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Fun Spelling Lists for Kids

Do you remember growing up with a weekly spelling list? I do and for the most part my kids did too. But then it seems spelling stopped being required in school. It wasn’t tested on standardized tests, so schools stopped requiring it. In many districts it might be up to the teacher to decide whether or not to have weekly spelling lists for kids.

I am one of those parents that believes spelling skills are something all kids need. I know spell check exists, but there’s something to be said for being able to still write out our thoughts, stories, and letters on paper where spell check doesn’t exist. You also can’t take advantage of spell check if you can’t get close enough to the correct spelling of the word for it to recognize what you’re trying to spell. With our Jersey Classroom, I am creating weekly fun spelling lists for kids.

The inspiration for these fun spelling lists come from things kids like to do and places they like to go, especially in New Jersey. Each week will have a different theme like playgrounds, beaches, camping, amusement parks, and more.

wooden letters on a blue background serve as a Facebook image for fun spellings lists for kids.

Fun Spelling Lists for Kids

Beginning September 1, 2020, I will begin sharing fun spelling lists for kids themed around places kids like to go, especially in New Jersey. There will be a different spelling list for each school week, until December 21, 2020. From December 19, 2020 till January 1, 2021 no new lists will be posted. We’ll be taking a winter break and encourage you all to do so as well. The spelling lists will be back on January 4, Mondays through Fridays, until January 29, 2021. Depending on what is happening with our schools and the popularity of our spelling lists, we may continue on beyond that.

boy practices spelling with letter shapes

This week’s fun spelling list for kids

Our theme for Week 5’s spelling list for kids is the boardwalk

  1. games
  2. go carts
  3. mini golf
  4. benches
  5. signs
  6. fudge
  7. popcorn
  8. teenagers
  9. bikes
  10. boardwalk
  11. tram car
  12. funnel cake
  13. ice cream
  14. arcade
  15. restaurants
  16. mural
  17. tourists
  18. ocean
  19. surrey
  20. seagulls

Download this week’s spelling list as a printable with space for kids to trace and write the spelling words in print.

Use this spelling printable below when you are ready to test your child on their spelling skills.

These worksheets were created with Canva software. It’s easy to use. If you need to create your own printable items check out Canva with my affiliate link.  

a girl holds letter shapes to her eyes from a letter puzzle.

What New Jersey Learning Standards are met by practicing spelling?

The following New Jersey Learning Standards are tied to spelling skills:


For grades fourth through sixth, these progress indicators are tied to spelling:

  • L.4.2
  • L.5.2
  • L.6.2

5 Ways to help kids study these fun spelling words

Join the Jersey Classroom

Every week members of the Jersey Classroom Head of the Class plan get 4 different printables to help their children practice their spelling skills with the week’s spelling words.

If you’ve missed our previous week(s)’ spelling lists or don’t want to have to visit our site each week for the latest spelling list for kids take a look at our Jersey Classroom options. By choosing one of three plans, you’ll be able to have access to past and future spelling lists by either visiting a closed Facebook group OR having access to your own online classroom where lists and spelling worksheets will be uploaded and stored for your use. I’m creating and uploading new spelling lists each week and practice worksheets and printables each school day.

Wordical Game by Educational Insights
Wordical is one of the games we’ve used to work on spelling skills.

Play Games

Play a board game or other family game that builds spelling skills. Some of my favorites include Scrabble, Wordical, WordSpiel, Bananagrams, Quiddler, Scrabble Junior and Upwords. All are available on Amazon with my affiliate link.

You can also use old school games to teach spelling. Play hide and seek with the spelling words written on cards around the house. Don’t forget to leave a few misspelled cards around to test their skills. How about Simon Says spell…?

Word tiles from scrabble game
The Scrabble game is one of the best ways to work on spelling skills.

Draw pictures

Have your kids make pictures using their spelling words. They can either write out the words in bubble letters with pictures inside or create pictures using the words.

3 X Each

Remember when we had spelling in school? Our teachers would make us write spelling words out three to five times each. Yes, it might have been boring, but it worked. Have your kids do the same thing. You can make it more fun by giving them special colors or markers to write each word out. For an extra layer of difficulty, have them write their words in cursive.

Shape it out

Another way to get kids engaged with spelling and practicing their words is to let them shape it out. Get out a box of noodles or box of Legos, break out the play-dough or head to a sand box or the beach. Kids can shape out noodles, building blocks or play-dough to spell their words. They can also trace out each spelling word in the sand or dirt.

a boy practices his spelling lists by writing the spelling words in the sand.

Other resources to build spelling skills in kids

More coming soon.

More resources for homeschooling and virtual learning in New Jersey

If you are new or have been homeschooling for years or are trying out virtual learning for the first time, we’re here to help. Click over to learn more about the Jersey Classroom, our way of providing free printables and educational worksheets for New Jersey students. Not in New Jersey? While these printables and worksheets are themed for kids in New Jersey they can be a great resource for any kids who like to have fun.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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