Educational Insight’s Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat For Underwater Exploration

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We received the Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat at no charge, to review from Educational Insights. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about toys we think your family may enjoy.


The Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat lets kids take scientific exploration on the water. The Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat has a clear plastic bottom with a built in magnifing glass so that kids can explore underwater objects. The boat resembles a glass bottom boat where kids can view items in a pool, lake, stream or in our case the bath tub.

Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer

Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer


Now that summer is over and it’s too cold to be in the pool we took our Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat in the tub to explore some of our tub toys upclose. The boat has a life raft that hangs off the end, which can be placed around the child’s wrist so that the boat will not float away from them when they are exploring. This feature is perfect for exploring in ponds, streams or the ocean.


Things We Loved About the Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat:

  • No small parts
  • Requires no batteries
  • No assembly required
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Clear bottom of the boat makes viewing easy.
  • Boat stays afloat on it’s own.
  • Big enough for small hands to manouvour
  • Life preserver that attaches to wrist to keep toy from floating away
  • Inspires creative play
  • Encourages exploring underwater objects
  • Great for curious young minds
Underwater Explorer Boat

Underwater Explorer Boat


My son took the Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat into the tub and liked finding all his toys underwater in the tub filled with bubbles. He had fun sailing the boat around the tub looking for different toys and pretending to be an explorer. The boat is big enough that he was able to place a character in the boat and pretend that he was driving the boat on a scientific mission.


I like that this toy made me think of so many fun places we could take it. And I will definitely be packing it for our next trip to the beach, lake or pond. It’s lightweight and small enough that you could easily pack it in your bag for the next time you go exploring a new place.


7 Ways to play with the Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat:

  • View toys in your bathtub
  • Explore in your pool
  • View underwater life at a lake
  • Take on camping trips to explore ponds and streams.
  • Bring on vacation to explore a new place.
  • Take it to the beach to check out small shells and sea life.
  • Fill it with your tub toys and send them out on an exploration


Geosafari Jr underwater explorerd

Exploring tub toys with the Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer


I love that the Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat take scientific equipment and makes it accessible and fun for kids to use. When we took this toy out of the box my son was excited to play, explore and immediately wanted to take the boat in the bath tub. He plays with the Geosafari Jr underwater Explorer Boat every night in the bath tub. I’m looking forward to taking it on our upcoming vacation so that we can explore some new places. For curious kids this allows them to get hands on and upclose with what might be underwater in a safe, fun and educational way.


 Where can you buy the Educational Insights Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat?

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In full disclosure we were provided with a sample of the Geosafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat to make this review possible. As always all opinions are honest and our own and based on our experience with the toy.

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