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Family Time Made Amazing & Easy with Comcast XFinity Services

Comcast Xfinity has sponsored this post. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information we think families will enjoy.


Philadelphia Magazine's Design Home 2014

Philadelphia Magazine’s Design Home 2014


My house might not be this amazing…. but I can make family time amazing with Comcast XFinity Services.


A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit the Philadelphia Magazine Design Home equipped with Comcast Xfinity Home Services. In between oohing and ahhing over the house and how incredible it was, I was determined to learn more about the Comcast Xfinity Services. We had recently taken advantage of the deals for upgrading and I wanted to make sure I was getting the full benefit of having such services. From how to make sure what my kids were watching to how to use the newer remotes, I learned. And what I learned has changed our family time considerably.


Movie nights and TV are now easier and more amazing. I can find shows for my kids without having to search the whole TV guide. I can see the parental guidance rating for a show and why it’s rated that way. See a show, I want to save? I can and I can create playlists. All of their favorite shows on at the same time? Record them all.


Family Time


6 Ways Family Time is Made Amazing & Easy with Comcast XFinity Services X1 Platform

Find kid programming easier!

  • Using your remote control, click on the guide button twice. 7 circle options appear, the one all the way to the right will direct you right to kids’ options. You’ll be shown a visual image for the shows playing now (Click on them for more information.) You can also see what’s playing later on in the hours and days ahead. My favorite part of this feature is the filtering. You can filter by the type of program and by ages. You can also filter by ages 2-4 Preschoolers, 5-6 Young Kids, 7-8 Kids, 9-11 Preteens, 12-14 Teens I love this option! If you don’t want to see every available kid show, but instead just need the preschool shows, you can do that. Don’t want your youngsters to see available teen shows, yes you can do that too. The settings will be saved until you change them.


Comcast Xfinity Kids Guide 1


Comcast Xfinity Kids Guide 2


Parental Controls

  • Comcast offers several ways for parents to control what their kids are watching on TV, online and on mobile devices. Parental controls allow parents to lock shows and apps based on ratings or types of content (i.e. violence or language) and/or lock all On Demand or Pay-Per-View purchases so they can only be accessed with a 4-digit pin. Parents can set up the settings through their tv, online, or through Comcast apps.
  • Xfinity has a partnership with Common Sense Media to integrate TV show and film ratings into and on the X1 Platform kids content and to allow for the filtering of content by “most-watched” and “age group” on Xfinity On Demand.


Parental Guidance Ratings

  • This is another new feature I love! For me it’s not enough to know if something is G, PG, etc. I want to know what exactly the show may or may not contain and Comcast helps with that. When in the guide mode, looking at kids options, find a show you want more information for. Select the image and click info, then select Movie Info. Use your arrows then to go to the right and select Parental Guide. Commen Sense Media will show you what ages it’s appropriate for and also gives it a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of these categories: consumerism, language, sexy stuff, drinking/drugs/smoking, positive message, violence & scariness. Scroll down and you get a paragraph describing the movie from a parent’s point of view.


The Comcast XFinity Parental Guidance information screen

The Comcast XFinity Parental Guidance information screen


Advanced Remote Control & Keeping the Cable Box Safe

  • Your remote control can be aimed anywhere to communicate with your TV. No longer do you have to aim it at a cable box. In fact, you could hide your set-top box completely from view and away from the prying hands of kids and still have control of your TV. You can even control your TV with your tablet or  smartphone by using Comcast Xfinity apps.


Custom Playlists

  • We’re probably all familiar with playlists, but did you know you can create them for your own kids? Say movie night is coming up this Friday or you want to do a Star Wars Rebels marathon of shows. Create custom playlists from saved or On Demand programming. Give each playlist a unique name and you’ll be all set for movie night.


Traveling on a Day Trip or Destination, Take your DVR shows to go

  • Comcast XFinity Services X1’s platform provides for a cloud-based DVR allowing you to take your DVR shows with you. Watch in the car or watch when you get to the hotel or grandma’s. With Comcast Apps stream your recordings from anywhere that you can tap into Comcast’s FREE wi-fi network or download the kids’ favorites to your tablet or smartphone to watch while you’re offline.


With these Comcast XFinity Services, finding shows to watch together is easy. We don’t waste time trying to decide or fighting over options that aren’t right for my kids. With the settings and parental controls in place, the options my kids see are options my husband and I are okay with. With the DVR, On Demand, and playlist options we also don’t have to watch a show when it’s play because we can play it when we can watch. And the long road trips in the car… well now they will be more amazing too….because our movie favorites will be right there with us without having to pack a bag with portable dvds and movies.


Are you fully utilizing your Comcast XFinity Services? Which feature is your favorite?

Learn more over at their site, There is helpful advice, visuals, and videos that can answer any questions you have.


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In full disclosure, this post was sponsored by Comcast Xfinity Services through a blogger event hosted by Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media. We are Comcast customers who pay regular rates for our services. All opinions are honest and based on our experiences.


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