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Dinosaurs in Atlantic City

This summer dinosaurs are in Atlantic City and I am thrilled. By the looks of the engagement we’re getting on our Facebook posts about them y’all are excited too. Luminocity DinoSafari is already open with light up dinosaurs in Atlantic City and Jurassic Quest will be in Atlantic City from August 5-7 meaning you have TWO opportunities to see dinosaurs in Atlantic City this summer. We’ve got your details on both!

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ DINO mom with eggs

LuminoCity Dinosaur Safari in Atlantic City

The first opportunity to see dinosaurs in Atlantic City is at LuminoCity Dino Safari it is an OUTDOOR dinosaur exhibit. Dinosaurs have come to Atlantic City and they’re lighting up the night!! LuminoCity Dinosaur Safari is a unique and immersive experience that combines realistic dinosaur exhibitions and stunning lighting sculptures.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ pink light up dinosaur

I have to tell you, just moments into walking around this dinosaur safari in Atlantic City I was wowed! On one hand you can almost, almost see everything at once. On the other hand, you look around at everything and you just know that as you walk around the safari there is going to be so much more to see and there is.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ DINO with plants

What dinosaurs can I see?

There are over 30 life-sized dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex, velociraptors, triceratops, and more! We’re working on getting a complete list. One of the things my teen loved the most was how there were multiple examples of each kind of dinosaur to show its estimated size at different stages of development: baby, youth, and adult.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ T REX family

What else is there to see?

In addition to the dinosaurs, there are animals, colorful plants, and other unique lit-up lanterns to see. The animals include a family of mammoths, a saber tooth tiger, a jaguar, and a cheetah.

The majestic garden included a Tropical Jungle, Fantasy Mushroom Forest, Piranha Flower Valley, and other areas.

What is there to do at LuminoCity Dino Safari?

Listen and watch

The majority of the dinosaurs are animatronic. They will move and make sounds. One of my favorites was this baby dinosaur that appears to be coming out of its egg.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ Dino coming out of egg HERO

The plants also move. This was my favorite plant. I loved how vivid the colors were and parts of it moved.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ my favorite flower 1

Ride a dinosaur

In addition to taking in all the sites, there were dinosaurs to ride on for an additional fee. There was one larger dinosaur that kids could climb up on and then rock back and forth on the dinosaur.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ ride on dinosaur 2

Inside the circular stone structure, adjacent to the above dinosaur, were ride on dinosaurs. They reminded me of the kind of ride-on animals you see at the mall. Kids climb on and then they can steer the dinosaurs around the circle. Siblings or friends could ride together.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ ride on dinosaur

Fun photo ops

When you first enter this Atlantic City dinosaur park there are a few photo props on the left side. There are two sets of vertebrae and a set of jaws.

Up ahead a little further on the path is a dinosaur head with the mouth propped open. Guests can take their pictures either next to the mouth or inside the jaws of the dinosaur. This is a light up dinosaur. If visiting at dusk make sure to stop back and see how this dino looks when all let up.

Around the curve of the path, past that dinosaur head, are dinosaur eggs with openings. Little kids can crawl into the egg to pose. Older kids and adults could pose with the eggs.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ Dino Egg Photo Prop

How much time do we need to visit?

I would recommend an hour at the minimum. There are A LOT of dinosaurs to see. Each one has educational signage identifying and informing guests about that particular dinosaur species. There are props for taking pictures. There are dinosaurs to ride. There are just so many details to appreciate.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ DINO 1

We spent just over an hour and went through the pathways twice. We wanted to see everything in the daylight and then just after it got darker. Since my youngest son is a teen we didn’t partake in all the photo ops or riding on dinosaurs. He also didn’t take pictures with the dinosaurs. If we had, we could have easily spent closer to 1.5 to 2 hours there.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ my favorite flower 2

When is LuminoCity Dino Safari open?

This Atlantic City dinosaur exhibit is available from July 22, 2022, through September 5, 2022. It is open Thursdays through Mondays from 5-11 pm.

When is the best time to visit the dinosaurs in Atlantic City at LuminoCity Dino Safari?

I personally recommend visiting the Atlantic City dinosaurs just before dusk so you can see the dinosaurs at their best and the lights as they start to really glow. You may even want to walk through the paths twice. The first time for the best views of the dinosaurs (that don’t light up) before it gets dark and a second time for the best views of the lights in the evenings.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ DINO 4

Tickets for LuminoCity Dino Safari

How much are tickets to LuminoCity Dino Safari?

Tickets for kids are $12-$16. Adult tickets are $16-$20.

Is there any way to save money on tickets?

Save by purchasing a family pack of tickets (2 adults and 2 children).

What is not included with admission?

Admission does not include ride-on dinosaur activities.

How do I buy LuminoCity Dino Safari tickets?

Get your LuminoCity Dino Safari tickets at

Where is LuminoCity Dino Safari located?

The address listed for this exhibit of dinosaurs in Atlantic City is 35 S Vermont Avenue in Atlantic City. That is actually the address for the Absecon Lighthouse. This address will get you to the right location, but the entrance to the dinosaur safari is at the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Pacific Avenue.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ flying dinosaur

Parking for LuminoCity Dino Safari

Where is parking?

Parking is not going to be available at the Absecon Lighthouse since it is closed during the hours this is open. Street parking is available on Vermont Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue.

How much is parking?

There is no fee for parking.

QUICK NOTE: If you prefer not to drive to LuminoCity Dino Safari it is on the Jitney Route and NJ Transit bus route. We saw the Jitney pass through on the Pacific Avenue side. There is also a bus stop on Pacific Avenue between Vermont Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue. It was on the same side as the light up dinosaur park.

LuminoCity Dino Safari in Atlantic City NJ DINO holding egg

Quick tips for LuminoCity Dino Safari

Here are a few tips based on our July 23rd visit.

  • Use the restroom before visiting. There are no restrooms available at the location and there are no nearby facilities with restrooms.
  • Be prepared for kids to want to ride on the dinosaurs. Bring cash for that activity.
  • There are no souvenirs or snacks to purchase.
  • There are wide paved and grass trails making the dinosaur safari easy to navigate with strollers and wheelchairs.
  • There are no benches for seating but there is a circular stone structure around the ride on dinosaurs where we and others sat.
  • Lights are not turned on until 8 pm.
  • The moving feature of dinosaurs will be turned off in high wind conditions.
  • If purchasing tickets online I recommend printing your tickets and bringing them with them you. There were some technical difficulties with scanning them from mobile devices.

Check out our Instagram Reel to see more images.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaurs in Atlantic City

The other opportunity to see dinosaurs in Atlantic City is at Jurassic Quest. This is an INDOOR dinosaur exhibit. We visited Jurassic Quest on August 5 during the first few hours of the exhibit.

Atlantic City Jurassic Quest Entrance WIDE

Jurassic Quest is an interactive dinosaur experience in Atlantic City with life-like dinosaurs, some of the largest rideable dinosaurs in North America, live dinosaur shows, and engaging science and art activities.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 5 TALL

What dinosaurs can I see?

The Jurassic Quest includes a herd of animatronic dinos – from the largest predators to playful baby dinos displayed in realistic scenes with some that move and roar. 

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 25 WIDE

Jurassic Quest works in collaboration with leading paleontologists to ensure each dinosaur is painstakingly replicated in every detail, from coloration to teeth size, to textured skin, fur or feathers, drawing on the latest research about how we understand dinosaurs and ancient giants of the sea looked and moved.

Jurassic Quest in AC Education Sign WIDE

What is there to do at Jurassic Quest?

  • Complete the scavenger hunt for a small prize and certificate.
  • Walk through 165 million years of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods to learn about the creatures that ruled on land
  • “Deep dive” into the “Ancient Oceans” exhibit to come face to face with the largest apex predator that ever existed – a moving, life-size, 50-foot-long megalodon!
  • Meet dinosaur babies, hatched only at Jurassic Quest: Cammie the Camarasaurus, Tyson the T-Rex and Trixie the Triceratops
  • Interview dino trainers: Safari Sarah, Dino Dustin, Captain Caleb, Prehistoric Nick or Park Ranger Marty!
  • A “Tricera-tots” soft play area for littlest explorers
  • Photo opportunities
Jurassic Quest in AC Scavenger Hunt

How much time do we need to visit?

It’s really going to be dependent on how much you and your family wants to do. It does seem like Jurassic Quest could be an all day dinosaur adventure in Atlantic City. If you visit with just the exhibits, watch a show, take photos, etc you should plan for a 1-2 hour visit. If you plan to purchase ride passes or upgrade to the rides included wristband, I would plan for 3-4 hours to allow for time to take advantage of the dinosaur rides, fossil dig, and inflatables.

Atlantic City Jurassic Quest Baby dinosaur with dinosaur trainer TALL

When is Jurassic Quest open?

Unlike LuminoCity Dino Safari, Jurassic Quest is only open for 3 days.

  • Friday, August 5, 2022, 9 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday, August 6, 2022, 9 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday, August 7, 2022, 9 am -5 pm
Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 32 TALL

When is the best time to visit the dinosaurs in Atlantic City at Jurassic Quest?

This is difficult to answer ahead of time. I predict, since this is a 3 day event, crowds are going to be steady throughout the 3 days. The best bet may be to go first thing in the morning or in the early afternoon when most visitors may be visiting the beach or families with little kids maybe elsewhere due to nap times.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 7 TALL

That being said, the organizers have said, “Events tend to be less crowded on Fridays or late afternoon/early evening on Saturday and Sunday; those times are your best bet for buying tickets at the door.”  

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 22 WIDE

Finding your way around Jurassic Quest

There is only one way in and one way out of the exhibit hall. There are emergency exits but for regular entering and exiting there is one archway everyone comes through. The pathways are wide and open. Depending on crowd size, visitors with strollers and wheelchairs should be able to navigate around easily.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 26 WIDE

When you enter you will pass through the dinosaur exhibits. They are all on the right side of the exhibit hall from the front to the back. The lights are dim but not completely dark. You’ll be able to see your way around but it is a darker experience than seeing dinosaurs at a museum.

The dinosaurs do move and make sounds.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 9 TALL

On the right wall, between the dinosaur exhibits, is where visitors can get their picture with a baby dinosaur.

Jurassic Quest in AC Dino encounter TALL

As you move towards the center of the exhibit hall there is an area for dinosaur shows towards the front. The middle of the center has a dinosaur-themed, tricera-tots playground for toddlers.

Towards the back of the center, there are 2 dinosaur eggs and a large dinosaur head. All have openings for photos.

As you proceed to the left end of the exhibit hall the lights are fully on and you’ve left the dark area. You’re in the center area that includes an educational area with fossils (that can not be touched.)

Jurassic Quest in AC Education 1 TALL

There is also a fossil dig where children with wristband or activity tickets can dig. Quick tip, you have to dig deep to find anything.

At the front end of the hall, behind the blue curtains, is the Ancient Oceans exhibit that’s included with admission. When you come out of there you will enter the area where the rides and activities, that are not included with admission, are. If you’re not purchasing rides you may want to turn back to the entrance after the Ancient Oceans to avoid any potential tantrums from not doing the extra activities.

The back wall or left end of the exhibit hall has 8 inflatable/bounce house activities. They are not all dinosaur-themed or traditional bounce houses. Some are slides and at least one was an obstacle course.

Along the back wall are the ride-on dinosaurs. This activity is only for children 12 and younger but it may be difficult for some little kids to do as it requires climbing up steps and onto the dinosaur.

Along the far end of the wall are a few inflatable games spread out like basketball, soccer, and football.

There also are a number of souvenir stands with pricing starting at about $10 for souvenirs. The souvenir stands are where guests can buy ride tickets or upgrade to an all-you-can-ride ticket.

Atlantic City Jurassic Quest Souvenir Booth WIDE

Tickets for Jurassic Quest

How much are tickets to Jurassic Quest?

  • Kids and adults $22 per person.
    • Free entry for children under 2.
    • Ages 2 – 12 years old are considered children, 13 years old and older are adults.
  • Seniors $19 per person.

In addition, there is an unlimited rides admission for kids. Rather than pay $6 or more per activity, these $36 passes provide general admission AND all-you-can-ride access to dinosaur rides, inflatables, fossil dig. In other words, if purchasing an Unlimited Rides admission ticket you do not need a General Admission ticket for the SAME person.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 30 TALL

Is there any way to save money on tickets?

NJ Transit tweeted this recently, “save 10% with code ‘Group10’ now!”

What is not included with admission?

General admission includes live shows, arts and crafts activities, dinosaur and marine exhibits. Additional activities will start at $6 per person.

  • A fossil dig with real fossils like T-Rex teeth, a triceratops horn, and life-size dino skull
  • Dinosaur rides
    • There were 5 dinosaur machines that allow kids to feel like they are riding a dinosaur.
  • Bounce houses and inflatable attractions
    • There were 8 inflatables/bounce houses. Some were traditional bounce houses, some were slides, and some were obstacle courses.
    • There were also inflatable games like basketball, soccer, and football.

How do I buy Jurassic Quest tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online at the Jurassic Quest website ticket page for Atlantic City.

The Quest with Baby Trixie the Triceratops
Photo Credit Jurassic Quest

Where is Jurassic Quest located?

Jurassic Quest is located at the Atlantic City Convention Center at 1 Convention Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. It’s located on the second floor in exhibit hall C. When you come into the building head up the escalator at the end near the train station. Then proceed straight ahead.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 18 a WIDE

Parking for Jurassic Quest

Where is parking?

The Atlantic City Convention Center does have its own parking garage.

How much is parking?

The parking garage normally does charge a fee for parking. During our 2 hour visit on Friday morning the parking fee was $20.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 12 Wide

QUICK NOTE: If you prefer not to drive to Jurassic Quest it is on the Jitney Route and NJ Transit bus route. Jitneys, taxis, and buses stop out front. The NJ Transit trains also pull into the train station located in the convention center. Additionally, if you are elsewhere in the city, it may be a doable walk as it’s just a few blocks from the Walk/AC outlets.

Additionally, most kids can ride free or half price on weekends so you can save money on parking by taking public transportation OR park elsewhere and make the short walk to the AC Convention Center.

Jurassic Quest Dinosaur 10 TALL

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