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Sweet Educational Hersheypark Printables for Homeschoolers & Virtual Learning

Maybe you’ve found this because you’re homeschooling your kids or trying out virtual learning. Perhaps you’re driving to Hersheypark and looking for activities for the kids to do during your road trip. Or maybe you’ve discovered our Jersey Classroom and you’re looking for other fun educational printables. Whatever the reason, I’m so happy you’ve discovered these Hersheypark printables and educational worksheets.

The Sweetest Place on Earth can also be inspiration for helping your child learn.

Quick note: While I am currently a Hersheypark ambassador, Sweet Family, this resource of Hersheypark printables was not created as part of my ambassadorship.

Sweet Educational Hersheypark Printables for Homeschoolers & Virtual Learning

We’ve made so many great families memories at Hersheypark and the Hershey, Pennsylvania attractions, many that we’ve documented on the pages of Jersey Family Fun. So as I started to think about all the fun places kids love to go and which ones could help our kids learn, and want to learn, I knew I had to include Hersheypark.

Between the legacy of Milton Hershey, the coasters at Hersheypark, and all the things to do in Hershey it wasn’t too hard to come up with Hersheypark printables for math, spelling, writing, history, geography, and reading comprehension. I’ve even includes links to some printables for art time and a list of Hersheypark-inspired activities for gym.

Jersey Family Fun is offering a collection of Hersheypark printables and educational worksheets.

Hersheypark Spelling List

I am one of those parents that believes spelling skills are something all kids need. I know spell check exists, but there’s something to be said for being able to still write out our thoughts, stories, and letters on paper where spell check doesn’t exist. You also can’t take advantage of spell check if you can’t get close enough to the correct spelling of the word for it to recognize what you’re trying to spell. With that in mind, I created this list of words that come to mind when I think of Hersheypark.

Easy Hersheypark Spelling Words

  1. rides
  2. games
  3. milk
  4. kisses
  5. candy
  6. tickets
  7. zoo
  8. cocoa
  9. hotel
  10. tea cups

Challenge Hersheypark Spelling Words

  1. amusement park
  2. roller coaster
  3. chocolate
  4. fountain
  5. ferris wheel
  6. museum
  7. trolley
  8. monorail
  9. lodge
  10. campground

Get this spelling list as a Hersheypark printable. Visit our Spelling Words for Kids for tips and ideas to improving spelling skills in kids. (Coming soon.)

Hersheypark printables spelling list

Sweet Hersheypark Writing Prompts

Your kids won’t mind practicing their writing skills with these fun story starters inspired by the fun activities you can do when visiting Hersheypark and other Hershey, PA attractions.

10 Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Kids

  • If I could be any Hershey character for a day I would be …
  • The first place I would go to in Hersheypark is …
  • If I designed Chocolatetown I would …
  • I think Milton Hershey created a school for boys …
  • Once upon a time I fed a bear at ZooAmerica
  • The day a butterfly landed on my hand at Hershey Gardens
  • When I was at the top of Candymonium I saw …
  • One night I got left behind at Hersheypark
  • If I visited the Hershey Story Museum I would want to know …
  • When I create a custom candy bar at Hershey’s Chocolate World ….

Download our Hersheypark writing prompts as printables and your kids can write their responses and stories right on the pages.

hershey's chocolate world is the focus of one of our Hersheypark writing prompts printables
Let our writing prompt about Hershey’s Chocolate World get your child writing.

Sweet Hersheypark Math Problems

When it comes to math, not all kids enjoy it. To help with that I created a Hersheypark math worksheet based on facts about the Hersheypark roller coasters.

Download the Hersheypark printable math worksheet. You can also download our answer key, where I show the answers and my work.

Learn Geography with this Hersheypark Printable

Who knew we could use the Hersheypark map to improve student’s geography skills? Download the map and then download our Hersheypark educational worksheet on the geography of Hersheypark. You can also download our answer key.

Why not use a fun map of Hersheypark to teach your kid geography and map reading skills?

Turn Hersheypark’s Sweet History into History and Reading Lessons

Hershey Lodge Kids Check in 1


The Hersheypark website is a wealth of information about not just the park but other Hershey area attractions, Mr. Milton Hershey and his wife, and their charitable efforts. I’ve identified three pages for your child to read and questions to help them build their reading comprehension skills.

Have your child read about Milton Hersey here and then answer the questions below.

  1. Where did Milton Hershey have an apprenticeship?
  2. What did Milton Hershey need to make good candy?
  3. True or False, Milton Hershey has always been successful.
  4. How much did Milton Hershey sell his caramel company for?
  5. What did Milton Hershey do with his employees during the Great Depression?

Have your child read about Catherine Hershey here and then answer the questions below.

  1. Why do you think Hersheypark writers wrote about Catherine Hershey? A. to entertain readers B. to inform readers C. to persuade readers
  2. Why does the author think Milton Hershey gave $5,000 to Franklin & Marshall College?
  3. What did Catherine Hershey help start?
  4. What was the Lancaster Charity Society?
  5. Why was it unusual that The Deed of Trust had Catherine’s name on it?

Have your child read about the Milton Hershey School and then answer the questions below.

  1. How much does it cost to go to the Milton Hershey School?
  2. What do they encourage every student to be at Milton Hershey School?
  3. How many students go to the school?
  4. Where are the students from?
  5. Where do senior high school students live while in school?

These 15 reading comprehension questions are available in this Hersheypark printable reading worksheet.

Large plush hershey bar with teen on Hershey Lodge shuttle

Get Creative with these artistic Hersheypark printables

Download SIX Hersheypark printable coloring sheets from the Hersheypark website.

Get Moving with these 15 Hersheypark physical activities

You might not be at Hersheypark right now, but you and your family can still move like you are.

  1. Walk in a circle like you’re walking around the Kisses Fountain.
  2. Climb like a bear at ZooAmerica.
  3. Flutter like a butterfly at Hershey Gardens.
  4. Wiggle like a ride on the Scrambler.
  5. Swing like you’re riding the Sweet Swing.
  6. Pop like you’re on the Hershey Triple Tower.
  7. Buzz around like a bee on the Minty Bees.
  8. Hop like a frog on the Frog Hopper.
  9. Spin like the Tea Cups.
  10. Fly like a rocketship on Starship America.
  11. Chug along like a train on the Tiny Tracks.
  12. Twist like a tube on a water slide.
  13. Swerve like a bumper car at Fender Bender.
  14. Step like you’re walking the stairs at the Hershey Story Museum.
  15. Surf like you’re on the Waverider.
Hersheypark characters stand ready to greet guests.
Hersheypark characters stand ready to greet guests.

If we’ve got you wanting to visit Hersheypark again, take a look at our past stories about Hersheypark. They’re open from spring to summer, in the fall for Halloween, and in the early winter for Christmas and holiday activities. If you’d like to see more educational worksheets and printables, like this, for kids visit our Jersey Classroom.

More resources for homeschooling and virtual learning in New Jersey

If you are new or have been homeschooling for years or are trying out virtual learning for the first time, we’re here to help. Click over to learn more about the Jersey Classroom, our way of providing free printables and educational worksheets for New Jersey students. Not in New Jersey? While these printables and worksheets are themed for kids in New Jersey they can be a great resource for any kids who like to have fun.

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