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Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ (with Photos)

I always love it when we’re visiting an area and we stumble upon a new playground. Such was the case when we found Fox Park Playground in Wildwood, New Jersey. We were visiting the area for a media trip to create a list of things to do in Wildwood with kids. My boys and I were walking down Ocean Avenue in search of activities and we discovered this fabulous playground. We just had to take some time to stop and play.

Horizontal Picture Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ

10 Things to Know About Fox Park Playground in Wildwood

Whether you are new to Wildwood or visiting for a vacation, take some time to explore this accessible Wildwood playground. Hidden behind the Doo Wop Museum it can be easy to miss Fox Park, but there is a sign out front. Keep your eyes out for it and take advantage of this as a free Wildwood activity for kids.

Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ sign

Where is Fox Park Playground located?

Just steps from the Wildwood Boardwalk, Fox Park Playground is centrally located on Ocean Avenue across from the Wildwoods Convention Center, between Burk and Montgomery avenues. The park is part of the Wildwoods park system in Cape May County.

Horizontal picture Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ accessibility and sensory play activity centers

What kind of playground equipment does Fox Park have?

Fox Park Playground is pretty phenomenal when it comes to playground equipment. Children will find all kinds of play equipment to twist, turn, slide, spin, and more. There are even games kids can play with each other or their grown-ups.

Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ playground tower vertical 1

Are there swings?

There is one structure with swings. As of our last visit in June 2019, it had 6 traditional swings and 2 baby swings.

Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ swings

Are there slides?

There are 5 open slides at the playground. Both playground structures have slides. Some slides are straight down and some twist slightly on the way down.

What special features does the playground offer?

Fox Park playground offers all the playground equipment a kid could want and plus some special features they may have not seen before.

  • Climbing walls
  • Single person and multiple person spinners
high back spinner at Fox Park playground in Wildwood New Jersey
  • 4 person teeter-totter/see-saw
  • Stepping stools
  • Ladders

What kind of ground cover does the playground offer?

The ground under the playground equipment and swings is soft foam in different colors.

Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ 4 person teeter totter

Is the playground at Fox Park Playground fully accessible?

Fox Park playground in Wildwood is accessible. During our last visit in June 2019, there were not any accessible swings, but the playground equipment was accessible. There were wide ramps on both playground structures. Both structures also had a variety of sensory play activity centers and games including braille activities.

a wide accessible ramp at Fox park playground in Wildwood.

Is there shade available at Fox Park? 

Guests can take a rest and break from the shade on the stage of the amphitheater. Kids who want to play will find shade under the rooftops/canopies on the playground equipment.

a shady area to play at Fox park playground in Wildwood.

Where is parking for the Fox Park Playground? 

There are a few options for parking at Fox Park. Around the park are parking meters for street parking, payable via an app. Across the street and up and down the streets of Wildwood there are parking lots.

Wildwood street parking meter

Are there restrooms at the Fox Park Playground?

There are restrooms located in the building at Fox Park.

What else is there to do at Fox Park?

In addition to the playground at Fox Park, there are additional amenities available for visitors.


One of the most popular amenities at Fox Park during the summer is the amphitheater. Residents and visitors to the area enjoy sitting on the lawn to hear Wildwood summer concerts.

Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ amphitheater horizontal
Front grassy lawn at Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ ampitheater where summer concerts are held.

Outdoor Fitness Center

Fox Park offers an outdoor fitness center and funnel ball game equipment.

Fox Park Playground in Wildwood NJ funnel ball and outdoor fitness center

Are there walking trails?

There are no walking trails at the park. However, across the street visitors can always walk the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Wildwood Iconic Sign

Are there fields or courts for sports? 

Yes. At Fox Park in Wildwood, there are tennis courts and basketball courts.

Bonus information we want you to know about Fox Park Playground 

Fox Park playground is primarily open during the summer months from May to September. For hours and availability during the rest of the year call (609) 522-2444.

dolphin ride on toy at Wildwood playground.

Who do I contact about having a birthday party or event at Fox Park Playground?

We provide these details about Fox Park Playground as a service to our readers and the park. However, Jersey Family Fun is not directly involved with this park. To reserve Fox Park Playground for a birthday party or private event, please contact them directly by calling (609) 522-2444 or visiting their website.

Wildwood NJ Veterans Memory Lane

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