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Every Kid In a Park Gives 4th Graders and Families FREE Admission to National Parks

If you’re dreaming of the Grand Canyon or somewhere just as remarkable … and you have a fourth grader … this is your year!

With the Every Kid In a Park program, 4th graders and their families get FREE Admission to National Parks across the United States.


Every Kid In a Park ~ Giving 4th Graders & Families FREE Admission to National Parks



How wonderful is the National Park Service?

With 58 parks (84 MILLION acres!) across the United States and beyond, there’s always somewhere spectacular to visit. Whether you want mountains or forests, warm climate or cold, you can most definitely “find your park!” National Parks are filled with our natural beauty, our nation’s culture and heritage and of course many National Parks highlight of our most important national history. President Obama established “Every Kid In a Park” to allow fourth graders and their families to experience our treasures and visit our National Parks for free.


National Park Fredericksburg Spotsylvania


Why is the Every Kid in a Park just for fourth graders?

From the National Park Service, “Research shows that children ages 9 to 11 are at a unique developmental stage in their learning where they begin to understand how the world around them works in more concrete ways. At this stage, they are receptive to new ideas and most likely to hold positive attitudes towards nature and the environment.”


At Jersey Family Fun we always encourage family travel and our experience with National Parks has been rewarding. Jenn’s family completed the Junior Ranger badges at Fredericksburg Battlefield in Virginia (read about it here) and the National Mall in Washington DC, and Melanie experienced a unique day with no falls at the Paterson Great Falls. Wherever your travels take you there’s something remarkable to see at our National Parks!


National Parks in NJ


In addition to Paterson Great Falls in New Jersey, you can find Morristown National Historic Park and Thomas Edison National Historical Park. There are areas protected by the NPS (trails, monuments, recreation areas) as well. You can see that our list of National Parks in New Jersey, but why not take a family vacation to a far off spot? If you have a child in fourth grade your whole family can get free access to any National Park with a few clicks on the National Park Service website. Print your pass, keep it with you as you travel. It couldn’t be easier!


Every Kid in a Park, National Park Service Program Details:

  • The Every Kid in a Park pass is valid for fourth graders beginning September 1 and expires August 31 of the following year.
  • Passes are non transferrable.
  • The pass admits all children and up to three adults to parks that charge a per person entrance fee.
  • The pass admits all children and up to three adults in one passenger vehicle to parks that charge a vehicle entrance fee.
  • The pass does not cover parking fees or special event or excursion fees.


You can stay as close as Paterson or travel as far as Guam to enjoy our National Parks. You have until August 31 to find your park – why not sit down with your children and plan a trip now?


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Which National Park will you visit?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.