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Fender Play, Your Tween’s Way to Learn to Play Guitar

Thank you Fender for sponsoring this post. Learn guitar at home with Fender Play.


Fender Play online guitar lessons from Fender


Do you remember how much music meant to you as a teen?


Music was my way to distract me from the realities of school work and adolescent problems. It brought my friends and me together around issues and gave us a way to communicate with others. We’d relate to the stories or we’d imagine sharing our own struggles through songs we write.


Many an afternoon, I could just sit and listen to music all day. I still can. Fast forward to today. My oldest, on the verge of becoming a teen, is the same way. Caught between boy and teenager he has found music as a way to help him relax, communicate, and grow.


He’s written raps for school projects. He has sang karaoke on a stage and he’s danced in crowds with his friends. Now he’s ready for something more.


Fender PLay guitar lessons with Fender


My tween wants to learn to play guitar

My husband and I have talked about how our boys want to learn to play guitar. We even went to far as to buy an advanced toy guitar for our younger sons. But when it came time to arrange guitar lessons we got stuck. We didn’t know a guitar teacher. We were nervous about having our sons spend one-on-one time with a teacher we weren’t familiar with. We didn’t know if our busy schedules would be able to fit in a routine schedule of guitar lessons. Yes, we had bought a guitar for our boys, but we hadn’t planned on it being hard to learn to play guitar.


Fender Play learn to play guitar lessons

Then through a blogger network, we were offered an opportunity my tween and I could not say no to. Fender guitar wanted to provide my son with his own electric guitar and an online subscription to learn to play guitar. When I learned that playing guitar could help my tween become more confident and help him develop his math skills and concentrate better in school, I could not complete the paperwork fast enough. I knew our Fender opportunity would be a win for everyone.


Fender Duo-Sonic Electric Guitar

Fender Duo-Sonic Electric Guitar Photo Credit Fender


My 12-year-old son was overjoyed when we were accepted to the campaign! He selected the Fender Duo-Sonic Electric Guitar. When it arrived he was ecstatic and could not wait to take advantage of Fender Play, an online way to learn to play guitar. Just take a look at our unboxing video.


Getting started with Fender Play guitar lessons

Fender Play is a guided online learning program that helps anyone learn how to play guitar quickly. Students can start at the very beginning with basic guitar lessons on how to attach your guitar to the amp, how to set up the amp, and how to tune your guitar. Having had no prior experience with guitars, my son and I found this very helpful. Each instructional video walks you through just what to do. He was able to determine his own learning path with his musical preferences in mind.


As your tween or child progresses through the Fender Play online guitar lessons, the Fender site tracks the progress.

Fender PLay guitar lessons with Fender


Each Fender Play guitar lesson video is also recorded from multiple angles so your child can see what exactly the guitar teacher is doing.

Fender Play guitar lessons with Fender

Watch EXACTLY how to play ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man with cameras recording from multiple angles.


After a few short lessons, my son was able to learn new skills, recognizable riffs, and full songs.


12 year old practicing Fender Play guitar lessons with Fender

A common sight these days… my 12 year old practicing his Fender guitar lessons in his room.


He wanted to share his thoughts.

It is so fun to learn how to play my guitar because the lessons are quick and easy. I also would love to become a musician so this helps me practice. I am getting to learn how to tune a guitar and play different songs. I think other kids should take lessons from Fender because my lessons were easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.


Do you have a child, tween, or teen that wants to learn to play guitar?

Consider Fender Play online guitar lessons.  You or your child can start free guitar lesson plans with a FREE 30-Day Trial at


Fender PLay guitar lessons with Fender


Now you’ll have to excuse me as I get back to hearing my son jam.


Fender PLay guitar lessons with Fender

He’s practicing his 80’s rock star look.


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