My Favorite Moments During My First Visit to Disneyland

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In full disclosure admission to Disneyland was included in my conference fees for attending HP Print & Pamper, a blogger conference retreat in California.


My Favorite Moments During My First Visit to Disneyland


This year has certainly been an incredible one for Jersey Family Fun and me, both personally and professionally. We took our first family trip to Disneyworld. I’ve gone from blogger workshops to blogger conferences. But in October those worlds came together when I attended the HP Print & Pamper blogger conference in San Diego, California. We were given the option to stay an extra day and visit Disneyland.


Visit Disneyland?


There was no way I was going to say no! I arranged a 6 am flight out of San Diego and gave up many hours of sleep, but I was super thrilled that I would be ending such a great conference with such a wonderful experience.  Compared to many, I am still a Disney novice. Since this was going to be my first visit to Disneyland, I stuck close to my new friends: Victoria of ABC Learning; Ashley from Teachable Mommy; and Alison from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. They know all things Disney and were the perfect tour guides and companions. We had such an incredible afternoon that stretched into the evening that I will never forget. While I could share each and every fabulous moment, I’ll focus on my favorite Disneyland moments.


My Favorite Moments During My First Visit to Disneyland


Seeing how Disney does Halloween

Disneyland Halloween Entrance


We all know that the Disney parks go big when it comes to holidays and Disneyland did not disappoint. There were pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. They were carved with designs of Tinkerbell, Mater, and more. They were shaped into Mickeys, Minnies, and Goofys. I’m not sure how they do it. Surely high amounts of pixie dust must be involved.


Getting my 60th Anniversary Cinderella-jeweled Mickey Ears

With my 60th Anniversary Cinderella-jeweled Mickey Ears

With my 60th Anniversary Cinderella-jeweled Mickey Ears


Who can’t use a new pair of Mickey ears? Our first Disneyland stop had my fellow bloggers pulling me into a gift shop where we all bought matching ears. With a touch of Cinderella we were ready to be Disney princesses for the day.


Taking in the wonders of the Daytime Pixar Play Parade

My absolutely favorite thing about the Disney parks are the parades. Rides are fun. I don’t mind the wait. But I can absolutely not miss the parades. When we went to Disneyworld last May, I made sure we saw every parade. This might have been a quick trip to Disneyland but I was determined to see at least one parade. Luckily, I got to see two, this and Paint the Night.


Disneyland Pixar Play Parade


Disneyland Pixar Play Parade 2


I watched the parade. I danced along to the music and took as many pictures and videos as possible. Floats with Disney Pixar Pals from Monsters, Inc., Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story were delightful. The acrobats and street performers were amazing. My boys would have loved it. I took so many pictures I had to give them their own Facebook album. You can see my Disneyland Pixar Play Parade photos here.



Finding a Hidden Mickey

I might be a Disney novice, but I hear finding Hidden Mickeys is a pretty big deal. I thought it was pretty cool when I found one standing in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.


Do you see the hidden Mickey?

Do you see the hidden Mickey?


Racing the tracks at the Radiator Springs Racers ride

Disneyland Radiator Springs


Between the thrill of racing a Cars movie car and taking in the gorgeous scenery of Radiator Springs this ride was certainly my favorite of the night.


Being pinned an Honorary Citizen

Honorary Citizen of Disneyland


Not only did I get my pin for being a Disneyland first timer, but when we had a conversation with one of the cast members, she was impressed with how far we had come to enjoy Disneyland. She loved that we were having such a fantastic time and making new memories. As we talked about finding a first time visitor pin, she also pinned us as Disneyland Honorary Citizens. =D


Oohhing and awwing over the Paint the Night Parade

I’ve made my love of Disney parades known. If they are the best part of Disney parks for me then the electric light parades are the best of the best. I was ecstatic that not only did we see the earlier Pixar Play Parade but we were going to see the Paint the Night parade as well. From our special seating area the view was magnificent.


Paint the Night Little Mermaid


The one million colorful lights were radiant and majestic against the backdrop of the night sky. Tinkerbell appears to fly. Disney princesses dresses are a glow with lights. The Paint the Night parade is a definite must see for Disneyland park visitors and I’m hoping sometime in the near future my boys will see it to. For now, I’ve taken video and lots of Paint the Night pictures for you and them.



Exploring a new place with new friends!

Disney BFFS


Blogging sometimes turns us a bit into introverts. We are behind our laptops and computers so much that it can be hard to remember how to talk to others. But I met Victoria of ABC Learning; Ashley from Teachable Mommy; and Alison from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades the first day of HP Print & Pamper. Against the beauty of the California sunset at San Diego’s Rancho Bernardo Inn we got over our shyness and became friends. Their excitement for all things Disney was contagious. On our ride from the Inn to Disneyland they got me all hyped up with details about the must see Disneyland attractions. There was no way I could have had that experience without them and they certainly made it an incredible one.


What are your favorite Disneyland moments?


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  1. Victoria says:

    We did have the best time and I’m so glad we all met!! Ca t wait to see you girls all again! My favorite memory is definitely riding and experiencing the park with all of you!

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