GameTruck South Jersey ~ Your Solution to Winter Birthday Party Problems

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This post was sponsored by GameTruck. We appreciate their support that allows
us to share with families information about video game birthday party packages
they offer in New Jersey that we think your family may enjoy.

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As I sit here pondering just what to do for my middle son’s birthday I am reminded of my first son’s birthday party back in September. GameTruck South Jersey brought their big truck and for 2 hours 20+ kids took turns playing video games. It was fabulous!


I could not have asked for a more perfect party than the one we had with GameTruck.


It may have been fall when we celebrated his 9th birthday. My second son will turn 8. The weather may have been warmer than now. This son is a winter baby. But from my last GameTruck South Jersey experience, a GameTruck party is perfect for any time of year. It’s the kind of party that solves many many of the problems we have as parents when we plan for birthday parties.


GameTruck South Jersey

He was superexcited to play on the GameTruck South Jersey.

Birthday Party problems solved by GameTruck

  • Location, location, location ~ With a GameTruck party the fun comes to you BUT it’s not in your house. It’s like having a party at your home without having it at your home. You won’t have to bring anything back and forth to a party location.
  • Self-contained ~ Your party guests will all be in one location. Maybe you’ll bring them in for cake afterwards but the 2 hour playtime is all on the GameTruck truck. No kids running amuck through your home.
  • Entertainment ~ One of the most fabulous things about GameTruck South Jersey is the truck comes equipped with 4 large flat screen tvs and a gaming system that allows 16 kids to play at once. I don’t have to worry about planning something everyone will like. The GameTruck’s 4 screens means 4 different games can be played at once and since up to 16 kids can play there is no fighting about whose turn it is. You just can’t do that in your own home.
  • Guest list size ~ Many times when you host a party at home you only have so much room at your house. When you host a party elsewhere you might be limited to 10-15 guests before you pay a higher fee and your own kids count in the head count. With the GameTruck there was room for at least 20 kids to sit comfortably and the kids rotated when it was their turn to play.
  • Ease & Convenience ~ This really was one of the easiest parties I have ever hosted for my kids. As they played on the GameTruck parents could hang out and watch through the windows or go inside to hangout with other adults. As the host, I had no worries. Both in earlier conversations with the GameTruck South Jersey staff about our gaming party and the one I had before the party started I approved the games the kids will play. By preapproving games there were no intruck battles about what could and could not be played. I’m happy that GameTruck offers nonviolent and four player games providing me with options I know will make everyone happy. By choosing 4 player games instead of 2 player games, I maximized how many kids could play at once. Game questions were answered by GameTruck staff.
  • Affordable & Budget-friendly ~ GameTruck South Jersey is always sharing deals on their Facebook page, but even before that I found their rates competitive with other birthday party locations in southern New Jersey. When you factor in that you can have almost double the guests as a traditional birthday party and the 2 hours of gametime GameTruck is a great value.


Besides staying up late to create a fabulous GameTruck birthday cake, this was the easiest party I ever planned for my children. My boys enjoyed it so much it’s no wonder why they are asking for another GameTruck party. And considering how much I loved it as well…..I am inclined to say yes. Wouldn’t you?


GameTruck South Jersey

Forget man-cave this is a boy-cave on wheels.


What else you should know about GameTruck South Jersey video game parties.

  • GameTruck South Jersey is available for parties 7 days a week. There is a discount for weekday parties.
  • While kids of all ages tend to love video games, a GameTruck party is best suited for kids ages 7 and older.
  • GameTruck arrives a few minutes prior to the event to set up before your scheduled time.
  • The GameTruck takes up 6 parking spaces in length (about the area in front of a standard house). If we are to pull through gates or overhangs we’ll need 10 feet width and 12 feet height respectively.  (We marked off the space with cones and rope between the cones.)
  • GameTruck will monitor game time making sure that all children get equal time playing the video games.
  • GameTruck makes inviting your guests easy. You can use their email invitations or download a pdf invite to complete and pass out.
  • GameTruck even provides an add on option of party favors and gift bags that can be included with your party package.
  • GameTruck South Jersey is based out of Egg Harbor Township in Atlantic County, New Jersey, but this GameTruck and other franchises cover all of New Jersey.


So what’s not to love about GameTruck South Jersey? Take a look at our GameTruck video.



Enjoy more GameTruck party pictures from our Facebook Gallery and stay tuned for later this week when I share how I made this GameTruck birthday Party cake.

Gametruck Birthday party Cake

Our GameTruck Birthday Cake…I’ll show you how to make this later this week.


For more information on a GameTruck party visit their site at

For the latest promotions from GameTruck South Jersey visit their GameTruck South Jersey Facebook page.


In full disclosure we were provided with a GameTruck Birthday Party to make this article and our review possible.  As always, our opinions and experience are 100% our own.

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