Elf on A Shelf Christmas Training Camp Preparedness Kit

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So it’s October…the leaves are changing…pumpkins are being carved….children are scurrying about wearing sheets and black pointed hats…cider is brewing…all is well with Autumnal bliss…here in our neighborhoods that is…


Of course some of us are stuck inside dealing with Hurricane Sandy.


Not so far away at the North Pole there is much activity and excitement! Elf on A Shelf Christmas Training Camp is about to begin on November 1st!!!! Are you ready? Is your elf ready? Does your elf know that they have a support system within your family? Well … if you have doubts…PLEASE READ ON!!!!


Elf on A Shelf Training Camp is no joke. It takes energy, stamina, a positive attitude and a certain drive that comes from knowing that the elf is working for a loving and caring family. No elf should be left to feel that they are on their own, training to monitor YOUR family! So…you will need a plan.


On October 31st 2012 (or perhaps a little later if Hurricane Sandy has her way) your family will come into an enormous amount of candy. Chocolate candy, chewy candy, crunchy candy…candy that comes in bags … candy that comes in bars…candy that looks like it might be from MARS! You do NOT need this mountain of candy. BUT your elf DOES! Your elf will use this candy as his or her energy supply during the long, hard month of Elf on A Shelf Christmas 2012 Training Camp!


So…after you have selected your favorite few pieces of sweet candy goodness for yourself….you can begin to make your Elf on A Shelf Christmas 2012 Training Camp Preparedness Kit. Here is what you will need…


Elf on A Shelf Christmas Training Camp Preparedness Kit:

  • One enormous pile of candy
  • A few bottles of water
  • A note from family members, encouraging your elf and expressing your gratitude to his or her service.



You may leave your Elf on A Shelf Christmas Training Camp Preparedness Kit out on Halloween night or you can choose a date that works better for your family… but don’t wait too long! Your Elf on A Shelf is counting on you!!!


Your elf will know when your gracious gift is ready. He or she will fly on over and pick up the items you have gathered. They will then return to your home on their usual return date, that is typically associated with the end of Thanksgiving….every family seems to have a slightly different contractual agreement with their elves concerning arrival dates. BUT you can rest assured that due to your Elf on A Shelf Christmas 2012 Training Camp Preparedness Kit, your elf will be ready to serve your family this holiday season!


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This blog post was written by guest blogger, Bonnie.


3 thoughts on “Elf on A Shelf Christmas Training Camp Preparedness Kit

  1. Joyce says:

    Great way to have children willingly give up some of that mountain of candy!

  2. Ruth says:

    Great idea! Looking forward to our own Elf 2012 Training Camp!

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