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Every Playground Needs A

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If you’ve been following Jersey Family Fun for any period of time you may have noticed, we really love our parks and playgrounds in New Jersey. We get a bit excited every time we discover a new park we can introduce to you. So you can imagine when Culturelle® Kids partnered with us to share news about their Project Playground program in this sponsored post, we were overjoyed. Prepare to be delighted with exciting news regarding Culturelle® Kids and playground activity ideas for your next visit to the park! Maybe you can even add to our list we are developing of what every playground needs.


Did you know Culturelle® Kids is investing $100,000 in the Project Playground program to provide one school in need with a new playground?


How amazing is that?! Pretty fabulous, right! By partnering with KaBOOM!, the national non-profit dedicated to giving all kids safe places to play, Culturelle® Kids will help to build one lucky school a new playground.


Why is Culturelle® Kids committing $100,000 to Project Playground?  Because they know, like we do, that outdoor play and recess offer cognitive, health, emotional, social and physical benefits to a child’s development. OUTDOOR PLAY is important to a child’s development! Culturelle® Kids, the probiotic most recommended by pediatricians supports our kids’ immune and digestive health with probiotics and their development with the Project Playground Program. Together, the ingredients in Culturelle® Kids probiotics and outdoor play keep our kids healthy. †* Learn more in this video.


Culturelle Kids probiotics


When I started thinking about Culturelle® Kids‘ $100,000 commitment, I started to think about what exactly does a playground need. Melanie, Jillian, Kathy, the other Jersey Family Fun moms and I have spent a lot of time at parks and playgrounds. Our favorite playgrounds have a few things in common and it’s those commonalities that we think makes a playground a fabulous place for outdoor play. Take a look and let me know if you agree. Comment with your ideas.


Every Playground needs a Culturelle Kids Project Playground


Every Playground Needs A

Every playground needs amazing playground equipment that will engage kids to get off the screens and devices and just enjoy some old-fashioned playtime. Whether your child is a toddler or a teen, playtime is an awesome time for them to get the wiggles out and be active.


Here are some of my favorite types of playground equipment.

  • Spiderwebs and netting you can climb. – My favorite spider web is at Fasola Park in Deptford. This climbable spider web features multiple ways to climb to the top. It also includes a platform where kids can sit and a reclining chair where they can kick back and relax.


Fasola Park & Splash Pad in Deptford New Jersey Gloucester County Parks & Playgrounds

Lounging in a spider web net at Fasola Park in Deptford.


  • Unique playground equipment – It seems every time we visit a new local park in New Jersey we discover a new unique type of playground equipment. I love how innovations are giving new life to our playgrounds. With each new discovery, kids are encouraged to use their imagination to create new ways to play. For example, these playground spinning wheels are some of the new spinning features we’ve been seeing at playgrounds. Just recently, I happened upon another one at the Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township.


Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

These playground spinning wheels have started to turn up at playgrounds across New Jersey.


  • A splash ground for cooling off on a hot day. – I love this one at the Von Nieda Park in Camden. It’s not overly big, but just big enough to splash through and cool off.


sprayground at Von Nieda Park in Camden New Jersey - Camden County Parks Playgrounds

This sprayground at Von Nieda Park in Camden is a fun way to cool down.


  • Swings. Swings can seem like such a simple classic piece of playground equipment, but swinging is one of my boys’ favorite things to do at a playground. The most swings we’ve seen at any New Jersey playground has to be the Ocean City Sandcastle Park at 34th Street. This Ocean City park has 6 regular swings, a few baby swings, and then 2 handicap accessible swings.


Ocean City Sandcastle Park 34th Street Playground

Ocean City Sandcastle Park at 34th Street has several swings.


  • Expression swings – These are the newest type of swings to start showing up at playgrounds. I love them because they are swings specially designed to promote intergenerational play because an adult can swing with a baby, toddler, or child while being face to face with that child. At one of Melanie’s local playgrounds, the Silver Lake Park in Belmar, they have two expression swings.


The Silver Lake Park in Belmar has two kinds of expression swings.

The Silver Lake Park in Belmar has two kinds of expression swings.


  • Multi-Age, Multi-ability, access to all playground equipment because ALL kids, young and old, wheelchair-bound or not, LOVE to play. Ed Brown’s Playground at Maclearie Park, another Belmar playground, is quite the inclusive playground. The playground structure is shaped as a plane. The surrounding equipment is representative of an airport with a radar tower and steps made from sculpted suitcases. Ramps are wide enough to allow visitors with wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers to get up close, explore, and pretend to be pilots.


Ed Brown's Playground at Maclearie Park

ALL children can enter the body of the plane playground at Ed Brown’s Playground at Maclearie Park.


See some of our favorite playgrounds in New Jersey in our New Jersey Parks & Playground series.


Every playground needs space for outdoor games. The best parks for my kids have fields and outdoor space to run and roam. Whether you come prepared with a soccer ball, the kids want to play tag, or you create an impromptu game, it’s great when a playground has space for all kinds of play. Here’s a look at some of our favorite things to do at a playground in addition to playing on the equipment.


Our favorite park activities for kids

  • Do an ABC Scavenger hunt. Can you find one object for each letter of the alphabet?
  • Bring chalk to draw out designs on the sidewalk.
  • Design an obstacle course with hula hoops, water noodles, jump ropes.
  • Create carnival games like a frisbee toss. Hula hoops can be hung from tree branches as everyone takes a turn trying to get the frisbee through the hoop.
  • Invite friends to join you and have a mini field day.
  • Paint rocks and hide them for future visitors to find.


rock painting marble rock against tree

We painted this rock with a marble design and hid it along a bike path on the walk to one of our parks.


Every playground needs a community to support it. Playgrounds take work. It takes a committed group of volunteers to create a plan for adding a playground to a community. It takes generous businesses and benefactors to provide the funding and then hands to build it. I know every time we visit a new playground it’s fascinating for us to read the plaques and park planks on the fencing that list the names and businesses that played a key role in that playgrounds development. Bringing a playground to life in a neighborhood or school setting is not possible without the help of so many. It’s why I am so honored to have Jersey Family Fun be a platform for Culturelle® Kids to spread awareness of the Project Playground Initiative. Please click over to learn more about the Culturelle® Project Playground.




This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Culturelle® Kids.

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Wednesday 27th of September 2017

Every playground should have a BUDDY BENCH... a place where children can make a new friend by sitting there and or going up to children already on the bench.

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