Our Favorite Parts of the Please Touch Museum

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This post was sponsored by the Please Touch Museum who provided us with tickets for our visit. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about Philadelphia family attractions we think your family may enjoy.


Please Touch Museum


We recently made our first trip to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have to admit, I was almost as excited to go as my kids. I have been wanting to take my kids there for years, and I was so glad to get the opportunity. As soon as we arrived, I knew we would not be disappointed. We loved every part of the museum and my kids are already asking when we can go back again. Here are our 4 favorite parts of the museum.


4 Things My Family Loves About the Please Touch Museum


  • The Shoprite Exhibit – My kids could have spent hours shopping in the pretend grocery store. They loved having shopping carts exactly the right size for them. My 3 year old had such a great time shopping the elaborate produce section. They had so many different types of pretend fruits and vegetables.  Did you know they make a starfruit toy?  I had no idea! My daughter loved the pretend seafood counter. She pretended to work for Shoprite while her brother placed his fish order. It was the most realistic and well stocked pretend grocery store that we have ever seen. My favorite part about the Shoprite area was how organized it was. Even though the exhibit was very busy the store didn’t look ransacked. It was well maintained and my children were still able to find things where they belonged.


Please Touch Museum


  • The Flight Fantasy exhibit – My two future astronauts couldn’t get enough of this area. We started by putting pieces together to make our own rocket. Then we were able to launch it off the rocket launcher and see how far we could get it. That was a lot of fun but their favorite part was the green screen. When they got in front of the green screen they could pretend to be real astronauts. First, they were in the control room of the space ship for launch, then they got to walk on the moon and Mars.


Please Touch Museum


  • The Playhouse Theater – Our first stop when we arrived at the museum was the puppet show. We were so glad we made time for the show. The puppeteer was a great storyteller and he kept everyone engaged in the story from beginning to end. Right now the story is about a tiny bear called “Pinch Bear” and her adventures. My kids were amazed with the magic tricks in the show and loved when they got squirted with water. The puppet show is free with admission and runs 3 times a day. We are looking forward to seeing what new show is running the next time we visit.


Watching the puppet show

Watching the puppet show


  • The Roadside Attractions exhibit – We spent the most time in the roadside attractions exhibit. They loved being able to climb in a real car and pretend to pump gas. They also loved the “Please Touch Garage.” They were able to replace the wheels and other parts of race cars. The wheels were easy to replace since they were magnetic. Even my 3 year old could do it independently.


Please Touch Museum


These are just a few of the great thing that the Please Touch Museum has to offer. There are also many different special events and days to check out. This is a museum that we will be visiting over and over again.


The Please Touch Museum is located at 4231 Avenue of the Republic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are open Monday- Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sundays 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Admission is $17 for adults and children over the age of 1.


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In full disclosure we were provided complimentary admission and parking, but as always our opinions are honest and our own based on our experiences.

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