Fall Day Trips & Destinations 2015

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Welcome back to fall!

You’ve sent the kids back to school. Part of you is excited to get them back in the routine and have some quiet time to yourself. Part of you still wants those days of summer when you and your family could take off for a day or more on another family adventure. You can do both. Use those long weekends like Columbus Day and school holidays like NJEA and school conferences to do something exciting together and still enjoy the quiet days when your kids are at school. This guide is packed with events, activities, and ideas for family travel both close to home and a little further away.


We said this past summer was our biggest guide at 88 pages, but with this guide we’ve topped that. We’ve packed it with 105 pages filled with ways to have family fun with your kids. Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend vacation we hope you have a fantastic fall.


We also can’t let this fall slip by without saying thank you. This October marks our fifth year of doing business. Thank you for all of our support. We hope you’ll join us at one of our birthday celebrations we are planning. Our first is listed on page 13. Thank you to our team of writers for their work to make this guide possible. We appreciate our advertisers who make it all possible.


No matter what adventures you choose this fall, our wish for you is that you have the best of times with your loved ones while on them.

All the best,
Jennifer Auer, Editor


Enjoy your fall and this guide!


Take some time to enjoy our New Jersey Day Trips & Destinations Guide for the fall. We’d love to know what you think. Come back and tell us where you went and how you enjoyed it.

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Where are you excited to take your kids to this fall?



2 thoughts on “Fall Day Trips & Destinations 2015

  1. Jaimw says:

    Definetly hayride

  2. Rebecca P. says:

    If i lived closer i’d go to the haunted seaport pg 23.

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