Tips for Buying First Holy Communion Invitations with RSVP Custom Creations

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We were hired on behalf of RSVP Custom Creations to share with you these tips about buying communion invitations. 


Marking The Occassion with Invitations

This past year alone we’ve had three house cleanouts to manage. That’s a lot of STUFF, and something I’ve seen consistently is how many invitations, greeting cards, and photos are kept through the years. While I’ve grumbled about having to sort through and move these, I must admit I haven’t wanted to throw any out. There’s something remarkable about holding a wedding invitation from your grandparents, a first holy communion invitation for a younger member of the family, or a birth announcement from your parents announcing your arrival!


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In these digital times, we tend to send fewer paper invitations and announcements. In comparing my personal keepsakes to those of my kids, it’s surprising how few cards and invitations they have. Printing out an email inviting us to a cousin’s special event just isn’t the same as receiving that card and eventually putting it away to remind you of those fun times. Our digital world leaves little tangible trace of those times, and takes away that sense of ceremony that should surround our special milestones.


We have a milestone in our family this year with my son’s first holy communion. In thinking about how we celebrate these meaningful moments I quickly become overwhelmed with the thought of the ceremony and party while in the midst of home renovations. Still, whether or not we host a celebration at home or just gather for lunch at a local spot, the occasion of the first holy communion is a big deal and we need to treat it that way with holy communion invitations. And thinking about what I’ve come across in these home cleanouts I realize that one easy way to make it momentous is to send a custom communion invitation.


first holy communion invitations for boys


Now I know, a text or an email is easy. You can do that for a quick save the date and still send formal communion invitations. I know the grandmas in our family who DON’T use technology would love to have that invitation displayed! I Do want to fill my son’s memory boxes with personalized and important items, and an invitation to this significant religious ceremony would be a perfect addition.


Invitation design for custom holy communion invitations can be done easily with the help of RSVP Custom Creations, a great New Jersey based business we just partnered with. They shared with us some great tips on how best to get your first holy communion invitations designed and ordered and we wanted to share them with you!


5 Tips for buying First Holy Communion Invitations

Know your budget for ordering your communion invitations

  • RSVP Custom Creations offers invitations from $1 to $5 each. Pricing is determined by the quantity needed and quality wanted. You’ll need to know how many you need (always get a few more). Determine if you will need additional stationery besides the invitation, such as response cards, direction cards, etc. It adds up but all budgets are considered!


gender neutral first holy communion invitations


Determine the quality of communion invitations you are looking for

  • A first holy communion invitation is important, but maybe doesn’t need all that comes with a wedding invitation! You may only want a single layered invitation on matte white cardstock which costs $1 each. Higher end options are available too, and a more formal invitation on metallic card stock could cost $2.50 and up. Add on rhinestone accents and satin ribbon for your special celebrant, and the cost could go up to $4.00 and up.



Don’t delay on ordering your invitation!

  • First holy communion dates are coming fast! Make sure you account for time needed to print, address and mail and any RSVP time needed if applicable. If you wait too long, you may limit yourself to what the designer/printer can prepare in a short time frame.


Review, review, review!

  • Mistakes happen, but that’s why RSVP Custom Creations will help you through the process! Before printing, ask for a jpeg image to be sent to you so you can see what the final product will look like. This will ensure you are happy with the print style and color combination of your communion invitation. There may be a color theme you will want to stay consistent with.


Think about the add ons

  • Make sure to find out what is included in your order of holy communion invitations. You may want a more formal envelope than what is provided, which will be an additional cost. If adding rhinestone accents or ribbon, there may be an additional shipping cost when sending to your guests.


Why else should you order invites from RSVP Custom Creations? As a fellow mom-based New Jersey business we love to support fellow moms! Especially ones who can help us save time and create a unique and custom keepsake invitation for our special moments. If you need communion invitations for a boy or communion invitations for a girl, there are plenty of options for both. They offer more than communion invitations as well, so check them out on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest and shop local!


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