3 EASY Crafts For a School Holiday Party

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Our thanks to Oriental Trading for providing the crafts for this Crafts For a School Holiday Party post. You can see and try out some of these crafts in the Jersey Family Fun Kids’ Quarters at the Tuckerton Seaport this month.


3 EASY Crafts For a School Holiday Party


Before you know it, school will start wrapping up for the 2016 school year. If your child’s school is anything like my boys’ schools, the last school days will be filled with holiday school parties. It’s one of my favorite school days. As a room mom for 7 years whether it’s coming up with ideas for classroom party games, classroom party foods, or classroom party crafts, I love it. It’s fun tapping into my own creativity, searching through the pages of Oriental Trading Company for ideas or a combining their kits with my creativity.


Whenever I pick out crafts for a school holiday party I have three requirements.

Crafts for a School Holiday Party must be

  • Relatively inexpensive ~ When you are creating crafts for a school holiday party, there are typically 15-30 students. I can’t spend the entire party budget on the crafts alone. I like to keep my costs to 50 cents or lower per project.


  • Easy to do ~ I also prefer projects that aren’t overly complicated. At our school parties, we have 30 minutes to an hour for a party. During that time we have to provide snacks, games, crafts and sometimes a story. Crafts that can be done quickly and don’t require extra time to dry are always a hit with me.


  • Minimal extra supplies needed ~ One of the things I love about Oriental Trading Christmas Crafts is that their kits tend to include all the supplies you need. I love that! It makes it so much easier when I don’t need to run out and get extra supplies.


  • Room for creativity ~ The perfect crafts for a school holiday party are both easy and allow for kids to show their unique style of creativity. Give 20 students the supplies to decorate an ornament ball or foam gingerbread ornament and you can get 20 different designs.


With my requirements in mind I had no trouble finding three easy crafts for a school holiday party from Oriental Trading Company’s craft collection.


3 EASY Crafts For a School Holiday Party


Fabulous Foam Gingerbread Christmas Ornament Craft Kit

About the Fabulous Foam Gingerbread Christmas Ornament Craft Kit, $19.99 for 48

Oriental Trading Company’s Fabulous Foam Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments come in kits with 48 gender neutral gingerbread ornaments with self-adhesive foam shapes. Each Gingerbread ornaments is 5″ in height. For ages 5 & older. The stick-on foam shaped pieces are medium-sized. Strings are included to hang the gingerbread as ornaments.


What I love about the Fabulous Foam Gingerbread Christmas Ornament Craft Kit

I loved that these Fabulous Foam Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments require no glue. The kit includes more than enough stickers for decorating the gingerbread people. Students can dress their ornaments with hats, bows, stars to personalize them. There are icing buttons that can be used for buttons. Gumdrop stickers can be used for gloves or shoes. Wavy pieces can be used to give gingerbread people hair or extra embellishments. There are adhesive letters included as well. One tip: attach the ornament string at the top of the gingerbread people before placing any stickers on the head. There is a prepunched hole for the string, but it can be hard to get to once you’ve covered the head with a sticker.


Fabulous Foam Gingerbread Christmas Ornament Craft Kit


DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments

About the DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments, available in a variety of multipack sizes and prices

Oriental Trading Company offers different variety packs of DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments. The size we picked came 4 dozen per pack and are 2 1/4″ in diameter.


What I love about the DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments

I love these DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments because there is no wrong way to decorate an ornament. At the Tuckerton Seaport, we had children decorate the ornaments with extra stickers from the gingerbread people, extra stickers from our collection, pieces of pipe cleaner, and glittery glue. Gather up any random odds and end craft supplies and let kids get creative with decorating an ornament. These ornaments pop open allowing them to be decorated from the inside or outside. Older children could draw on them with sharpies or swirl paint around on the inside. A younger child can just cover with stickers. A student celebrating Hanukkah may want to decorate their ornament in blue and silver colors while another student may want to create a Kwanzaa scene with candles created from pipe cleaners in different colors. There is no limit on what can be done with a DIY Christmas ornament. Click over if you want to read our steps for making a Christmas Splatter Paint ornament.


Oriental Trading DIY Clear Christmas Ornaments


Magic Color Scratch Dreidels

It was important to me when choosing crafts for both our Kids’ Quarters at the Tuckerton Seaport and a for a school holiday party that I included crafts that didn’t just honor Christmas. I was pleased that Oriental Trading Company also has a collection of Hanukkah crafts on their site. I chose the Magic Color Scratch Dreidels as easy crafts for a school holiday party.

About the Magic Color Scratch Dreidels, 6.99 for 24

The Magic Color Scratch Dreidels set includes 24 paper dreidels, 12 scratching tools and 24 satin ribbons per unit. Each dreidel is 6 1/2″. The age recommendation is for ages 5 & older, but a younger child could scratch our a design with supervision. An adult’s help may be needed for attaching the ribbon.


What I love about the Magic Color Scratch Dreidels

These Magic Color Scratch Dreidels couldn’t be easier for students. A younger student may create a random or simple design with the scratching tool. While an older student may want to scratch out a more elaborate pattern or picture on the dreidel.

Magic Color Scratch Dreidels


We hope you’ve enjoyed our 3 ideas for easy crafts for a school holiday party. These no mess, no fuss, no drying required crafts will make your holiday classroom party fun.


What ideas do you have that make for crafts for a school holiday party?

Comment below we’d love to hear them.


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