What my Teenager says About Fender Play Guitar Lessons

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Thank you Fender for sponsoring this post. Learn guitar at home with Fender Play!


How cool is it that our teenagers can learn to play guitar online from home?

I remember when my son first opened the box Fender sent us with a new guitar and amp. Not only that, but with the gifted Fender Play online guitar lessons, my teenager had everything he needed to learn to play guitar. Look at his excitement in this video!



We’ve been telling you about our experience through our Fender Play guitar lessons articles: how we got started, how to gift guitar lessons, and we even participated in a Fender guitar giveaway for our readers. You can read those articles here. Now here we are a few months later and his excitement for these guitar lessons has not lessened. As a parent, it’s hard to explain that feeling we get in our heart when we see our child taking pride in something they are learning or doing. And while I may not be able to explain it I know you all understand. Today, I thought let me have my teenager who is learning to play guitar, and improving every day, share his thoughts.


What my Teenager says About Fender Play Guitar Lessons


What my teenager says about Fender Play guitar lessons


Learning how to play the guitar is a great experience. For me, it is a dream come true, helps my memory, and it is something all people should learn.


Learning to play guitar online with Fender Play Guitar Lessons. - Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun LLC.


Learning how to play the guitar is a dream come true. Every night, when I go to sleep, I automatically dream of me on a stage. I imagine playing the guitar and singing with a band. I imagine the crowd clapping after I’m done with my performance. It feels so real and with these lessons, every note I learn, I come one step closer to that dream. I would like to be a guitarist for a profession and having online guitar lessons is helping that coming more in reach. The songs I imagine myself playing are Cold (Maroon 5), Love Again (Hedley), To Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith), and Perfect (Ed Sheeran). All of these songs I am learning by playing the guitar. So basically my dream of performing onstage is becoming closer with every strum I make.


With Fender Play by song is learning to play some of his favorite songs on the guitar. - Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

With Fender Play my teenager is learning to play some of his favorite songs on the guitar.


Learning to play the guitar has helped me a lot with my memory. In order to play a song or riff, you need to memorize the notes. This might be hard but it is satisfying when you get it right. For example, when learning “Lean On Me” I had to fix a problem when I played a note, it came out with a buzz. But when I fixed it, it really sounded like the real song. It was very gratifying. To get back on topic though, I really have learned a lot of memory skills, since I first started playing the guitar!


Finally I think playing the guitar is a skill all people should learn because music can change moods and brings peace to the world. Just think, if everyone could play a guitar then the world would be full of peace!


As you can see, the online guitar lessons from Fender that I have had and are still taking are amazing and are definitely something teenagers should do in their life . THANK YOU FENDER FOR THE LESSONS!


Learning to play guitar online with Fender Play Guitar Lessons. - Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun LLC.


What is Fender Play and how can you learn to play the guitar with Fender Play?

Fender Play is a guided online learning program that helps anyone learn how to play guitar quickly. Students can start at the very beginning with basic guitar lessons on how to attach your guitar to the amp, how to set up the amp, and how to tune your guitar. Having had no prior experience with guitars, my son and I found this very helpful. Each instructional video walks you through just what to do. He was able to determine his own learning path with his musical preferences in mind.


give the gift of guitar lessons with Fender Play guitar lessons at home


As your teenager progresses through the Fender Play online guitar lessons, the Fender site tracks the progress. At any time he/she can log on and improve his/her guitar playing skills. Fender even offers articles on how to set up a practice schedule that works for you.


Fender offers multiple tips for learning to play the guitar

Fender offers multiple articles with tips for learning to play the guitar.


Here are some highlights from our Fender Play, Your Tween’s Way to Learn to Play Guitar about why Fender Play online guitar lessons are better than traditional guitar lessons.

  • Learn to play guitar on a schedule that’s convenient for you. Late at night, early in the morning. When you are ready to learn to play guitar just log in and get started.
  • No wondering where to meet. With Fender Play guitar lessons your classroom is the internet. Take a lesson, with a professional, wherever you are comfortable through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Move at your own pace. If you’re struggling to learn to play the guitar, repeat a lesson as often as you need without paying extra. Ready to kick your guitar lessons into high speed so you can be ready for jam sessions with your friends? Then go to it and take back to back lessons. The Fender Play online learning program is based on a monthly fee regardless on how many lessons you complete or the speed you complete them in.


Click over to read more Fender Play, Your Tween’s Way to Learn to Play Guitar or click the image below.


Fender Play online guitar lessons from Fender


With Fender Play guitar lessons starting with a free trial and then $19.99 a month, there’s never been a better time to give the gift of guitar lessons.


Fender play online guitar lessons

After seeing his brother learn to play guitar, guess who now wants to learn to play?


Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a congrats on that great grade any reason is a great reason to gift guitar lessons

  • Experiences stay with a child. They may forget why they got online guitar lessons BUT they will remember how they learned to start playing the guitar.
  • Fender Play guitar lessons are great for beginners and those who want to develop their skills. You can learn by practicing rifts and chords or go pick out a favorite song and learn to play that song on the guitar.


Fender Skill Exercises for learning to play the guitar

Fender Play offers different skill exercises for learning to play the guitar


Here’s how to give the gift of guitar lessons

  • Click over to visit Fender Play and sign up for their online guitar lessons.
  • Purchase a guitar for the child, tween, or teen you will give the gift of guitar lessons too. Create a card that lets them know you’ve also bought them guitar lessons to help them learn. Gently tuck that card under the strings of the guitar. You don’t want to reveal that extra surprise to soon by having it on the outside of your packaging.
  • For the recipient who already has a guitar, consider picking them up a pack of picks, a new guitar strap, or even a guitar case and include a card about how you want to give the gift of guitar lessons.


Get serious about learning to play the guitar with Fender Play online guitar lessons

He’s serious about learning to play the guitar.


With hundreds of instructional videos and hands-on exercises, curriculum experts and the leading guitar brand, Fender, by your side, Fender Play is a great way to learn guitar at home.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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