Field of Dreams – Absecon Parks & Playgrounds

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Field of Dreams – Atlantic County Parks & Playgrounds


Field of Dreams in Absecon, New Jersey one of the Atlantic County Parks & Playgrounds


5 Reasons My Family Loves The Field of Dreams in Absecon


  • The Field of Dreams is a fully handicapped accessible playground with 2 handicapped swings as well as ramps to utilize all of the playground equipment, and a handicapped accessible rocker.
  • There is plenty of shade over the play area, keeping the equipment from getting too hot in the sun.
  • There are lots of benches and picnic tables for resting or having a snack.
  • The park is on a private road that leads only to Absecon’s sports fields, with no through access, keeping it very quiet much of the time.
  • New for 2016, The Field of Dreams added it’s own mini golf course, adjacent to the playground.


Field of Dreams in Absecon, Atlantic Field of Dreams in Absecon, New Jersey one of the Atlantic County Parks & PlaygroundsCounty New Jersey


 What the Field of Dreams Offers:

  • Baby swings, regular swings, and handicapped swings
  • A jungle gym that is relatively low to the ground, and has ramp access throughout
  • Rubber turf under the jungle gym and mulch surrounding the area
  • Lots of handicapped parking
  • Play area fenced in from the road
  • Mini golf Course
  • Tennis Courts
  • Bathrooms, in the back of the snack stand building
  • Shaded bleachers, for viewing the games
  • Paved walkways between all play areas and fields
  • A turf baseball field, which makes it wheelchair accessible
  • Soccer Field, directly behind the baseball field
  • Football fields, right down the street, with extra parking in between the two areas
  • Accessibility to Absecon’s bike path, which ends right across the street from the park


Field of Dreams in Absecon, New Jersey one of the Atlantic County Parks & Playgrounds

Handicapped accessible swings


Things to know before you visit Absecon’s Field of Dreams

  • The smaller jungle gym is great for handicapped accessibility and toddlers, but may seem too small for bigger kids.
  • Bathrooms may not always be unlocked, depending on the time of day
  • The mini golf course is run by volunteers, so clubs and balls are only available to borrow during sporting events where there is a volunteer in charge of the course. If you plan to go play mini golf at any other time, you need to bring your own equipment.
  • There are times when the road going by the park is very busy, especially during football season, when the Blue Devils have a home game, or tee ball season, when the younger kids are on the field. Be mindful of the traffic, as the play area is not far from the road, although it is fenced in for the most part.


Field of Dreams Miniature Golf Course Field of Dreams in Absecon, Atlantic County New Jersey

The new mini golf course, added in 2016


The Field of Dreams is located at 1000 Morton Avenue, in Absecon.


Field of Dreams in Absecon, New Jersey one of the Atlantic County Parks & Playgrounds

Dedication plaque in front of the jungle gym


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