For Your Lego Party ~ Gift Bags and Cupcake Ideas

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Lego Gift Bags and Cupcakes

Having a block party?  If you are planning a Lego birthday party here are a few and quick suggestions to help you incorporate a Lego theme into your Lego party.


Lego Bags

Send kids home with this colorful Lego gift bag and include some cutely decorated accessories.


Legos have been around for several decades. Not only part of our childhood memories, Legos have sustained a huge following for some adults. Now with the recent release of the Lego movie, don’t be surprised if your child requests this theme for their birthday party. When I decided the theme for my son’s second birthday party would be Legos, I realized how easy and fun it is to incorporate the theme into the gift bags.


For a Lego birthday party, it can have different themes. From Star Wars to Lego City, there are so many variations.  Because of all these options it can actually be overwhelming. I like simple and easy so I kept my theme focused on the iconic Lego bricks.


The basic structure of the Lego brick is a square (or rectangle) with overlapping circles.  This is a basic design.  After a quick trip to my local arts and crafts store, I was armed with a packet of primary colored paper bags and construction paper as well as a circle cutter.  Within a short period of time, I was able to create Lego gift bags.


Since it was incredibly easy and fast, I expanded this detail to decorate other items. Since there was leftover paper in the package, it seemed only reasonable to include more Lego details in the gift bag. With a smaller circle cutter in hand, a package of Hershey chocolate bars, and the remaining construction paper, the candy became Legos.


Lego Cupcakes

Lego candy made this a fun and delicious dessert for the party!


One of my most ambitious endeavors was making my own Lego cake. But since I am not an experienced baker and usually the individual with overly ambitious ideas (that are not always successful), I decided on a backup plan.  I ordered some Legos candy. It is candy that is shaped like Legos (and the best part is that it works like the traditional and non-edible Legos). This worked out great because while the cake looked like a Lego it was not enough to feed everyone. After my husband’s quick trip to the grocery store for basic cupcakes, we tossed some of the Legos on top. Another option: decorate a plain cake and spell your child’s name using the Lego candy. At the same time, the candy was also incorporated into the gift bag.  I threw some of the candy in little baggies that were decorated with construction paper made to look like Legos.


Birthday themes are great in that they can express your child’s personality and interests.  If you are considering a Lego-themed party, you can expand the decorations to include a banner, centerpieces made out of Legos, t-shirts using a Lego font, etc.  I know this because I have researched all of these possibilities.  The gift bags are a great way to begin and then expand as needed.


Here is what you will need to create Lego party items:

  • Lego Gift Bags
    • Primary colored paper bags for the gift bags (mine were purchased at Michael’s)
    • Primary colored construction paper
    • Circle cutter
    • Scissors or paper cutter
    • Double sided tape, glue, or glue dots that ensure the circles adhere to the paper
  • Lego Cupcakes
    • Lego candy (which can be ordered through Amazon or purchased at a candy store)
    • Store bought (undecorated) cupcakes or use your favorite store bought or homemade cupcake recipes



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