How to Make Dr. Seuss Photo Props That Will Create Big Smiles

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It all started while I was reading a book, the kids were too quiet so I stopped to go take a look.

I reached the top of the stairs and began look around. There were crayons and papers strewn on the ground.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 along with a mischievous black cat, had created silly photo props including that very famous hat.

A Lorax and a school of fish were also their guests; it was time to set off on a photographic quest.

With smiles on their faces and props in their hand, a Seussified photo shoot began!

Snazzy Looking Lorax

Watch out for Thing 1

The Cat in the Hat has arrived

A school of fish swam through

How to Make Dr. Seuss Photo Props

  • Gather up paper, scissors, wooden dowels, tape, crayons
  • Pick out your favorite Dr. Seuss character
  • Be creative


What other ways did we make Dr. Seuss photo props?

  • Cut out cardboard Green Eggs & Ham
  • Sam-I-Am‘s hat
  • Make a flower headband for Daisy-Head Maysie
  • Elephant Ears and Trunk for Horton
  • Truffula Trees to go with The Lorax
  • Cut out a cardboard frame, paint it blue and add Seuss Stickers
  • Sox on your hands like the Fox in Socks


Have fun creating your very own Seussified Photo Op and be sure to share them with us. Happy Seussing!!


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