Emphasize Play During Your Family Game Night: Peaceable Kingdom Giveaway

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We received Sunny Day Pond, Stack Up!, and Noodle Speedoodle at no charge, from Peaceable Kingdom to make our review articles possible. This giveaway is also sponsored by Peaceable Kingdom. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about games we think your family may enjoy.

The Sunny Day Pond Team

Everyone was involved in the game and working together.

If you’ve been following along in our Family Game Night series, you’ll know how excited we were to experience a, new to us, style of games from Peaceable Kingdom. If you missed them, take a few minutes to read our reviews of these 3 Cooperative Games from Peaceable Kingdom.


Why we love Cooperative Games:

  • The opponent is the game, or an obstacle, not the players.
  • Players work together as a team to meet an objective before the game.
  • There is still winning and losing, but the players all win or lose together as a team.


I think every family needs to have one or two cooperative games in their family game night closet. Playing a wide variety of types of games helps kids learn there’s a time to cooperate and a time to compete. One type of game play isn’t better or worse than the others. My family loves playing Stack Up! together just as much as they love playing games where we are racing to beat each other and I feel good about buying these high quality, unique games for my friends too.


First tell us, how do you foster cooperation in your family? Then, after you’ve read the reviews, come back and answer these questions for additional entries.

  • What are 3 skills enforced by playing Sunny Day Pond?
  • Tell us one reason we loved Sunny Day Pond and why you would love it for your family?
  • What does my 4 year old absolutely love about Stack Up!?
  • Who is the opponent in Stack Up!?
  • How many choices are there on the Noodle Speedoodle spinner?
  • How many Noodle Speedoodle noodles do you need to earn to win?


Want to Win A Peaceable Kingdom Game For Your Family Game Night? We’re giving away 3 prizes! One lucky winner will receive Sunny Day Pond, one winner will receive Stack Up!, and one winner will receive Noodle Speedoodle!

Here’s your chance!


Some things to consider before you enter:

  • Unless otherwise stated, entrants are always required to leave one comment on the Jersey Family Fun giveaway/contest blog post, that answers the question being asked during the timeframe of the contest. Comments that do not answer the question, while appreciated, will not be valid or count as meeting the requirement. Comments left after the giveaway/contest has closed will not be valid toward the contest.
  • Contact information is a requirement for entry: name and a valid email address is required. Other non-personal information may be required/requested for entry. This information will not be shared with the giveaway sponsor unless it is stated in the contest/giveaway blog post itself.
  • Our giveaways/contests are by no means sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or any other social media platform. You may use them to earn additional entries, but you are not required to use them to enter. None of these social media channels are  responsible if you don’t win.
  • No purchase is ever necessary to win a Jersey Family Fun prize in an online contest.
  • Chances of winning are dependent entirely on the number of eligible entries received.
  • We will pick 3 winners. One winner will receive Sunny Day Pond, One Winner will receive Stack Up!, and One Winner will receive Noodle Speedoodle. The winners and their prizes will be chosen at random. Winners agree to provide contact and shipping information to Jersey Family Fun and/or the giveaway sponsor, including full name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • The winner will be shipped the prize by Peaceable Kingdom. The prize can take up to 4 weeks to arrive, depending on availability, location of winner, and other unforeseen issues. If you have not received the prize within 4 weeks, please contact Amy  @ JerseyFamilyFun.com. While Jersey Family Fun does its best to ensure winners receive their prizes in a timely manner, we are not responsible for items lost in the mail or for any other reason delayed or not received.
  • Once all entries have been validated, we will use Rafflecopter to select a winner. View our how to use Rafflecopter video here.
  • Unless otherwise stated, giveaways and contests are only available to residents in the United States. Unless stated otherwise ticket and giftcard prizes are only valid in New Jersey and for specific dates/performances. Void where prohibited by law.
  • You have until Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at midnight to enter. The winner will be announced, Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Please claim your prize by emailing us back your name and mailing address to Amy  @ JerseyFamilyFun.com. All prizes not claimed will either remain with the company sponsor or Jersey Family Fun to be used at a later date.


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In full disclosure this giveaway is being sponsored by Peaceable Kingdom, who are providing Jersey Family Fun with the games for this giveaway.


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19 thoughts on “Emphasize Play During Your Family Game Night: Peaceable Kingdom Giveaway

  1. christy says:

    I give them one task that requires all 3 of them to work together, if one doesnt do their part, noone else can do their part.

  2. Rochel S says:

    You need 8 Noodle Speedoodle noodles to win

  3. Rochel S says:

    there are 5 choices on the Noodle Speedoodle spinner

  4. Rochel S says:

    the opponent in stackup is the Stack Smasher

  5. Rochel S says:

    your 4 year old absolutely loves the challenge cards in Stack up!

  6. Rochel S says:

    3 skills enforced by playing Sunny Day Pond are color matching, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination

  7. Rochel S says:

    We foster cooperation by doing things together – they are always more willing to help when they see me doing it as well!

  8. Traci says:

    Working together Is so important for my family

  9. darlene says:

    Color matching, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills are three things Sunny Day Pond works on.

  10. darlene says:

    Your family enjoyed that everyone worked together. I would also enjoy more cooperative versus competitive games for my family.

  11. darlene says:

    He loves the challenge cards.

  12. darlene says:

    The stack smasher is the opponent in Stack up.

  13. darlene says:

    there are 5 options on the Noodle Speedoodle spinner.

  14. darlene says:

    8 noodles are needed to win!

  15. darlene says:

    One way we foster cooperation is by asking and sharing ideas in the family. If you talk about things and ask questions you can gain new perspectives.

  16. kristin panoast says:

    I remind my kids how working together makes things easier for all of us.

  17. Mindy DeLisi says:

    Taking turns. Making sure everyone is involved.

  18. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I remind my kids how much I do every day and a little cooperation from them will make my job a little easier and that usually works.

  19. Laura Bergen says:

    We foster cooperation by building things together.

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