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El Diablo Six Flags Great Adventure’s Newest Roller Coaster

This post was sponsored by Six Flags Great Adventure. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about family friendly events in New Jersey we think your family may enjoy.


El Diablo: A different kind of roller coaster


El Diablo


Recently, we were invited to attend the opening of Six Flags Great Adventure’s newest thrill coaster, El Diablo. I took my thrill seeking 15 year old and her best friend. These girls love a good thrill ride and I was eager to hear how they liked it.


In attendance with us were other media guests, New Jersey Devils former defenseman, Colin White and the team mascot NJ along with Devils season pass holders. We were treated to a nice lunch that included quesadillas, churros and the most delicious mango jalapeno dessert with some devilish tunes in the background including our favorite “Running with the Devil”.


Before we knew it Six Flags Spokeswoman, Kristin Siebeneicher was calling our attention and explaining a bit about how El Diablo came to town. The park was looking for a ride that families could ride together, something that younger patrons who wanted a thrill but weren’t quite ready to tackle one of the larger coaster. Park research showed that this ride was just what they needed a “thrill seeker training ground” if you will to help bridge the gap between kiddie ride and the drops of El Toro or Nitro. Standing 7 feet tall the ride rockets riders around the fiery loop, six times leaving their heart racing and full of excitement. This will help those younger guests conquer their fears and before they know it they will be riding with the parks biggest thrill seekers! It’s an exciting transition for park guests! El Diablo is located in the Mexican-themed Plaza del Carnaval standing bright red next to El Toro.


El Diablo


Kristen introduced Park El Hefe, aka Park President, John Fitzgerald who told us a bit more about the folklore and naming of El Diablo. As we know New Jersey is full of folk lore about the Leeds family and the Jersey Devil our Hockey team is even named the Devils. With this being the parks 13th roller coaster and the lore stating that Mrs. Leeds 13th child was born to haunt the Pine Barrens of New Jersey which the park borders, the naming was a natural fit. Fitzgerald stated “The New Jersey Devil is now here to haunt thrill seekers … and is going to help thrill seekers of all ages graduate to our major coasters.” We couldn’t agree more, I can’t wait to bring my 11 year old to try it out in the coming weeks.


El Diablo, NJ Devils

The countdown to open El Diablo | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


Colin White, New Jersey and Kristen officially counted down to park opening and then Colin and the Devils pass holders were the first to ride the ride. They all got off smiling and Colin stated that he really enjoyed it and knows his kids would love it. That was the million dollar question would the kids love it? My two were about to board the ride, they said from the ground it looked cool. They loved the ring of fire but would it give them the same flutters in their stomach like they get on the Drop of Toro we would soon find out.


El Diablo

Jersey Family Fun is among the first riders on El Diablo


Take a look at their reactions


The verdict is in…..

The girls loved it. They got off the ride with their hair a mess and smiles on their faces. They could understand how this was the training ride for park guests. When asked their thoughts they said it was “Fun, Scary, Super Cool and fast when it went fully around” Their favorite part of the ride was when it stops at the top for a brief moment. They felt safe and secure with the should harness and additional seat belt. They are looking forward to riding it with their younger siblings. With at height requirement of 48 inches children are going to have a blast running up to conquer the Devil.


El Diablo By The Numbers

  • 24 riders sit in “face-off” seats
  • Rocket forward ad backward pendulum style
  • Complete 6 revolutions with maximum hang time
  • 7 stories tall
  • 48 inch height requirement
  • 13th roller coaster

El Diablo

To see more photos from the El Diablo Media Preview Day check out our Facebook album.



In full disclosure, this post is sponsored in part by Six Flags Great Adventure, who provided Jersey Family Fun with tickets to attend the media day so that we could review Great Adventure for our readers. If you would like to invited Jersey Family Fun to your location, please contact us at [email protected].

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