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Fullerton Memorial Park – Burlington County, New Jersey – Parks & Playgrounds



3 Reasons my Family Loves Fullerton Memorial Park


  • There are 3 main areas to Fullerton Park. The Zelley Playground is castle themed and sectioned off into two of those areas. There is a toddler area with fun equipment and games built into the fences for the the younger set. For the older kids there are a bunch of slides, rope climbs and various themed playground equipment. The third area is the sports section with tennis courts and a baseball diamond. You can bring the entire family out for a softball game and some climbing fun at the playground. Don’t forget to pack a lunch as there are large picnic tables set up inside the toddler area.


  • The entire playground is fenced in and there are plenty of benches to sit down but still be able to see both the toddler area and older kids section. It’s nice that I can take both age groups with me and keep an eye on them at the same time while they play in their age appropriate areas.


  • The restrooms at the park are set up right next to the play area. It is very convenient to only have to walk a few yards to the restroom instead of across the entire park. The restrooms are clean. The only downside I noticed in the bathroom was that there are no changing tables. There is also a nice ice cold water fountain located outside the restroom doors.


Climbing up the rock wall


What Fullerton Park offers

  • A large castle themed play area
  • Multi-age playground equipment
  • Small rock climbing wall
  • Many slides in all shapes and sizes
  • Swings for both toddlers and older children
  • Tire Swing
  • Handicap accessible swings, please note you will have to bring your own restraints
  • Climbing ropes
  • Monkey Bars
  • Train-themed playground equipment
  • Tic Tac Toe game
  • A see-saw large enough to hold 4 children
  • Small Picnic area
  • Tennis Courts
  • Baseball Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Public Bathroom


One of the spiral slides at Zelley Playground in Fullerton Park



The Fullerton Memorial Park is located at the intersection of Zelley Ave and East Linden St. in Moorestown Township in Burlington County. There is no fee to access the playground or sports fields. 


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