FREE Santa Videos Personalized for Your Child from the Portable North Pole

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We received a Portable North Pole promo code at no charge, to review the Portable North Pole services from Child’s Play Communications. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about services we think their family may enjoy.


My boys are getting older. While the youngest two at age 6 and 8 still very much believe in Santa. My 10 year old is not quite sure… he’s on that cusp of still having an imagination and yet starting to question things like Santa, Easter Bunnies, and Tooth Fairies.  I thought this was the year I was going to have to explain things to him.


Portable north pole santa video reaction

Hanging on to Santa’s every word… even at ages 10, 6, and 8.


That was until we received our Santa video personalized for my youngest son.  As part of our Christmas traditions, I sat down the other night to create a custom Portable North Pole Santa video. I selected one of the three story lines, shared names of my son’s friends, pictures of my 6 year old from this year, and other special details about him all so this Santa video could be created for him. As we sat down to play it the other night, I was not prepared for what happened next. Within moments, all 3 of my boys were sitting around the laptop, eyes glued to the screen and ears hanging on to every word.


A screen shot from our Portable North Pole Santa video

A screen shot from our Portable North Pole Santa video


My 6 year old talked with Santa as if they were having a real conversation. And all 3 of them got a kick out of seeing books with their names and their friends’ names on Santa’s shelf. When, it was all over my 10 year old said, “where’s mine?” At 10 these little things make such a big difference, they keep kids believing in the magic of Christmas and I love that. So as I head back to the Portable North Pole to create some more videos and phone calls take a look below for more information about the Portable North Pole and what they offer.


First, here’s how Jersey Family Fun’s Jenn’s sons reacted when to their Santa Video.


Our Favorite Santa Video Moments

  • Special stories Santa shared
  • Seeing pictures of themselves in the Santa Video
  • How each of their names and their friends’ names were on books on Santa’s shelves
  • Going behind the scenes of Santa’s Village to see the ice sculptures created by elves
  • The Verdict Machine that parents can determine the message


Here’s an inside look at how the Portable North Pole Santa Video works


Portable North Pole’s Santa Video & Santa Phone Call offerings to help you send your child a message from Santa and help your child keep believing in Santa.


As part of Portable North Pole’s Christmas Program, each time a Portable North Pole product is purchased, 5% of the sale price will go directly to affiliated children’s hospitals in the U.S. Last year they donated $75,000 to charity and are hoping to well exceed that figure this season.

  • Portable North Pole’s standard Santa’s Video ~ FREE
    • A FREE personalized video message from Santa Claus, filled with magic and exciting discoveries for your loved ones. Includes 1 storyline, 2 photo uploads, and 3 minutes of video.
  • Portable North Pole’s Santa’s Premium Video $3.99
    • Santa’s personalized message includes 3 storylines to choose from, 5 photo uploads, 5 minutes of video, and
      Free video sync with mobile devices
  • Portable North Pole’s Santa’s Phone Call: (Suggested Retail: $3.99 for one call or $5.99 for three calls)
    • Santa has a very important message for your loved one! He will pick up the phone and call directly to deliver his personalized message. Santa’s call will last 1 minute and you can choose between 1-3 story lines about Christmas, Christmas Eve & Birthday. Calls can be made to mobile or landline and happen within minutes of you setting it up.
  •  Portable North Pole’s Unlimited Holiday Pass $9.99
    • Unlimited Premium and Christmas Eve videos, Unlimited calls (how perfect for gentle reminders to improve behavior or congratulate on a job well done), Available for desktop or mobile with FREE app (coming soon)


Personalize a video message from Santa now! Save 20% with code for web or mobile users: BLG20BKP at! 


In full disclosure this post was sponsored by the Portable North Pole through Child’s Play Communications. We received a promotional code to make our review possible.




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