Easy to Make Valentine’s Day (Post)Cards

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Bubbles Valentine

The bubbles on this Valentine will certainly entertain after the holiday passes.


Since my children began daycare, I am the rare parent that looks forward to the various holiday celebrations. I surf the internet and always double check Pinterest for inspirational ideas the month before the actual celebration. While I may dream of recreating my own version of the most imaginative ideas, the reality is I still work a full time job that sometimes distracts me from making these crafts. I prefer simple and easy (yet I strive to always include creativity).


I didn’t opt for the store bought Valentine Day cards this year (again). My goals were: simple, unique, and candy-free. Unique meant I was creating the cards, but to also ensure that they were simple I decided to play with Publisher and make postcards.   Shopping was done at Michael’s after one of their Make and Take workshops. With puns, I was able to create some fun cards.


Main Squeeze

What a sweet Valentine for little one!

First, I needed to find the right slogan.  In both instances, the message reflects the item attached to the Valentine’s Day cards. My daughter loves apple sauce. If you ask her what she wants for breakfast, the little eighteen month old responds with a grin “apple sauce” and she says it quite clearly. Her card will state “You’re My Main Squeeze” and each child in her class will receive a Go-Go SqueeZ. My son loves bubbles so his card states “You Blow Me Away”.


Second, I picked up the supplies.  In the arts and crafts store, bubbles were found in the seasonal aisle as opposed to the bubbles located in the wedding aisle and for one third the price. It is always recommended to bring a list of supplies you might need and check the store’s website, circular, or app to locate coupons. In the food store, I picked up the Go-Go SqueeZ pouches.


Valentine Postcard Supplies

Gather all the supplies you need, but this project doesn’t require a lot of items.

Third, I worked on the design using Microsoft Publisher. I used a blank template of four postcards on one page. There are various software possibilities of how to create the postcards. I used the free graphics available in the Clip Art Library and found a website that offers free designs (this was used specifically for the chevron pattern). I added my children’s name on each card, however for this posting I have blurred their names on the photo.  If you want, you can customize each Valentine with the different names of the children receiving the card.  For me, that was an unnecessary additional step. However, an alternative to printing the postcards is that you can take letter-size cardstock paper and cut in half twice to create postcards. Then, have your children decorate them and write the Valentine greeting.


Lastly, the Valentines were put together using glue dots.  Since the largest portion of the project was the actual creation of the postcards on the computer, the remainder of the project didn’t take long. The idea behind the postcard Valentines is that you can create unique and creative cards that reflect your child’s personality. For more ideas, check out Jenn’s article on non-candy Valentine’s.


Supplies needed for this Easy to Make Valentine’s Day (Post)Cards:

  • Scissors (or paper cutter)
  • Glue dots
  • Cardstock paper
  • Mini Bubbles (for the “You Blow Me Away” Valentine)
  • Fruit Pouches (for the “Main Squeeze” Valentine)

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