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Do you Elf on the Shelf? I know for many it’s a love hate kind of thing. We love the joy that it brings our kids to see their elf every year and wonder what new shenanigans he/she will be up to. But as parents it can be hard, hence the hatred, to remember to move the elf each day and even harder to come up with ideas besides moving him/her from here to there. We’re here to help.

This year, we present our first Elf on the Shelf Challenge. It’s our way to bring some joy to you as you bring joy to your children. Because if ever there was a year to bring extra joy to our kids, this is it.

Our Elf on the Shelf challenge will give you a nightly idea, through our Facebook page, of how to pose your elf. If you share YOUR PICTURE with us, you’ll have a chance to win some Amazon cash for you and accessories to help you plan your elf’s 2021 shenanigans.

Elf on the shelf challenge image

How will the Elf on the Shelf Challenge work?

Every day, at 10 pm, between December 1 and December 24, 2020, on our Facebook page we will post a scenario or idea from our list of 101 Elf on the Shelf ideas. We’ll show our elf, Frosty putting his twist on that idea. We’ll keep it easy, with challenges that involve items most people have in their homes.

Then, it’s your turn. You’ll create a pose with your elf using our idea. If you share YOUR PICTURE with us under that Facebook post BEFORE 10 pm the following day, you’ll have a chance to win some Amazon cash for you and accessories to help you plan your elf’s 2021 shenanigans.

I’ll check the comments and each person who has followed the directions will get credit for an entry towards our Elf on the Shelf prize. We’ll list all the entry names below under Challenge Entries and assign them a number.

On December 26, 2020, we’ll use to generate a random number. The entry that matches that number will be our winner. The winner will be contacted through Facebook and have 48 hours to respond. The prize will be mailed out by January 5, 2021.

Here’s an example

Let’s say the scenario we post on Facebook is “For tonight’s Elf on the Shelf Challenge have your elf make a tiny bracelet and not clean up his/her mess.” We share a picture like below. What could you come up with?

Elf on the Shelf
Sprinkles got into the rainbow loom | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Then, our Facebook fans and those participating in the challenge will post a comment with their picture of their elf meeting the challenge.

Let’s say Susan Smith, Marc White, and Shanay Jones each leave a comment with a picture. We’ll put each of their names on the list of entries below.

Do I need an Elf on the Shelf to participate?

You will need an elf, but it doesn’t need to be an Elf on the Shelf. However, the prize will included accessories best suited for an Elf on the Shelf.

Elf on the shelf car
I can just see this Elf in the car bragging to Barbie about his other ride being a sleigh. ;-)

The Prize

The winner of our Elf on the Shelf challenge will win a gift bag of elf goodies (to help with future elf escapades) and a $25 Amazon gift card. We promise the elf goodies will be valued at at least $25. We invite a few brands to partner with us on this giveaway. As they do we’ll list them below so you can learn more about the prize. Right now with the prizes we’ve been sent the minimum value of our prize is $70.

The prize details

Elf on the shelf playing uno

How to Enter the Elf on the Shelf Challenge

Follow our Facebook page. Turn on your Facebook notifications. Make sure you’re checking our Facebook page every night at 10 pm for that night’s challenge.

Then, comment with your entry. You don’t need to be fabulous. You don’t need to be the best entry. You can be inspired by other entries. You get credit for trying. All entries are worth the same value. There will be 24 days to enter so 24 chances for you to win.

For a sneak peek at some of the challenges read our 101 Elf on the Shelf ideas. We won’t use every idea from that list, BUT every idea we use will come from that list.

Elf on the Shelf Outfits Elf on the Shelf Puffy North Pole Parka
Elf on the Shelf Puffy North Pole Parka

Elf on the Shelf Challenge Rules

This challenge is subject to the following rules and conditions:

  • No purchase is necessary. There is no fee to participate.
  • You may earn one and ONLY one entry each night by leaving one photo comment on that night’s Elf on the Shelf challenge post. Comments must be left by 10 pm the following day. Comments that do not match the challenge, while appreciated, will not be valid or count as meeting the requirement. Comments left after 10 pm deadline will not be valid toward the challenge.
  • By participating you agree that Jersey Family Fun has permission to use your photo for inclusion in their Elf on the Shelf stories and posts for a period of 5 years.
  • Contact information is a requirement for the winning entry: name and a valid email address and mailing address is required. This information will not be shared with anyone other than Jersey Family Fun.
  • Our giveaways/contests are by no means sponsored by Elf on the Shelf, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or any other social media platform. None of these social media channels are responsible if you don’t win.
  • Chances of winning are dependent entirely on the number of eligible entries received.
  • We will pick 1 winner. The winner will receive the prize as listed above.
  • This giveaway will end December 25, 2020 at 10 pm. The winner will be announced shortly after that. Make sure you are responding to your Facebook notifications and messages. You will have 48 hours to claim your prize by emailing us back through Facebook messenger. All prizes not claimed will either remain with the company sponsor or Jersey Family Fun to be used at a later date. The prize will be mailed by January 5, 2021.
  • Once all entries have been validated, we will use to select a random number that will match with a corresponding entry. The name that matches the entry will be the winner.
  • Winner agrees to provide contact and shipping information to Jersey Family Fun and/or the giveaway sponsors, including full name, address, phone number, and email address for the purposes of shipping the prize.
  • Unless otherwise stated, giveaways and contests are only available to residents in the United States. Void where prohibited by law.

Challenge Entries

  1. December 1 – Gab Riela
  2. December 1 – Carolina Limongi Estrada
  3. December 1 – Brianna Gorneau
  4. December 1 – Jennifer Gruff
  5. December 1 – Denise Newell
  6. December 1 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  7. December 1 – Geri Albano
  8. December 1 – Kaitlin Martella
  9. December 2 – Carolina Limongi Estrada
  10. December 2 – Geri Albano
  11. December 2 – Andrea Iverson
  12. December 2 – Jennifer Gruff
  13. December 2 – Sharon Jones
  14. December 2 – Samantha Coch Cutler
  15. December 2 – Denise Newell
  16. December 2 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  17. December 2 – Gab Riela
  18. December 2 – Janice Turner
  19. December 2 – Samantha Gulick Rice
  20. December 2 – Shari Spratt Wakeley
  21. December 3 – Jennifer Paula
  22. December 3 – Geri Albano
  23. December 3 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  24. December 3 – Denise Newell
  25. December 3 – Samantha Gulick Rice
  26. December 4 – Denise Newell
  27. December 4 – Geri Albano
  28. December 4 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  29. December 4 – Jennifer Paula
  30. December 5 – Carolina Limongi Estrada
  31. December 5 – Janice Turner
  32. December 5 – Denise Newell
  33. December 5 – Geri Albano
  34. December 5 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  35. December 5 – Jennifer Paula
  36. December 6 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  37. December 6 – Carolina Limongi Estrada
  38. December 6 – Andrea Iverson
  39. December 6 – Denise Newell
  40. December 6 – Gab Riela
  41. December 6 – Geri Walsh Albano
  42. December 6 – Jennifer Paula
  43. December 7 – Jennifer Gruff
  44. December 7 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  45. December 7 – Denise Newell
  46. December 7 – Gab Riela
  47. December 7 – Geri Walsh Albano
  48. December 7 – Samantha Coch Cutler
  49. December 7 – Jennifer Paula
  50. December 7 – Margie Corhan
  51. December 8 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  52. December 8 – Denise Newell
  53. December 8 – Gab Riela
  54. December 8 – Geri Walsh Albano
  55. December 8 – Samantha Gulick Rice
  56. December 8 – Jennifer Paula
  57. December 9 – Nicole Gibson
  58. December 9 – Jennifer Gruff
  59. December 9 – Gab Riela
  60. December 9 – Geri Walsh Albano
  61. December 9 – Jennifer Paula
  62. December 10 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  63. December 10 – Gab Riela
  64. December 10 – Denise Newell
  65. December 10 – Geri Walsh Albano
  66. December 10 – Jennifer Paula
  67. December 11 – Samantha Coch Cutler
  68. December 11 – Jennifer Paula
  69. December 11 – Jillian Fletcher
  70. December 11 – Denise Newell
  71. December 11 – Julie Broyles Hertzog
  72. December 11 – Geri Walsh Albano
  73. December 11 – Veronica A. Vicente
  74. December 11 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  75. December 12 – Jennifer Paula
  76. December 12 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  77. December 12 – Jennifer Gruff
  78. December 12 – Geri Walsh Albano
  79. December 12 – Denise Newell
  80. December 13 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  81. December 13 – Carolina Limongi Estrada
  82. December 13 – Jennifer Paula
  83. December 13 – Jennifer Gruff
  84. December 13 – Geri Walsh Albano
  85. December 13 – Margie Corhan
  86. December 13 – Denise Newell
  87. December 14 – Jennifer Paula
  88. December 14 – Jennifer Gruff
  89. December 14 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  90. December 14 – Gab Riela
  91. December 14 – Denise Newell
  92. December 14 – Geri Walsh Albano
  93. December 15 – Samantha Coch Cutler
  94. December 15 – Gab Riela
  95. December 15 – Jennifer Paula
  96. December 15 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  97. December 15 – Geri Walsh Albano
  98. December 16 – Jennifer Paula
  99. December 16 – Jennifer Gruff
  100. December 16 – Denise Newell
  101. December 16 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  102. December 16 – Andrea Iverson
  103. December 16 – Geri Walsh Albano
  104. December 17 – Jennifer Paula
  105. December 17 – Andrea Iverson
  106. December 17 – Denise Newell
  107. December 17 – Geri Walsh Albano
  108. December 18 – Samantha Coch Cutler
  109. December 18 – Jennifer Paula
  110. December 18 – Geri Walsh Albano
  111. December 19 – Samantha Gulick Rice
  112. December 19 – Jennifer Gruff
  113. December 19 – Jennifer Paula
  114. December 19 – Carolina Limongi Estrada
  115. December 19 – Andrea Iverson
  116. December 19 – Geri Walsh Albano
  117. December 19 – Denise Newell
  118. December 19 – Margie Corhan
  119. December 19 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  120. December 20 – Jennifer Paula
  121. December 20 – Jennifer Gruff
  122. December 20 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  123. December 21 – Jennifer Gruff
  124. December 21 – Carolina Limongi Estrada
  125. December 21 – Jennifer Paula
  126. December 21 – Geri Walsh Albano
  127. December 21 – Denise Newell
  128. December 22 – Jennifer Gruff
  129. December 22 – Jennifer Paula
  130. December 22 – Margie Corhan
  131. December 22 – Denise Newell
  132. December 22 – Geri Walsh Albano
  133. December 23 – Susan Herriott
  134. December 23 – Jennifer Paula
  135. December 23 – Samantha Coch Cutler
  136. December 23 – Geri Walsh Albano
  137. December 23 – Kristen E Westervelt-Garrison
  138. December 24 – Jennifer Paula
  139. December 24 – Jennifer Gruff
  140. December 24 – Dana Parrinello
  141. December 24 – Geri Walsh Albano
elf on the shelf on bookcase
That silly elf colored their noses red!

And the winner is

The winner is Geri Walsh Albano. Using the winning number, between 1 and 141, is number 54. Entry number 54 corresponds to Geri’s entry on December 8, 2020.

Elf on the Shelf challenge winner screenshot
Geri Walsh Albano winning entry

Need an Elf on the Shelf?

Amazon has a great collection of Elf on Shelf elves to help you compete in our Elf on the Shelf challenge.

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