Firefighters for a Day at the Hoboken Fire Department Museum

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What a fun little adventure my boys had during our last Weekend in New Jersey. We discovered the Hoboken Fire Department Museum where my boys were thrilled to pretend they were firemen for the day. They had so much fun, I was worried I’d never get them to leave. Take a look.

Things Your Kids Can Do at the Hoboken Fire Department Museum

  • Ring the fire truck bell.
  • Dress up as a fireman.


  • Wear a fire chief’s helmet.
  • Drive a fire truck (kid-sized & life-size.)


Driving a fire truck at the Hoboken Fire Department Museum. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

  • Add some numbers on an old-fashioned adding machine.
  • Type a letter to a friend on a typewriter.
  • Call the other firemen on a rotary phone.


“Where is the fire at?” |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

  • Learn what firefighters around the world wear to fight fires.
  • See where firefighters eat.
  • Look at all kinds of pictures honoring the history of firefighting and firefighters.
  • Take home your own fire hat, coloring book, or other prizes.


Doesn’t this sound fun? Here’s a little more information.


What else you need to know before visiting the Hoboken Fire Department Museum

  • Admission is FREE for children 12 & under. $2 for adults. Donations of more are appreciated.
  • The fire museum is open daily from 12 – 5 pm.
  • The Hoboken Fire Department  Is located at 213 Broadway, Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • Free street parking is available.

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In full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post.

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