Fun Facts About Presidents Day for Kids

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It’s hard to believe, but Presidents’ Day weekend is upon us! For me, the holiday weekend is like the last big celebration of winter before the weather starts getting warmer and spring makes an appearance. It’s also a great weekend to teach kids about history and the presidents who helped make important decisions and changes in our country.

5 Fun Facts About Presidents' Day -

One of our favorite things to do? Attend George Washington’s Birthday Party in Valley Forge National Park, of course! Before heading out to celebrate the day or enjoy family time together, check out these five fun facts about Presidents’ Day to share with your kids!


5 Fun Facts About Presidents Day

1. Presidents’ Day is not always on the same day.

Unlike most holidays that are marked by a specific date on the calendar, Presidents’ Day is like Thanksgiving in that it has a flexible date. Although the specific date may change, Presidents’ Day always falls on the third Monday in February.


2. Presidents’ Day is also known as Washington’s Birthday.

The holiday was originally started to celebrate the birthday of President George Washington, but evolved as a day to honor all presidents. It was officially known as Washington’s Birthday until 1971 when it was changed to Presidents’ Day. George Washington’s birthday is February 22nd.


5 Fun Facts for Kids About Presidents' Day -


3. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is also frequently celebrated.

Since Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is also in February (February 12th), many states also include his birthday as part of the Presidents’ Day celebrations.


4. George Washington’s Farewell Address is often read in the Senate on February 22nd.

To show respect and honor for the United States’ first President, the Senate often reads his Farewell Address on February 22nd. The tradition began in 1888.



5. Many National Parks have special events on Presidents’ Day.

Although Presidents’ Day is not a Fee Free Day in 2018, many National Parks are still hosting guided tours, presentations, and celebrations to honor the country’s Presidents. Check out these local events:

  • Valley Forge National Historical Park in King of Prussia, PA is hosting a free Washington’s Birthday Party from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM for the whole family.
  • Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, PA will be hosting a Family Fun: Presidential Quizzo game at different times throughout the Presidents’ Day weekend.
  • The National Constitution Center is also hosting a FREE admission day courtesy of TD Bank, so be sure to stop by for their Story Corner, Presidential Costume Contest, and Kids Town Hall: Meet the Presidents events!

You can find the events for all National Parks HERE.


However you celebrate Presidents’ Day this year, have a blast!


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