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We received these Educational Insights’ Travel Games, at no charge, to review. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun which allows us to share information about math toys we think families may enjoy.


Are your kids bored after 5 minutes in the car?

Mine are. It doesn’t matter whether we are going 5 minutes down the road or an hour or two for a road trip, it never fails my kids get bored and start searching for something to do in the car. Beyond the comics and library books, I needed something more to entertain my kids from point a to point b so they wouldn’t be annoying each other or whining that ever popular, “are we there yet?”


Educational Insights’ Travel Games go the rescue.

We were sent 3 travel games from Educational Insights to review.  Not only do these travel games keep my kids busy they are keeping them learning and in the case of one game thinking creatively.



Educational Insights’ Math Trekker™ (Addition & Subtraction) and (Multiplication & Division)

  • Educational Insights Math TrekkerGrab, Clip, & Go ~ With a clip at the top you can take this game anywhere. Clip to the sports bag to keep siblings busy when one child is playing a game. Bring it in the car for day trips. Clip to a book bag to use for free time at school.
  • It’s a quick and easy way to practice facts up to 12. Depending on the model you are using, flip a switch between addition and subtraction or multiplication & division.
  • The Math Trekker™ gives students a series of math problems to answer with easy to read numbers on the screen. Children are timed and complete the problems until they get all of them correct. The Trekker™ notifies kids after each question identifying if they got the problem right or wrong.
  • Kids can determine the level they want to play on.
  • The Math Trekker™ runs on 3 batteries, the kind you find in hearing aids.
  • My kids loved this as a fun, alternative to using flash cards. They play for several rounds at a time, always trying to beat their previous record.
  • Even my 5 year old, is getting in on the action. When his brothers will let him have a turn, he’s more than eager to use it to start working on his early math skills.
  • The Math Trekkers™ are sold for $10.99 each on Amazon.


Kanoodle GeniusEducational Insights’ Kanoodle Genius Game

  • Kanoodle Genius comes in its own carrying case and as long as you can solve the brain-bending puzzle it contains the pieces nicely.
  • Kanoodle comes with these circular pieces molded together into different shapes. Your challenge with Kanoodle is to crack one of the 200 ways to place them on the game board so they all fit perfectly.
  • This travel game can provide fun and challenges for adults and kids. I have to admit it took me a while to solve it the first time. And yes I did snap a picture so I would have at least one way to solve the puzzle and close the container.
  • With the help of the game booklet, you can get started on so many different ways to build up the Kanoodle into 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional solutions.
  • My boys love this game and I love that there are so many ways to solve it. It’s like playing a new game every time. It’s no wonder why they ask for it every time we get in the car.
  • Kanoodle is geared toward ages 8 and up, but again my 5 year old insists on playing as well.
  • The Kanoodle Genius is sold on Amazon for $9.99.


Kanoodle Genius 3d

Excited because he solved it.


I hope you enjoy our Educational Insights reviews as as a way to help your kids not only learn more but also as a way to have more fun. Here is where you can find out more information about Educational Insights:


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Thank you for your support.


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In full disclosure, we received these Educational Insights travel games at no cost for review.

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