Gift Them Experiences Gift Guide ~ Amazing Experience Gifts for Kids in New Jersey

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Gift Them Experiences


In our Gift Them Experiences Gift Guide we encourage you to put local experience gifts under the tree!


On Black Friday you can take advantage of these Black Friday Deals for families to do just that!

Stay in your pajamas!

Snuggle up with your kids!

Then when they aren’t looking jump online and order away.


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Gift a kid a gift that gives back through unforgettable experiences!


We have been publishing a Gift Them Experiences gift guide since 2011! This is our EIGHTH year of providing a gift guide that encourages parents, grandparents, and loved ones to look beyond the toy aisle this year when it comes to gift giving and instead purchase experience gifts local to New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York. We want to show you how you can find great unique gifts for kids that don’t involve standing in line or fighting for the last item on the shelf. We guarantee the items and ideas in this gift guide don’t require you do any of those things. Take a look.


Best Experience Gifts for for All Families

Movie Tickets & Movie Gift Cards

Fandango Black Friday Deals

This holiday break Mary Poppins Returns, The Grinch and other kids movies will be out. In 2020, Disney will release Black Widow, Mulan, Artemis Fowl, Onward, and Soul. Other 2020 releases include The Voyage of Dr. Doolittle, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Call of the Wild, and more. All of these make for a great reason to take advantage of Fandango Black Friday Deals.


To take advantage of Fandango’s offers to buy movie tickets as gifts, click one of the links below.

Unique way to wrap your Fandango gift cards as a gift.

Tuck the Fandango movie tickets or gift cards inside plastic popcorn cups with boxes of classic movie theater candy.


Online gift experiences for kids

  • A Touch Of Happy offers a fairy tale-based online course for women or girls 13 years and over. It is called “The Cinderella Fix: How to improve your Mind and Life in 7 Days or Less, through Lessons Learned from a Mistreated girl, some Lizards and a Pumpkin.” This course is unique and inspiring, in that each lesson is based on themes drawn from the beloved Cinderella story, making it not just transformational, but fun! Learn more at a Touch of Happy.


New Jersey Experience Gifts —-

Best Experience Gifts to New Jersey Family Attractions


Experience the gift of year-round sun with Sahara Sam’s Annual Passes

What is the one gift that lets any day be a beach day? It’s a Sahara Sam’s gift. It might be rainy and gloomy outdoors, but inside Sahara Sam it’s warm and inviting. Maybe your kids find the beach boring. Then, Sahara Sam’s indoor activity pools, water slides, and rides will give them a thrill! Give a Sahara Sam’s ticket or better yet an annual pass as a gift and Sahara Sam’s can be your staycation all year round.

Read more about Sahara Sam’s in our Sahara Sam’s blog posts.

  • Sahara Sam’s Annual Passes are regularly priced at $109.99! See below for the Sahara Sam’s Black Friday Sale prices. Season passes include unlimited visits to our year-round, weatherproof park for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020! Plus, Season Pass Holders get exclusive perks:
    • One Bring-a-friend FREE ticket for a Thursday in January or February 2020
    • One Bring-a-friend for $9.99 ticket for a Wednesday in July or August
    • FREE $10 Arcade Card $50 Off a Perfect Splash or Waffles & Waves Birthday Party
    • FREE admission to Swimming with Santa in 2019 & 2020
    • FREE admission to the 2020 Summer Kickoff Party
    • FREE admission to the 2020 Declaration Celebration
    • FREE admission to the 2020 Summer Farewell Party
    • FREE admission to Halloween Horror in 2020
    • FREE admission to Monster Splash Foam Party in 2020
    • $5 Off Midnight at the Oasis New Year’s Eve Party in 2019 and 2020
    • FREE admission to seasonal special events
    • FREE admission to all Apex Parks
    • Monthly discounts on food & retail items
  • Sahara Sam’s Daily Tickets are $32.99 – $36.99 Valid ALL day on days of operation. Walk up price: $41.99. All guests 3 years of age and older need to purchase admission. Seniors aged 65 and over are just $19.99 at the park. You can buy daily tickets to Sahara Sam’s Waterpark with this link.


sahara Sams black friday sale


Sahara Sam’s Black Friday Sale

  • Sahara Sam’s Black Friday price for annual passes – $39.99 per pass.
  • Limited Time Holiday Gift Card Bonus Value
    • Details coming soon.
  • Black Friday Sale: Online ONLY from now – Cyber Monday (December 2nd). Click over to the Black Friday Sale at the Sahara Sam’s site to make your purchase. These are online sale options only, while supplies last, and not available on location.


For a chance to win Sahara Sam’s tickets click over to this post. This holiday’s Sahara Sam’s ticket giveaway will run soon.


Sahara Sams

Huge smiles because he knows he will make it across Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Unique way to wrap your Sahara Sam’s gift:

Wrap your Sahara Sam’s ticket or Sahara Sam’s annual pass in a new beach towel with some sunscreen. Your kids won’t know the real gift is inside until you have them open up the towel. Amazon has a great collection of beach towels for kids and tweens, with designs in colors, stripes, superheroes, Disney characters and more.




Getting ready to drive off in one of the Farm Tractors at Diggerland.

Getting ready to drive off in one of the Farm Tractors at Diggerland.


Dig this Experience Gift – Diggerland Annual Passes

How fortunate are we?! New Jersey has the only family attraction in the country where kids can operate construction equipment. Diggerland has 21 acres with over 30 thrilling rides and attractions involving construction equipment. Diggerland’s one day tickets include driving full sized backhoes, digging giant holes with real excavators and operating construction equipment – from skid-steers to ARGOs. Admission also includes climbing one of the world’s tallest ropes courses, having an off road adventure in a military truck, scaling the rock wall, playing in the video arcade, and so much more! After one day, you are going to want to go back for more Diggerland fun. Take advantage of Diggerland’s upcoming sale to get a Diggerland USA membership for just a few dollar more than a regularly priced one-day ticket. What’s more? Diggerland will be opening the Water Main Aquatic Park in May 2020, allowing members and visitors to take advantage of 2 parks for 1 price!


Click over to read our Diggerland blog post series.


Pinterest image for Diggerland Waterpark


Diggerland Black Friday Sale 

  • Diggerland USA is running this Black Friday deal from Monday, November 25 to Monday, December 2, 2019. Shop Diggerland’s Black Friday Ultimate Sale and dig in to the lowest prices yet! Get 2 Parks for the price of 1, and, enjoy their NEW Water Main Aquatic Park, opening May 2020! Take advantage of the Diggerland Black Friday deal with this link.


    • Diggerland Membership Passes: 54.95 for Black Friday! Regularly Priced: $64.95. Visit Diggerland as many times as you like, on any operating day, for 365 consecutive days after activation! The pass costs less than 2 tickets. If you visit twice, it pays for itself. And you get to enjoy the Water Park along with all the fun at Diggerland in 2020.


    • Diggerland Single Day Tickets
      • Diggerland Any Day Tickets: $27.95 for Black Friday! Regularly Priced: $38.95 Valid for a single day admission on a date of your leisure
      • Online ticket price is $29.95 (under 42” tall) and $36.95 (over 42” tall) for specific dates. Valid for a single day admission on a specific date and purchased online.


Diggerland USA Black Friday Offers



For a chance to win Diggerland tickets click over to this post. This holiday’s Diggerland ticket giveaway will begin soon.


Unique way to wrap your Diggerland gift:

Tuck your Diggerland ticket or annual pass gift in a beach bucket or big toy truck with sand. Then, make your kids DIG for their gift. You can also tuck Diggerland tickets into a hard hat for a child’s gift. You can get a 4 pack of beach buckets (one for every family member) on Amazon. And yes, you can order sand online too.


Diggerland Annual Pass




Find a World Within our own with a Tuckerton Seaport Family Membership

A Tuckerton Seaport day includes a day of learning and fun both indoors or outdoors. Climb the lighthouse. Play on the pirate ship playground. Watch a crafter make a decoy or basket. Explore the grounds and buildings. Create a craft or read a story in the Jersey Family Fun Kids’ Quarters. Participate in an event like Privateers & Pirates or taste new foods at one of their Tuckerton Truckerton Food Truck Festivals. There is always something fun to do at the Tuckerton Seaport and another reason to come back. See what’s coming in our Tuckerton Seaport Events Calendar.


Give the gift of a Tuckerton Seaport Family Membership


A Tuckerton Seaport family membership provides your family with unlimited general admission for a full year. It also includes admission to ALL Tuckerton Seaport events. You’ll receive discounts on purchases at Tuckerton Seaport Gift Shop plus advance notification of Seaport happenings via a weekly email blast.


Read more about the Tuckerton Seaport in our Tuckerton Seaport blog post series.

  • Tuckerton Seaport Ticket Sales Price $9.00 per ticket for adults. $5 for children 5 and older.
  • Tuckerton Seaport Family Membership Sales Price $60.00 per family membership for one year/ $100 for two years.
  • Click over to to make your purchase.


Unique way to wrap your Tuckerton Seaport Membership gift:

Why not tuck away your Tuckerton Seaport tickets or membership in a play tug boat? (I like these toy tug boats on Amazon.) Have the tug boat tug along smaller boats representing the various attractions at the Tuckerton Seaport. One smaller boat could contain a lighthouse. Another boat would include surfboards. Another boat could include toy turtles. Your child won’t just be excited with a new toy, but also the ways they can learn and play at the Tuckerton Seaport.


For a chance to win a Tuckerton Seaport Museum Family Membership click over to this post. This holiday’s Tuckerton Seaport Museum Family Membership giveaway will run soon.




Experience indoor thrills yearround with iPlay America

A day at iPlay America can include rides, arcade games, activities, food, and even shows. Race the go carts. Ride the coasters. Bowl against each other. Play parents against kids in a game of laser tag. Take on the zombies in a game of dodgeball. Collect your points. Redeem them for prizes.  Do it all before or after a show in the iPlay America Events Center. See what’s coming in our iPlay America Events Calendar. Every visit to iPlay America can be a unique experience.



iPlay America encourages gift givers to gift an iPlay America gift card. Buy $50 in gift cards and get $10 in free bonus play. iPlay America gift cards aren’t just great for kids to have fun on their rides, games, and attractions. They are idea for dads and perfect for teens, friends, and family to book a bay at a Topgolf swing suite or enjoy a delicious meal at their full service restaurant, Game Time Bar and Grill! The iPlay America gift cards come in multiple increments and make great stocking stuffers or holiday gifts for kids and adults alike.


iPlay America Black Friday Offer


Read more about iPlay America in our iPlay America blog post series.


group picture of two teens and a tween in iplay america topgolf suite.

In the Topgolf suite at iPlay America.


iPlay America admission is free. Experiences range in pricing, but here are the best ways to save on an experience.

  • iPlay America is running this Black Friday deal from Thursday, November 28th to Sunday, December 1, 2019. Purchase $100 in iPlay America gift cards, and receive 2 free Unlimited Ride Bands. Promotion can be purchased on-site or online with this link.
  • ITYKES BAND – $11.99
    • Unlimited rides on Flight Space, 60’s Surf Van, Sky Rescue, Grand Prix Team, Funny Train, Fire Truck, Mini Carousel, and one time on Sky Tykes Kidz Ropes Course 
  • IRIDE BAND – $22.99
    • Unlimited rides on Jump Around, Happy Swing, Dizzy Dragon, Skyscraper, Kite Flyer, Bumper Cars, Carousel
  • IRIDE PLUS BAND – $29.99
    • Unlimited rides on Go Karts, Spinning Coaster, Bumper Cars, Jump Around, Happy Swing, Dizzy Dragon, Skyscraper, Kite Flyer, Carousel
  • POWER PLAY – $29.99
    • 4 hours of non-redemption video games! Plus (1) Laser Tag , (1) Go Karts and (1) 4D Theater
  • Click over to to make your purchase or learn about additional iPlay America experiences.


Unique way to wrap your iPlay America gift cards:

Why not tuck away your iPlay America gift cards, tickets or membership in a playful lanyard? Don’t just gift the experience but gift them an easy way to hold onto their points and tickets. These lanyards not only come in fun designs but they also have a clear pocket perfect for holding the iPlay America cards used for storing tickets and credits towards rides, games, and activities. I like these from Amazon.


For a chance to win an iPlay America experience stay tuned.


More Experience Gifts to New Jersey Family Attractions

  • Coming soon.


More Experience Gifts for New Jersey Families

Gift the experience of learning karate with Mackenzie & Yates Martial Arts Classes

Give your child the gift of confidence, focus, discipline and self defense this holiday season with a Mackenzie & Yates 6 week trial of karate classes! Many young Americans grow up with martial arts as one of their first competitive sports/activities. Not only is it a great activity that keeps participants physically active, but it instills a sense of achievement and ethics, as you work your way up to earning a black belt. Mackenzie & Yates offers a special Young Dragon class for kids ages 4-6 as well as our regular TaeKwon-Do class for kids 7+ and adults. Mackenzie & Yates Martial Arts has locations in Atco and Hammonton.


Concentrating hard in karate class in Hammonton.


Read more about Jenn’s experience with her boys taking Mackenzie & Yates Martial Arts classes in this article, Watching my Boys Grow in Slow Motion Through Karate.


Mackenzie & Yates Martial Arts 



Goldfish Swim School Swim Lessons

Looking for an experiential holiday gift option that gives families the ability to spend quality time together and gives a child an invaluable life skill? This holiday season, skip the toy store and give the little ones in your life the gift of swim lessons instead! While supplies last, Goldfish Swim School locations in: Wyckoff, Livingston, Mount Laurel, Middletown, Manalapan, Closter and Denville are offering discounted holiday packages for the little swimmers in your life! Swimming lessons provide essential skills and confidence that last a lifetime. Kids learn safety skills while having fun, making friends, building confidence and learning life lessons. Kids love Goldfish’s fun, tropical environment and 90 degree pools. Parents get the peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are learning an essential life skill based on our proven curriculum. There’s no better gift than that!

Learn more in this article, Give the Gift of Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School. In fact, this holiday we are running a Goldfish Swim School Swim Lessons giveaway from November 26-December 10, 2019. Click over to enter.

Give the Gift of Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School This Holiday Season

Gift a New Jersey staycation for kids

Gifting a Stay-Cation with Hyatt’s Seize The Day Promo!

  • Give the gift of a stay-cation this holiday season with Hyatt’s Seize the Day Promo! Starting now until February 29, 2020, guests can save up to 20% on rooms and 30% on suites at over 800 participating Hyatt hotels. Why not gift the family a stay-cation at the lovely Hyatt Regency Jersey City? Take the kids away to this hotel that sets right on the Hudson River. Enjoy being close to all of Jersey and New York in this centrally located hotel. You’ll be near the Red Bull Arena and can take in a game of soccer or near the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for some site-seeing. Don’t want to leave your hotel? You don’t have to with the heated indoor pool with views of the New York skyline or dine at the onsite restaurant Vu Restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner with specially crafted kids menus! What’s even better is with the Seize the Day promo, you can snag a room that’s typically 400 for as low as 280 a night. Book your Jersey City Staycation with Hyatt Regency.


Gift tickets to a New Jersey event for kids

Medieval Times New Jersey

Travel back to the Middle Ages with knights, horses, jousting, and swordplay while enjoying a “hands-on” four-course feast as the story of bravery and love unfolds before you in this unique entertainment experience. 


The pageantry and thrills of an authentic medieval tournament come to life inside the walls of the King’s 11th century-style castle. Six armor-clad Knights on valiant horses seek the title of Champion amidst the clashing of lance and shield and heart-pounding combat.


Queen Dona Maria Isabella at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in New Jersey Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Queen Dona Maria Isabella Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in New Jersey


The Royal Court invites you to join in a spectacle not seen since The Middle Ages. A four-course feast awaits as you watch the incredible Andalusian stallions perform feats of equine skill. The Knights of the Realm compete in thrilling games on horseback as the pageant unfolds and cheers of the King’s noble guests fill the arena. Skill and strength are measured in the combat. Discover which of the Knights shall become Champion.


Royal trumpeters announce the call to the feast, summoning guests to take their seats in the arena. Once inside, guests are greeted by King Phillipe and Princess Leonore, who invite them to share in a regal banquet and cheer for their own Knight of the Realm – designated by six color “zones” of seating (red, blue, yellow, black & white, red & yellow and green) representing six authentic regions of Medieval Spain.



Boys cheering on the knights at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in New Jersey photo credit Jersey Family Fun


Hello Panda Vernon Lights Festival: 120+ Lanterns, Food, Market & More

  • Vernon will shine even brighter this fall and winter seasons with the Vernon Lights Festival. The festival will feature a walk-through wonderland experience featuring millions of lights, Giant Panda and Friends, The Dinosaur & Animal Kingdom, Fantasy Land & Time Tunnel, The Million Light Maze, NJ’s Largest Lantern Christmas Tree, kid-friendly live entertainment, Light-up Dance Floor and heated tent with children’s playground. Lights, food, interactive and modern displays and music will support an international framework for arts and exciting cultural experiences for children of all ages and families. The attraction is teeming with huge handcrafted lantern exhibits, taking a page from the fine art of Chinese lantern making with magical displays of light and color, all handcrafted by world-class artisans.
  • Event runs from date Friday, November 29, 2019 – Sunday, January 05, 2020
  • Click to buy Hello Panda Vernon Lights Festival discount tickets from $0-$17.98


Pandas with car lantern at the Philadelphia Chinese Lantern Festival


More giftable New Jersey experiences for kids

  • For the adventure minded family, Fitpacking offers a weeklong thru-hike of the 50+ mile Batona (BAck TO NAture) Trail in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The trip entails hiking and camping out every night and is a great way to solidify family bonds with quality time. Note: Probably not appropriate for young children, but perfect for families with teens. Click over to book your Fitpacking experience.


  • Plan a day-trip with the Cape May-Lewes Ferry and experience the best of the land and sea. Play mini golf at the Cape May terminal before boarding the vessel, spot birds, dolphins and other wildlife along the Delaware Bay, and once you arrive in Lewes, experience more than 400 years of history in the first town in our first state. The Hopkins Farm Creamery is especially fun — getting a glimpse at farm life, a tour and of course, ice cream! Book your trip or buy a gift voucher for the Cape May Lewes Ferry.


  • Morey’s Piers, located on the boardwalk of the Wildwoods, NJ, has its annual Holiday Sale now through January 3, 2020. Savvy shoppers can find savings up to 40% for a season of wild rides and water park admission at the 2019 Park of the Year, as designated by Amusement Today Magazine. Online orders can be purchased by visiting


Pennsylvania Experience Gifts —-


Best Experience Gifts to Pennsylvania Attractions

Make science an experience with a Franklin Institute Family Membership

Founded in honor of America’s first scientist, Benjamin Franklin, The Franklin Institute is one of the oldest and premier centers of science education and development in the country. Today, the Institute continues its dedication to public education and creating a passion for science by offering new and exciting access to science and technology in ways that would dazzle and delight its namesake. The Franklin Institute has a variety of exhibitions that explore many different concepts. There are places to learn about your brain, virtual reality, trains, and more! It’s a great giftable experience for a family that loves science.


GIve the Gift of a The Franklin Institute Membership


Read more about The Franklin Institute in our Franklin Institute series.

  • The Franklin Institute Ticket Sales Price $23.00 per ticket for adults. $19 for children 3 to 11 years old.
  • The Franklin Institute Family Memberships start at $149 a year for 2 adults and 4 children.
  • Click over to to make your purchase.


To learn more about a The Franklin Institute Membership, please visit Give the Gift of a The Franklin Institute Membership. For a chance to win a Franklin Institute family membership click over to this post. This holiday’s Franklin Institute family membership giveaway will run soon.


a girl becomes a mermaid at Kalahari Resorts

Our mermaid taking a break at Kalahari.


Gift an overnight experience at Kalahari Resorts

If you’re a reader of Jersey Family Fun you know how much we love escaping to Kalahari in the Poconos! It’s always a balmy 84 degrees inside, and what better way to warm up your Christmas morning than to gift a Kalahari getaway? The waterslides, the hot tub, the lazy river it’s all so much fun for every age.

Read more about Kalahari in our articles.


Kalahari Black Friday Deals

  • Get your passes to America’s Largest Indoor Waterpark & Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures*, Black Friday – Cyber Monday. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer! Get a Waterpark pass for $50, Gorilla Grove pass for $35, or make it a combination of both for only $75! *Note: Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures is a seasonal attraction. Purchase online and get more details starting Friday November 23.
  • Spend $100 on Kalahari Swag, Black Friday through Cyber Monday & get a $25 Arcade Card with your purchase. Buy here.



Sesame Place Philadelphia

  • It’s a perfect time, and they’re a perfect age, for Sesame Place, the nation’s only theme park based entirely on Sesame Street. So before little kids become big kids, bring the entire family to whirl on rides, splash down slides and hug everyone’s favorite furry friends. Get ready to sing, dance and clap along at daily character shows, as well as the Neighborhood Street Party Parade. Don’t miss the special opportunity to meet, greet and eat with Elmo & Friends! Celebrate the seasons and join us for a not-too-spooky fun time in the fall during The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular, and a festive family-fun time during A Very Furry Christmas! So go before they grow.
  • Click to buy Sesame Place Philadelphia discount tickets for $43, a savings of $33.


Elmo at Sesame Place in Langhorne PA

Elmo at Sesame Place in Langhorne PA


More Experience Gifts to Pennsylvania Family Attractions


Gift tickets to a Philadelphia event for kids


Gift Them Experiences gift that give kids amazing experiences

New York Experience Gifts —-

Best Experience Gifts to New York Family Attractions

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square
    • Marvel at hundreds of weird and unusual artifacts from around the world. Embark on a self-guided tour of more than 20 themed galleries on two separate floors, chock full of interactive, archival and video exhibits. Whether examining a six-legged cow, a lock of Elvis’ hair, 24 shrunken heads, a section of the Berlin Wall or a life-size albino giraffe, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not collection proves that fact is indeed stranger than fiction. This offer also includes one admission to Ripley’s Smash Dash, the only experience of its kind in New York. Don’t forget to check out Ripley’s Relic, the new immersive, interactive adventure. For a limited time, purchase a combo ticket and Ripley’s Relic is included free of cost!
    • Read more about our Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square experience.
    • Click to buy Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square discount tickets from $12-$22.50.


Ripley's Believe it or not times square nyc A Unique NYC Attraction


The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark

  • Heated to 84 degrees year-round and situated in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, both parents and munchkins can enjoy New York’s Biggest Indoor Waterpark which sits underneath a transparent roof featuring 10+ slides and water adventures — as well as 15 cabanas perched high above the waterpark. Enjoy the fun of the indoor Playopolis Fun Center, complete with ropes course, rock climbing, arcade games, laser tag and VR experiences. Eight eateries and bars range from upscale farm-to-table and grand buffet, to coffee shops and more. 
  • Read about our Kartrite Resort experiences.
  • Book a stay at the Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark.


things to do at Kartrite Resort with Kids


Big Bus Tours – New York

  • Hop on board Big Bus Tours’ sightseeing tour of the city that doesn’t sleep to experience the best views of its distinctive landmarks, and delve into its fascinating history. You can explore New York’s famous landmarks; from the Empire State Building to Times Square and the world famous Statue of Liberty. This really is the best way to discover all that New York has to offer. Our unique city tour stops at 30 key points of interest all around spectacular New York. Experience the diverse culture, beautiful parks, stunning architecture and picturesque views atop an open air bus. Hop on or Hop off at your leisure to create your own customized journey around the city.
  • Buy a Big Bus Tours – New York experience.


Bike and Roll New York

  • You’ll love NYC by bike! Experience car-free fun with an easy ride along the scenic Hudson River Park Greenway. Circle Manhattan on the Greenway Path and see the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, South St. Seaport, Central Park, Times Square, and more! The best way to see the Big Apple!
  • Buy a Bike and Roll New York experience.


New York CityPASS

  • The New York CityPASS® program covers admission to six top attractions, priced up to 42% less than the same tickets purchased separately. Plus, CityPASS® ticket holders skip most main-entrance ticket lines. Each CityPASS® ticket book contains helpful information, including insider tips, an attraction location map, attraction and transportation details, directions, and money-saving coupons. Books are valid for nine consecutive days, beginning with the first day of use.
  • Buy a New York CityPASS experience.


New York Pass

  • Your New York adventure just got easier (and less expensive) with the sightseeing card that offers access to more than 80 things to do, including the city’s most iconic activities and attractions. With fast-track access at many museums and locations and an informative guidebook to help you plan your itinerary, the New York Pass lets you spend more time exploring, instead of wasting your precious New York minutes in line.
  • Buy a New York Pass experience.


New York City Explorer Pass

  • The New York City Explorer Pass® is the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility. Save up to 45% off retail prices on admission to 3, 5, or 7 attractions of your choice from over 50 choices. Enjoy the flexibility to choose attractions as you go and take up to 30 days to use your pass. Attractions include a hop-on hop-off bus tour, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ferry ticket, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, the MET, and more. Plus, skip the line at select attractions.
  • Buy a New York City Explorer Pass.


More Experience Gifts to New York Family Attractions


More Experience Gifts to New York Activities for Kids

  • The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City host many kids and teen cooking classes throughout the year, including pizza, sushi, steakhouse, chocolate and more. Classes can be purchased directly from or shoppers can also purchase gift cards to be used toward a future class.


Gift tickets to a New York City event for kids


“Gazillion Bubble Show”: A Dazzling Display of Bubbles, With Artistry & Lasers

  • This long-running New York City hit combines spectacular light and laser effects with masterful bubble artistry. The Yang family’s amazing transformation of ordinary soap bubbles has earned them international fame and 16 Guinness World Records. The Gazillion Bubble Show has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Show with David Letterman, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Fox & Friends, The View, the Today show and more. Young or old, this is an event the whole family will enjoy.
  • Shows run from Friday, November 15, 2019 – Sunday, May 31, 2020
  • Click to buy Gazillion Bubble Show discount tickets from $39-$59


The Wizard of Oz: Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Family Classic

  • Strap on your ruby slippers and join the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion, Dorothy and her little dog Toto, too, for this adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. Everyone loves the classic story of the girl who wakes up in a strange land filled with witches and wizards, munchkins and monkeys — and befriends a cowardly lion, a tin man without a heart and a scarecrow with no brain in her quest to find her way back home. Journey down the yellow brick road through the land of Oz to meet the Wizard while humming along to memorable songs from the Oscar-winning film, including “Over the Rainbow,” “We’re Off to See the Wizard” and “If I Only Had a Brain.” The whole family will enjoy this zippy, one-hour version now playing at the Harlem Repertory Theatre in New York.
  • Shows run from date Saturday, November 23, 2019 – Saturday, January 11, 2020
  • Click to buy The Wizard of Oz: Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Family Classic discount tickets from $5-$10.


Levitation, Mindreading & Comedy Magic With Matt Roberts

  • Matt Roberts can read minds and levitate, all while having multiple card tricks up his sleeve. But this street magician’s greatest feat is making you LOL in between all the ooh’s and aah’s.
  • Shows run from date Friday, November 29, 2019 – Monday, February 17, 2020
  • Click to buy Levitation, Mindreading & Comedy Magic With Matt Roberts discount tickets from $15-$29.


Fun Family Musical Princess Particular

  • The Secret Theatre presents Princess Particular, a new musical for children. This spirited and feisty young princess is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it, by golly. And today she wants to be a ballerina. But King Loadsadough and Queen Patience are way too distracted to deal with such trivialities. Fortunately, her four maids and the Chancellor and Lady in Waiting are on hand to help make the royal fussbudget’s dream come true! With lots of fun tunes and hilariously broad physical comedy, this delightful new show by Richard Mazda is a treat the whole family can enjoy — adults and kids alike.
  • Saturday, Jan 11, 2020 / 2:30 pm ONLY
  • Click to buy Princess Particular discount tickets from $7.50-$10.


NYC Winter Lantern Festival Lights Up the Night

  • Ready to step into a world of light and color? There will be over 1,000 lanterns on display, sculpted into magnificent figures of luminescent art. After its success last year, the NYC Winter Lantern Festival is back to transform Staten Island’s Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden into a whimsical world of light. Bring your whole family to wonder at eight acres of lights, live cultural shows, interactive exhibits, and more. The cultural performances include: Plate/Bowl Spinning, Seesaw Bowl Balance, Hoop Tumbling, Straw Hat Juggling, Hand to Hand Act, Tibetan Folk Dance and a Face-changing Magician, which is a sub-genre of Chinese Sichuan Opera — performers wear vibrant costumes and magically swap traditional opera masks from one to another. The dining options will feature international eats with Asian flair, and the gift shop has teamed up with local artists and craftsmen specializing in illustration and Chinese-influenced lanterns.
  • Any available day through January 12, 2020
  • Click to buy NYC Winter Lantern Festival discount tickets 


Gift a Family Vacation —-


Cruise Sales with Get Away Today

  • Giving the gift of a cruise for the holidays is the perfect fit for your whole family, and you can save BIG when you book a cruise with Get Away Today. They partner with all major cruise lines, including Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess. Take an adults-only getaway or bring the whole family to destinations such as Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bahamas and more. With flexible payment plan options available and a variety of itineraries, you’re sure to find the perfect vacation. Plus, when you book with Get Away Today you can take advantage of savings on select sailings such as reduced deposits, onboard credit, prepaid gratuities and even stateroom upgrades. Browse all cruises at or call 877-510-2929 for personalized assistance. Be sure to tell them Jersey Family Fun sent you. Bon Voyage!


Woodloch Pines Resort

  • Located in Pennsylvania’s pristine Pocono Mountains (and very easily accessible for NJ families), Woodloch Pines is an award-winning, all-inclusive family resort. Woodloch packages feature: delicious & abundant meals daily, spacious & immaculate accommodations, nightly entertainment and use of resort amenities & facilities. Voted the number one family resort in the United States by USA Today’s 10Best Awards and rated by TripAdvisor in the top 1% of properties worldwide, Woodloch has been owned and operated with pride by the Kiesendahl family since 1958. Woodloch vacations are built on the concept of “togethering,” or bringing loved ones together, spending time with one another, and creating memories to last a lifetime. Through a unique array of home-grown, team-building type activities for families, a nostalgic, back-to-basics environment, pristine natural surroundings and a truly unique brand of hospitality, guests leave Woodloch with a renewed sense of connection with their own families.
  • Read about our Woodloch Pines Resort experiences.
  • Book a stay at the Woodloch Pines Resort.


So Many Things to Do at Woodloch Resort _ No One Will Ever Get Bored!



Great Wolf Lodge Family Vacations


Great Wolf Lodge Resort

Baltimore Family Vacations

If you’d like to plan a family vacation to Baltimore as a Christmas gift experience here’s a few offers for discount tickets to Baltimore family attractions. 


Washington DC Family Vacations

Looking to take a family vacation to our nation’s capital? Take advantage of these offers for discount tickets to Washington DC family attractions. 


Williamsburg Family Vacations

You can’t go wrong planning a family vacation to Williamsburg. As you consider the trip as a Christmas gift experience take a look at these offers for discount tickets to Williamsburg family attractions. 


Orlando Family Vacations

  • Offers on Orlando Family Attractions



Disneyland Vacations

Discount Disneyland Tickets

You can save big on Disneyland tickets when you book with Get Away Today. Save on travel this year and next, and take advantage of the interest-free Layaway Plan that makes your vacation more affordable than ever!

    • 2-Day and longer Disneyland tickets, always less than Disneyland gate prices
    • No blackout dates – valid for travel through 12/31/2020
    • Choose between Park Hopper and 1-Park per Day Tickets with or without MaxPass.
    • Can be combined with my exclusive code JFAM for an additional $10 in savings on Southern California vacation packages (theme park tickets + hotel).
    • Combine with other Southern California destinations and save more!
      • Discount on theme park tickets such as Universal Studios Hollywood, LEGOLAND, San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld San Diego.
      • Additional discount for combo tickets



Book at or by calling 855-GET-AWAY. Be sure to mention Jersey Family Fun sent you.


SeaWorld Family Vacations

Black Friday deals on SeaWorld Orlando

  • SeaWorld Orlando Black Friday deal on Weekday Tickets
    • Save 60% and enjoy one weekday visit to SeaWorld Orlando. Valid for one visit Monday through Friday. Ticket not valid on Saturdays and Sundays. Must visit by January 31, 2020. Blockout dates apply. Not available for purchase at the front gate.
    • SeaWorld Orlando Weekday Ticket, $40.99 Black Friday Deal 60% off
    • Click to buy SeaWorld Orlando discount weekday tickets


  • SeaWorld Orlando Black Friday offer on Single Day Tickets
    • Save over 50% and enjoy one visit to SeaWorld Orlando. Must visit by January 31, 2020. Blockout dates apply. Not available for purchase at the front gate.
    • SeaWorld Orlando Single Day Ticket, $50.99 Black Friday Deal over 50% off
    • Click to buy SeaWorld Orlando discount single day tickets


  • SeaWorld Orlando Black Friday deal on the 2020 Fun Card
    • Save over $30 on a 2020 Fun Card, plus get the rest of 2019 FREE. Valid at SeaWorld Orlando through 12/31/2020. Blockout dates apply.
    • SeaWorld Orlando 2020 Fun Card, $82.99 Black Friday Deal
    • Click to buy SeaWorld Orlando discount fun cards


Black Friday deals on SeaWorld San Diego




Black Friday deals on SeaWorld San Antonio



Bush Gardens Family Vacations

Black Friday deals on Bush Gardens Tampa


Black Friday deals on Bush Gardens Williamsburg


Southern California Family Vacations

  • Southern California Combo Tickets
    • Save the most when you combine any of the Get Away Today Disneyland tickets with select Southern California attractions. You’ll get Adults at Kids’ Prices on 3-Day and longer Disneyland tickets + a discount on any added ticket (Universal Studios Hollywood, LEGOLAND, etc.) + an additional combo ticket discount. These will be the lowest combo ticket prices of the year! No code required.
    • Click to buy Southern California Combo Tickets

Machu Picchu Peru Family Vacations

  • Adios Adventure Travel specializes in trips and treks in South America for all ages and abilities. They can assist gift-givers with choosing the right trip and answer any questions about preparing their logistics. US citizens only need a valid passport to travel. Payment can be done via phone through their US office located in Virginia. Visit their site to learn more.


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