones will love it when accompanied by mom and dad.
  • Rope bridges, slides, tunnels, and challenges to explore.
  • Colorful berries to blast and vacuum up.
  • Some great photo opportunities.

Game Room

  • G-rated Game Room. Rated G by the Coin-Operated Video Game Parental Advisory System.
  • Non-violent games suitable for all ages.
  • Most games took between 1 – 2 tokens and award various tickets that can be later turned in for prizes.
  • Something for everyone: old-fashioned skeeball and basketball machines, newer games that let you knock down ducks, catch bugs, ride motercycles, and more.

Giggles Discovers

  • Towards the back of Giggleberry Fair, worth exploring.
  • BIG HIT with all 3 of my boys aged, 5, 4, and 2.
  • 5 interactive, educational, and tons of fun areas. Our two favorites were:
    • The Giggles Fire Station # 1.
      • Fire uniforms to wear.
      • Wooden fire truck to explore.
      • Ring the fire bell.
      • Slide down the fireman’s pole.
    • Waterway area
      • A good 20 – 30 minutes my 5 year-old was engaged. (Would have stayed longer if we didn’t have to leave.)
      • Fountains, dams, pipes, waterwheels, and sprinklers made for lots of waterful fun.

Pricing & Value

  • Giggleberry Fair offers an Activity Value Package that includes admission to all it’s areas including Giggleberry Mountain and unlimited rides on the Carousel.
  • Adults are $12.99. Children are $14.99. Children under 2 are free with a paying adult.
  • A very good value. You could easily spend a day here without being bored.
It was a wonderful day for all of us. We can not thank Giggleberry Fair and Peddler’s Village enough for treating us and Mama’s Little Helper for inviting us. We were not paid to be there but we did receive free admission and a complimentary lunch. Our thoughts and opinions here are our own and come from our experiences here.

Now it’s your turn for some giggles and fun. Peddler’s Village and Giggleberry Fair have shared with us 2 passes to explore Giggleberry Mountain, visit Giggles Discovers, ride on the carousel, and play in the game room with ten tokens. We are taking their passes and combining it with a few other treats from our Blogger Day for a fabulous Giggleberry Fair/Peddler’s Village gift pack.

We have lots of ways for you to enter. Here’s how you can win:

  • Leave us a comment answering these questions about Giggleberry Fair. What would you do first? Who would you take? Will you go in the Giggleberry Mountain course? Why or Why not?
  • Leave us another comment telling us which Peddler’s Village shop you would visit first.
  • Leave us another comment and tell us what makes your kids giggle?
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter including the link.
  • Like Giggleberry Fair’s Facebook page and leave them a comment about the Professor of Play.
  • Like Peddler’s Village’s Facebook Page and leave them a comment about the Professor of Play.
  • Follow Professor of Play, Jennifer Auer, Elizabeth_N, and or amagicmommy on Twitter.

Each bullet you complete earns you one entry. Each person you start following on Twitter earns you additional entries. You can earn a maximum of ten entries between now and September 10, 2010. All winners are chosen at random by The winner will be announced on September 13, 2010. The winner has 24 hours to respond before another winner is selected.

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This content, authored by Jennifer Auer, was originally written for Professor of Play, September 2010.

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