GameTruck Delivers Fun For Your Video Game Birthday Party

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This post was sponsored by GameTruck. We appreciate their support that allows
us to share with families information about video game birthday party packages
they offer in New Jersey that we think your family may enjoy.


I love planning events especially when it comes to birthday parties. Give me a theme and my creative juice start working. I can help you create a themed birthday cake, activities, invitations, and more. It’s fun to create and a thrill to watch it all come together and see how excited the guests get.


When your kids get older, when they’re boys, it can get a little more challenging to find a birthday party theme or activities they will really be into. What can I plan that would get 20 boys excited? What could I do to make my oldest son’s 9th birthday extra special.





When I learned about GameTruck from a friend, I knew I had found the answer to my birthday party dilemma. GameTruck brings the party to you giving me (and you) the best of both worlds.

  • I don’t have to plan activities because the GameTruck comes to my house equipped with 4 large flat screen tvs and a gaming system that allows 16 kids to play at once.
  • I don’t have to leave my house and pack up a car with gifts and food to get to the party location.


As a mom this may be one of the few birthday parties I get to relax and enjoy. Sure I was up late creating and awesome GameTruck birthday cake (pics to be shared later) but once that semitruck/trailer pulls in and the kids load into it I can relax knowing for the next 2 hours our guests will be playing video games to their heart’s content.


GameTruck truck


More reasons I am happy I booked a GameTruck video game party

  • I select the games I want the kids to play. ~ Both in earlier conversations with the GameTruck staff about our gaming party and the one I will have before the party starts I get to approve the games the kids will play. I’m happy that GameTruck offers nonviolent and four player games providing me with options I know will make everyone happy.
  • GameTruck can hold 20 children and 16 can play at one time. This allowed us to invite more children than you typically can with a party place location.
  • GameTruck comes to your home for the party.
    • No one has to find their way to a potentially new location.
    • I don’t have to bring food or decorations anywhere.
    • I won’t have to try and fit my kids and the gifts into one car to come home because we’ll already be there.
  • I won’t have 20 nine-year-old boys running amuck in my house.
  • GameTruck will monitor game time making sure that all children get equal time playing the video games.
  • GameTruck makes inviting your guests easy. You can use their email invitations or download a pdf invite to complete and pass out.
  • GameTruck even provides an add on option of party favors and gift bags that can be included with your party package.


So what’s not to love about GameTruck hosting our video game birthday party?


As you read this I’ll be putting the final touches on the GameTruck Birthday cake and my house. I can’t wait to share with you how it went.


GameTruck truck wrap


For more information on a GameTruck party visit their site at


In full disclosure we were provided with a GameTruck Birthday Party to make this article and our review possible.  As always, our opinions and experience are 100% our own.

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