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This post was sponsored by Field Station Dinosaurs who provided us with complimentary admission. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about New Jersey Day Trips we think your family may enjoy.


Field Station Dinosaurs Dinosaurs After Dark - enter if you dare!

Field Station Dinosaurs Dinosaurs After Dark – enter if you dare!


Get ready for dinosaurs like you’ve never seen them before!

Field Station: Dinosaurs, one of NJ’s most unique attractions is located just off the  NJ Turnpike, in the shadow of the NYC skyline.  Maybe you’ve been there, maybe you read our Field Station Dinosaurs review of the park from this past summer. But until you’ve visited Dinosaurs After Dark, you are missing out on all that Field Station: Dinosaurs can offer!


On a 20 acre wooded lot just steps from the Secaucus NJ transit station 30 life size animatronic dinosaurs are waiting to greet (well really just roar at) you. The park is open seasonally daytime, but in the fall it transforms into a spooky, haunted, moonlit wonderland to spur your imagination!


Dinosaurs After Dark


What can you expect at Field Station: Dinosaurs Dinosaurs After Dark?

This event is a guided tour, split into groups of about 10-15. Groups begin to enter at 7 PM, and you can expect to be entertained for the next 2 and a half hours! You’ll first be told a ghost story about the area, then the famous Dinosaur Troubadour Jumping Jamie serenades you with an original, interactive song about dinosaurs.


Field Station Dinosaurs Dinosaur Troubadour Jumping Jamie


Each guest is given a flashlight and it’s off you go, onto the dark trails of the park. The motion sensors set off the dinosaurs to roar in greeting, but most are not lit so that can give you quite a surprise! After some independent wandering a trail guide meets up with your group and gives you facts about each dinosaur in the park. Too dark to read the individual informational signs by the dinosaurs? No worries, you won’t miss a thing with these informative guides everywhere.


Not only do you wander the trails, but Field Station: Dinosaurs has created fun stations for Dinosaurs After Dark. One of our favorites was Triceratops Trick or Treat, a shadow puppet show with Myron and Chris. My children loved how it was interactive and silly, and I loved that they were learning while laughing!


Myron and Chris put on the best shadow puppet show!

Myron and Chris put on the best shadow puppet show!


Way up at the top of the hill is the T Rex and the Argentinosaurus, lit up and impressive! We were treated to a ghost story near T Rex and another great Jumping Jamie performance.


While we walked around, at times we passed other groups, but we stayed in our small group and got a lot of personal attention when needed. The logistics of the Dinosaurs After Dark evening were well planned out, and we were never bored or delayed.


T Rex in front of the NYC skyline!

T Rex in front of the NYC skyline!


Then we headed down the hill for some more dinosaur information and my children’s favorite part – games! The dinosaur midway offered a break for parents as a trail guide brought children through three games. All were dinosaur themed and with prizes of Field Station: Dinosaurs tattoos! There was ring toss, dinosaur “fishing,” and a hula hoop game. But that wasn’t all, we were then taken into a tent to learn how to make a chomping T Rex out of paper – origami style!  Martha Landy, a professional paperfolder gave us a quick but fun lesson that was easy for all ages.


As the Dinosaurs After Dark evening wraps up, all groups join together for a dinosaur dance party featuring more songs by by Jumping Jamie, smores, and hot chocolate. It’s a festive atmosphere with all the staff gathered making guests feel welcome, and two firepits going strong. Future paleontologists can join a trivia contest but don’t go too far away because soon T Rex joins the party! The popular Field Station: Dinosaur T Rex puppet comes out to let the children pet him while he moves around, swings his tail and roars. Some might have been scared, but all were engaged and most were laughing and loving this lovable dinosaur.


Field Station Dinosaurs ~ Time to Pet a TRex


We headed back to our car content, filled with hot chocolate and happy to have spent this beautiful fall night engaged in a unique fall activity. Wear warm clothes and comfy shoes, because you’ll be walking outside during most of your visit.


Want to Visit Field Station Dinosaurs Dinosaurs After Dark?


Field Station Dinosaurs Admission is $35 in advance or $39 on the evening of your visit.

Check their website for the options and purchasing in advance.


Field Station Dinosaurs Dinosaurs After Dark Hours

  • Dinosaurs After Dark is every Friday and Saturday in October at 7 PM sharp!


For more Field Station: Dinosaurs Dinosaurs After Dark pictures, check out our Facebook album.


In full disclosure, we were provided with tickets to the Field Station Dinosaurs to make this post possible. All opinions are our own and honest based on our experience.

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