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A Mom’s Guide to Field Station Dinosaurs in New Jersey

Field Station Dinosaurs 2020 Update

The 32 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that call Field Station: Dinosaurs home look like they were hit by another massive asteroid following Hurricane Isaias. High winds and fallen trees left the attraction with no power, downed tents, and a number of out-of -commission dinosaurs, including the featured Tyrannosaurus rex and Parasaurolophus. Field Station: Dinosaurs was scheduled to reopen for a Covid-19 shortened season on August 15, but due to the extent of the damage and the estimated timeline for repair and restoration, the company’s executive producer and the Bergen County Parks Department have postponed the Grand Reopening until spring 2021.

“After assessing the extent of this devastation and in consultation with County leadership, we’ve had to make this very difficult decision. We’re looking forward to welcoming families back next year to our reimagined park with exciting new dinosaurs, original shows, and a number of long-overdue infrastructure improvements.”

Field Station: Dinosaurs Executive Producer, Guy Gsell
|Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Our visit to Field Station Dinosaurs

It was an expedition we had been planning for weeks. Would my 4-year-old be scared? What would we wear? How much would there be to do? We were headed for the Field Station Dinosaurs in Secaucus. We wanted to be prepared and we wanted to have fun.

We did both. In dinosaur hunter shirts we made a few days before, we headed into Field Station Dinosaurs. It wasn’t long before we gained our dinosaur hunting credentials, a passport that also serves as your ticket. As we explored New Jersey’s own Jurassic Park, we earned passport stamps along the way, learned lots about dinosaurs, and had a great time.

About Field Station Dinosaurs

Coming soon.


This was the schedule of activities for the Sunday we visited Field Station Dinosaurs.

Field Station Dinosaur Activities included with admission

Check out some of the activities included with your Field Station Dinosaurs admission.

  • 31 animated robotic dinosaurs
  • 6 Performances
  • Meet, greet, & pet dinosaurs
  • Dig up dinosaur fossils (You can keep anything small you find.)
  • Put together Lego dinosaurs in a Lego build area
  • Color a dino-inspired picture
  • Singalong with the dinosaur troubadour
  • Play dinogames

More things to do at Field Station Dinosaur

These activities are not included with admission.

  • Coming soon

Tips for your visit to Field Station Dinosaurs

Will your child be scared? It’s a good question. And while every child is different, during our experience I tried the following 4 tips to help my 4-year-old and they worked. Before I knew it my little boy was giving the same advice to other little kids who were scared.

How to keep your child from being scared

  • Remind them the robotic dinosaurs are robots. They are behind a rope and can not move from their position.
  • Sit in the back row during the shows. The 5-year-old T-Rex at 5 feet tall can be intimidating and scary. He will approach guests in front.
  • Should your child be scared of the T-Rex point out that there is a person in this costume. Look at the legs of the dinosaur and you’ll see the legs of the person inside the costume.
  • Move on to the next area. There are so many dinosaurs to see and activities to enjoy that if any one area is too much for your child you can move onto something else.
Field Station Dinosaurs
Petting a baby dinosaur. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

We had a great time and know that when you visit the Field Station Dinosaurs you will too.

What Else You Need to Know About Field Station Dinosaurs

Hours of Operation

  • Spring Season (May 25 – June 23)
    Saturdays and Sundays only from 10am to 6pm
  • Summer Season (June 25 – Sept. 1)
    Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm
  • Fall Season (Sept. 7 – Oct. 27)
    Saturdays and Sundays only from 10am to 5pm
  • Holidays
    Open Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day
Digging for dinosaur fossils. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Need to see more? Go visit our Facebook Gallery for more pictures of Field Station Dinosaurs. Want to see more videos? Go visit our YouTube Channel for more Field Station Dinosaurs videos.

Field Station Dinosaurs location

40 Fort Lee Road
Leonia, NJ 07605

|Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Field Station Dinosaurs Admission Prices

General Public Admission (Buy Tickets online and save )

  • Day Pass – $15.75
  • Explorer Pass – $18.50 (includes admission to the puppet show)
  • Dinosaurs After Dark – $24.00
  • Under age 2 free

No refunds for rainy days. Parking is free.

To learn more about where to eat and where to say when visiting the Field Station Dinosaurs, please visit our Weekends in Jersey series.

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