Discover the Rabbit’s Hole at The Magic Shop in Oldwick

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Discover the Rabbit’s Hole at The Magic Shop in Oldwick


Magic Shop in Oldwick

The Magic Shop in Oldwick


It’s almost Easter and a short ride up Route 523, just outside of Readington, local Tewksbury families have a fabulous tradition; it’s time for a visit to the Magic Shop in Oldwick. The Magic Shop has a special “Rabbit’s Hole”, which features a slide that leads to a magical area of the shop. Every year this area has a new theme. It’s decorated with dioramas featuring stuffed animals from the shop and hand painted art. The Rabbit’s Hole is one of the town’s oldest traditions, dating back to 1948.


The Magic Shop not only caters to the children, but also to adults. They have a selection of vintage toys sure to bring out the inner child in anyone. Other rooms house fancy dining items and beautiful china, along with classy clothing and jewelry. It’s a very cozy stop for anyone out for a weekend ride.


What my family loved about the “Rabbit’s Hole”?

  • It’s simply a little magical wonderland! My kids loved sliding down the slide and discovering the special room. Each of the dioramas have stuffed animals all dressed up. The room also has lots of peep holes that look into different areas in the Magic Shop.
  • We loved the pint size door, which I crawled through. It made me feel like I was in Alice in Wonderland.
  • It’s only open for a few weeks around Easter time, so now it’s our new family Easter tradition.


The Magic Shop

The Magic Shop


Children come back generation after generation to share this special experience. All donations received from the Rabbit’s Hole go directly to Bonnie Braw School for at-risk boys in Bernards Township. The Rabbit’s Hole is only open a few weeks a year, so make sure to hop on over.


The Magic Shop

The Magic Shop


Check out more pictures of The Magic Shop in our Face Book Gallery.


The Magic Shop is located at 60 Old Turnpike Road in Oldwick.  Currently The Magic Shop is open from 10am-5pm Monday through Saturday. Please call to confirm hours.For more information, please call 908-439-2330.

One thought on “Discover the Rabbit’s Hole at The Magic Shop in Oldwick

  1. Christine M. says:

    My mom took my brother and sister and me to The Rabbit’s Hole at The Magic Shop a couple times when we were very little in the late 60s/early 70s. We have always remembered it and still sometimes mention how magical that was for little kids. In fact, my sister just sent us all this link and we’re delighted to see that it’s still there. Our mom gave us a good set-up story and as little kids, sliding down into the rabbit hole and coming upon the little scenes, the whole thing felt very real and very magical so thanks for that, Magic Shop!

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