Oldies But Goodies ~ Our Favorite Please Touch Museum Exhibits

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This post was sponsored by the Please Touch Museum who provided us with tickets
for our visit.  We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share
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My boys back in 2009, their first visit to the Please Touch Museum. Even back then, we knew we would love this Philadelphia museum and have to return again and again. Yes, there are new areas to explore, but there are also our favorite Please Touch Museum Exhibits that keep us coming back for more and more fun.


Shoprite Exhibit

Then, this area made me so nervous. It was always crowded and with the large area to explore and the bends in the building: I feared I would lose them. But they loved being able to push their own cart up and down the aisles, pretending they were the grown up in charge of grocery shopping.



Now, they still love the area as do other kids. They’ve also grown so it’s easier to see them as they travel up and down the aisles. But the best part is seeing them ring up each others’ purchases. In their heads and in little whispers I can hear them adding up their purchases to calculate totals and such.

Shoprite at Please Touch Museum


River Adventures

What can I say. Kids love water. At the River Adventures area there are ducks, boats, and other toys to put in the water. Then, there are levers, dams, and paddles to redirect water. It’s an experiment in learning how water moves all while having a fun time getting a bit wet.


City Capers

City Caper has two areas that are my kids’ favorites. The dump truck area never gets old. There is something about using that wheelbarrow to move the bricks from the truck to the construction area and back again. On our most recent visit, my boys made new friends and built a wall of bricks from the bottom of the construction zone to the top. Then, they squealed as they knocked it down.


Of course all that hard work built up their appetite. A trip to McDonald’s was in store where my boys could practice frying up fries for each other, assembling their burgers, and filling up their drinks.

Please Touch Museum dump truck area


Centennial Model exhibit

Boys and their trains, even with my boys at 5, 7, and 8, they still love their trains. A visit to the Centennial Model exhibit means my boys will bounce around the room from loading the train up with coal to playing with toy trains on a track, and from monitoring the arrivals and departures to ringing the train bell. It’s another area of Please Touch Museum that is sure to delight.


Roadside Attractions

When my boys arrive at the roadside attractions they are never sure what to do first. Do they race the pretend cars or change a flat tire? Do they pump gas or ride the Septa bus or maybe even go for a ride on the monorail?


Driving the Septa Bus

Driving the Septa Bus

rock climbing


Getting Fit

On one of our first visits to the Please Touch Museum there was the ABC Games exhibit. It mirrored the Olympics and had all kinds of ways for the kids to get fit. Now, it’s an Get Up & Grow area and in addition to climbing walls and treadmills there’s a running track. My kids had such fun timing themselves as they raced laps.

Please Touch Museum kids treadmillsSo much to do…so little time, from older exhibits we’ve grown to love to newer exhibits we get excited to see, a visit to the Please Touch Museum is always a full day adventure for us.


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We know you’ll love this Philadelphia attraction as much as we do. For more information on the Please Touch Museum hours and admission prices please visit their site.


In full disclosure we were provided complimentary admission and parking, but as always our opinions are honest and our own based on our experiences.

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