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Eat, Stay, & Play – Plan Your Family Vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania

We have a relationship with Hersheypark that allows us to have complimentary lodging and attraction tickets to make this family travel to Hershey series possible.


Make Your Next Family Trip a Sweet One!

If you grew up in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you probably took a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania as a child, like many of us did. Maybe it’s a yearly tradition to visit, or maybe your scout troop or other organization had a recent visit. If you haven’t had a family vacation to Hershey recently, Jersey Family Fun will show you all the reasons you’re going to want to book one now! There’s so much to do, explore, and learn. 


Hershey Pa


A family vacation to Hershey PA is one that can offer SWEET experiences for everyone in the family. Thrill seekers will love twisting, turning, and laughing it up on the many Hersheypark rollercoasters. Gamers won’t be able to resist the allure of Reese’s Cupfusion or all the boardwalk games. Foodies can feast on a plethora of snacks, entrees, and desserts.


Non-riders can fill their visits with shows in the park, walks through the garden, or animal encounters at the zoo. Kids who love to splash and play in the water will appreciate that Hershey offers indoor and outdoor waterpark attractions.


Not to be left out history buffs, sports enthusiasts, theater geeks, and moms in need of self care will also find that Hershey has attractions that will excite them. There truly is something for everyone.


Start your family vacation to Hershey with a sweet stay at one of these Hersheypark area accommodations!

A visit to Hershey offers too much fun to fit into one day. For the best experiences, families should plan to stay at the Hershey campgrounds, Hershey Lodge, or Hotel Hershey. While each resort infuses Hershey into the property they also each offer a unique way to have a sweet family vacation.


Many members of our team have been thrilled to stay at the Hershey Lodge during their Hersheypark family vacations. The Hershey Lodge has clean and spacious accommodations and amenities to make your trip stress free. At the Hershey Lodge you’ll find a new waterplay area, multiple restaurants, a convenient shuttle to the amusement park and daily family activities. It’s a hotel that’s a vacation destination on its own!


Read about our past Hershey Lodge visits below



Maybe you want to “rough” it a little? Check out our stay at the Hersheypark Camping Resort. It wasn’t rough at all!


Hersheypark campground (1)



Enjoy delicious family friendly dining at these Hershey restaurants.

Of course you can expect a lot of chocolate when you visit Hershey! Chocolate drinks, chocolate candies, chocolate pastries, chocolate in your meals. But there’s of course more to be had, and the quality of it won’t disappoint you or your children.


Dining in Hershey



Have some chocolatey family fun playing at the Hershey family attractions




When’s the best time for a family vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania?


Make the holidays extra sweet by celebrating Christmas in Hershey

Holidays are a time for celebrating, and with school closings it’s also a great time to travel! Hersheypark at Christmas time is decorated specially with lights, themed decorations and characters dressed for the occasion! Even though it might be cold, there are still rides open so coaster enthusiasts can get the last few rides in for the year. Read more about our experiences below.


Hershey Sweet Lights


Make a visit to Hershey Pennsylvania your family’s next vacation.


Want to learn more before you plan your family vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania?


For more photos from our visits to Hershey, Pennsylvania see our Facebook Albums.


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