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Friendship Park ~ Cumberland County Parks & Playgrounds


Friendship Park, Millville


3 Reasons my Family Loves Friendship Park


  • The fence. It’s such a relief when you can find a playground that is fenced in, especially at the far ends of the playground. This one has a chain link fence all around. So the kids can play and the parents only need to worry about the opening at the entrance and not all the other ways our darlings can get out.


  • The basketball court. It’s rare to find a playground with a good sized double basketball court. This is great if you have kids of different ages. The little ones can enjoy the playground equipment while the bigger ones can shoot baskets or play a game.

Friendship Park, Millville


  • The picnic table and shade. It’s always nice when a playground offers a place to sit and rest and snack. It’s even better if that place is located under a nice shade tree.


What Friendship Park offers

  • Basketball Court
  • Fence
  • Large Swings
  • Playground Equipment
  • Tot swings


Friendship Park, Millville

Friendship Park is located on Noble Street in Millville in Cumberland County.


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See more Friendship Park photos in our Facebook Gallery. Here’s a preview.

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